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What happened on Sunday, June 9:

"We didn't do much publicity this time and again only one person came - photographer Edna Jenner from The Sag Harbor Express. So I told her the latest news - that The Savant Garde Institute plans to use the interest income from its share in the proceeds of sale of Sagg Harbour Art Center to establish The Attilio and Vilhelma Morpurgo Center for the Arts and Sciences in Sag Harbor, hopefully in the John Jermain Building if the Southampton Town-funded Public Library vacates it. Doing so will provide the residents of Sag Harbor with privately-funded college and graduate-level courses in the arts, science, and technology at affordable rates and without raising property taxes in either Sag Harbor Village or Town of Southampton.

I also pointed out to her how much unused yard space the Jermain parcel already has within its own present boundaries, and how less extravagant it would be for them simply to add a five-story wing, with elevator and a rooftop terrace. (Last year I had also called Ms Rosalia and offered John Jermain a parking easement on our side, which she said the Trustees turned down.) There is something really strange about the Southampton Town Public Library's insistence that they need to acquire our parcel. Surely, if all they truly need is more space, the other bordering parcel - which is available at half the price ours is - would be a more suitable candidate for purchase. However, most libraries are now going virtual on the internet, and with compact discs soon replacing videotapes, and with e-ink books on the way, why incur such an added burden for the taxpayers of Southampton Town? Won't they eventually vote such a purchase down once they see the final tab?

Even if we sold to our space-hungry neighbor, there's no telling when and if we would ever get paid. We can't and won't do business that way. There's something really suspect about the whole deal.

We have decided to hold a weekly PRESS CONFERENCE AND CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS on Sundays in June at 1:00 PM at 6 Union Street, Sag Harbor, to update the progress of this exchange. Everyone welcome, and friends please bring money and garden tools so we can get the rear yard ready for outdoor art shows this summer."

Prof. Annselm L.N.V. Morpurgo, M.A.,C.P.C.
(also known in the arts as ArtemisSmith)
Executive Director and Founder of