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What happened on Sunday, June 16:

"A handful of neighborhood artists came and and I reiterated the latest news - that The Savant Garde Institute plans to use the interest income from its share in the proceeds of sale of Sagg Harbour Art Center to establish The Attilio and Vilhelma Morpurgo Center for the Arts and Sciences in Sag Harbor, hopefully in the John Jermain Building if the Southampton Town-funded Public Library really vacates it. Doing so will preserve a John Jermain Reading Room and will further provide the residents of Sag Harbor with privately-funded college and graduate-level courses in the arts, science, and technology at affordable rates and without raising property taxes in either Sag Harbor Village or Town of Southampton.

"I also reported the latest dirty tricks by Village pranksters that had been tried this past week with intent of wrecking our c/o. False complaints about no heat, no electricity, no running water in the building called in by outsiders claiming to be building tenants. The Health Inspector who came to investigate these allegations found nothing amiss and went away satisfied that the complaints were unfounded."

"I reiterated how the Jermain Trustees had turned down an offer for a parking easement last year, without even bothering to hear me out. Below is a possible schema describing how the 3-parcel delta could be re-landscaped to provide for a handicapped parking rotunda around the rear of the Library even while preserving all the presently existing yardspace above by way of a giant portico that could be used for outdoor concerts and exhibits, as well as for extra common covered winter parking below for all three parcels."

Prof. Annselm L.N.V. Morpurgo, M.A.,C.P.C.
(also known in the arts as ArtemisSmith)
Executive Director and Founder of