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What happened on Sunday, June 30:

"I wasn't expecting anyone to show up because I had done no further publicity, but to my surprise, Joan Tyor Carlson, who lives down the street, came by very interested in what was going on. Ms. Carlson used to be on one of the Library's Boards and now writes for Sheahan Publications' HOUSE Magazine.

"We sat and chatted for a while about how structurally sound the 1810 post-and-beam Vail House still is despite the dilapidated front porch, and is most suitable for at least a partial restoration of the front half of the building.

"I also gave her an update on the whole controversy in the local papers - that despite all reports in the Press, no concrete offer has ever been received from the Library at any time past or present either by me or by my attorney, confirming my belief that the present leadership at John Jermain is engaged in pipe dreams. The local Press should investigate more thoroughly. If they scratch beneath the surface they may well find the Library Board neither has the money nor the public mandate to make any immediate financial move whatsoever and that their rhetoric at our expense is thoroughly irresponsible. The Press may also find that all this must be just another ploy by corrupt private real estate interests who may again be trying to grab this immensely strategic 3-parcel delta by hook or by crook.

"As far as I and the Institute and many reputable realtors of the area are concerned, we can hardly wait until the antiquated John Jermain Building becomes vacant and available for private co-development with the two parcels behind the Library. The cultural needs of Sag Harbor Village will be far better served."

Prof. Annselm L.N.V. Morpurgo, M.A.,C.P.C.
(also known in the arts as ArtemisSmith)
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