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The Original Movement
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The Savant Garde Movement in the Arts and Sciences stresses
"The Creation of Beauty in the Human Subject"
by conducting Workshops in Precise Thought and Communication utilizing
all the available resources of the community to foster the physical, economical
and intellectual features of the environment that
nurture and preserve the Human Condition.

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History of The Savant Garde Movement in the Arts and Philosophy

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THE SAVANT GARDE INSTITUTE, Ltd., an educational foundation tax-exempt under 26 USC 501(c)(3)


ArtemisSmith™, Founder
RobertNeilCarpenter, Sculptor-Engineer
The Duncan Family:Raymond, Isadora, Ligoa
AnnGure, M.S.W.,B.C.D.
VilnaJorgen Deceased. Archives under construction.
RomanaKramoris, M.A.
Lou Marinoff, Ph.D.
Billie Taulman, Artist, Poet, Renaissance Genius(awaiting resurrection)
International Archives of The Morpurgo Family
VeraNova a/k/a MelissaHenry
SidneyEPorcelain Deceased. Archives under construction.
JacquesSierra Deceased. Archives under construction.

The Following Faculty-in-WebResidence do not yet have websites but are hosted by SAGG HARBOUR ART CENTER in The Hamptons, Long Island, USA:

JoanneBlondin, Ph.D.
CharlesCollins, M.A.
RosemaryCombs, Fashion Designer
ErnaCooper Website partially operational.
RandolphWMays, A.I.A., Architectural Engineer
HelgaMorpurgo Website partially operational.
BillieTaulman (presently in suspended animation)

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Among NonMembers: Quicklinks to Esteemed Colleagues:
Judith Malina and Julian Beck The Living Theater Lives!
Marshall McLuhan still under constructiion
W.V.O. Quine still under construction
Alice Toklas site under construction
Norbert Wiener site under construction
Ludwig Wittgenstein site under construction
George K. Zipf site under construction