APPA-Certified Existential Counseling

Prof. Annselm L.N.V. Morpurgo, M.A., CPC, philosopher of science, futurist, and APPA-certified existential counselor, is also known in the arts as Artemis Smith, is internationally-published poet, playwright, novelist, futurist and human rights activist. A naturalized U.S. citizen and Holocaust refugee born in Rome, Italy in 1934, she is the founder of the Savant Garde Movement in the arts and philosophy as well as a principal co-founder of the original Unisex and Unirace Movements and the Homophile and Feminist Civil Rights Movements of the 1950's and '60's.
In 1963, addressing the First East Coast Homophile Organizations Conference (ECHO) in Philadelphia, she outlined a strategy for improving the homosexual image in the mass media which was immediately adopted by the advertising and film industries: in 1964, she also gave the history-making "Come out of the Closet" speech before the Second ECHO Conference in Washington, D.C., which redefined the political status of the Gay Community as a genuine human rights minority and galvanized the formation of its civil rights movement; in 1972, after extensively confering with Joseph Bogen, M.D., Roger W. Sperry, Colwin Trevarthen and other members of the 1974 Nobel Prize-winning Split-Brain Research Team at California Institute of Technology, in conjunction with her own doctoral research in the budding field of neurophilosophy she authored and published the first philosophical explication of the phenomenon of 'human consciousness' consistent with the unified languages of the information sciences; from 1970-'77, she acquired proficiency in law and jurisprudence and sued a major portion of the higher education establishment, pro se, resulting in accelerated affirmative action for women and racial minorities throughout the ivy-league philosophy discipline.

Degrees and Certificates:

B.A. cum laude, Hunter College 1967 [NYS Regents Scholarship; Thomas Hunter Student].

M.A., CUNY:The City College 1973; Philosophy (of Science) [uninterruptedly awarded full tuition scholarships 1967-73]. (Additional interdisciplinary studies and/or supervised interships in Neuroscience, Information Sciences, Constitutional and Civil Rights Law and Jurisprudence.)

59.5 Credits + All Examinations passed toward the Ph.D. in Philosophy (of Science), CUNY:The Graduate Center, 1967-'73. Capriciously dropped from the doctoral program for political reasons.

Law Internships under Elmer Ellentuch, Esq. (1956-75), Terence J. McAvery, D.J., Esq., under C.O.R.E. sponsorship (1974-75).

Supervised Psychiatric Case Management under Mary Jane Sherfey, M.D.(1958-64)
Supervised Psychosomatic Case Management under Attilio J. Morpurgo, M.D. (1960-78)

CPC (APPA Certificate in Philosophical Counseling), CUNY:The City College 1998.

Lapsed and/or Active Memberships:

American Association of University Professors, American Philosophical Association, American Philosophical Practitioners Association, American Society for Philosophy, Counseling and Psychotherapy, Association for Computing Machinery, Association for Informal Logic and Critical Thinking, Computer Arts Society International, International Society for the Study of Time, New York Academy of Sciences, Radical Philosophy Association, Society for the Study of Mind/Brain/Machine, Society for Women in Philosophy

Teaching in Philosophy

1969 Summer Upward Bound Philosophy Instructor and Educational Counselor, SARAH LAWRENCE COLLEGE.

1969-73 Adjunct Lecturer/Assistant Professor, Philosophy, CUNY:QUEENSBOROUGH COMMUNITY COLLEGE.

1973-Present Academic and Creative Director, THE SAVANT GARDE INSTITUTE, Sag Harbor, New York.

1973-Present Private Practice as an Existential and Philosophical Counselor, Sag Harbor, New York. (Fields of expertise: philosophy of science, futurism, neurophilosophy and the information sciences, informal logic and critical thinking [cognitive therapy], the philosophy of law and jurisprudence.)

Teaching and Directing in the Arts (as Artemis Smith)
[ARTS STUDIES, COLLABORATIONS and/or APPRENTICESHIPS: Painting & Sculpture: Vilna Jorgen Morpurgo; Music Theory, Instrumentation & Conducting: Edmund Zygman; Drama & Dance: Midtown Drama Center (Natalie Donnet, John Burgess Hillsbury, Irmgarde Bartenieff), The Living Theater (Judith Malina and Julian Beck), Raymond Duncan, Vilna Jorgen Morpurgo; Opera and Operetta: Amato Opera (Tony Amato, Vincent Peluso, Bette Wolfe), Provincetown Players (John Graham),Radio Acting: P. Christian Steinbrunner Operatic Voice: Vincent Peluso, Aldo Mantia, Renato Cellini; Still Photography: Pat Bramlette, Jerry Youlsman; Photojournalism: Paul Schutzer; Electronic Music: Joseph Dylewski Cinematography: Slavko Vorkapitch; Drama Criticism: Robert Garland; Graphic Arts & Printing Production: Leo Israel, Billie Taulman; Story Board: Manny Stallman; Architectural Design: Aldo Morpurgo, Randolph W. Mays; Literary Agents: Jeanne Hale, Sidney E., Porcelain, Anne Elmo, David Hull, James Brown/Curtis-Brown Ltd.]

1949-1953 Playwright and Performer, New Dramatists Forum, NYC (Ray Yates, Director)

1953-1967 Leading Radio Actress, Otronto Residents Players, WFUV-FM, (Fordham University Archives) and WOR-AM, NYC (Favorite Role: Carmilla. P. Christian Steinbrunner, Director/Producer)

1954-56 Creative Director, Roy Garn Advertising (concept initiator, campaign planning, copywriting, media buying)

1956-58 Publicity Liason, Save the Children Federation (initiated the celebrity-endorsement program, escorted celebrities to media promotions, created and produced all advertising and promotion literature presently still in use)

1961 Poet-Performer, Selections from "Hark the Pterodactyl" archived at WFUV-FM (recorded performance with piano improvisations by Aldo Mantia, Music Director, Santa Cecilia Conservatory, Rome, Italy)

1958-59 Program Director, Advertising Director, Performer, KXRQ-FM, Sacramento (Dale Flewellyn, Owner)

1960-63 Poet-Performer, Musee Raymond Duncan, Paris, France.

1960-63 Playwright-Director-Performer-Lecturer, Ligoa Duncan Gallery, New York City.

1962-63 Artistic Director, Participating Playwright-Director, Performer, Lecturer, CAFE RIENZI, New York City.

1962-63 Artistic Director, Participating Playwright-Director, Performer, Lecturer, CAFE MANZINI, New York City.

1962-Present, Organizer and Creative Director, 'the savant garde workshop' (peer-level actors' workshop numbering more than 70 members, including subsequent Oscar, Emmy, Tony, Grammy and Obie winners Karen Black, Veronica Castang, Peter DeAnda, James Davis, Corinna Magureamu, James Mendenhall, Charles Merlis, Patricia Fass Palmer a/k/a Bonnie Franklin, Paul Sorvino).

1963-66 Creative Director, Participating Playwright-Director, Performer, Lecturer, COMMUNITY CHURCH OF NEW YORK, New York City.

1965 Participating Playwright-Director, Lecturer, PHASE II, New York City.

1965-66 Creative Director, Participating Playwright-Director, Performer, CONTEMPORARY DANCE CENTER, New York City.

1965 Artistic Director, Participating Director, Participating Playwright, 41st Street Theater Avant Garde Marathon, which included participation from all the on-going off-off-Broadway and cafe theater productions throughout New York City.

1965 Participating Director, THEATER 10009.

1973 Performer, Lecturer and Participating Producer, INTERACT, Edinburg International Festival, Computer Arts Segment, University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

1989 Playwright-Director, "Brother Thanatos" revival, BAY STREET DISCO, Sag Harbor, New York

Scholarly Lectures & Publications (highlighted links are also published on line)

"Poetics and the Unconscious" and "Strindberg's Internal Cubism", dramatized lecture-expositions with sometime participation of Karen Black, Veronica Castang, Peter DeAnda, James Davis, James Mendenhall, Corinna Magureamu, Paul Sorvino, at Ligoa Duncan Galerie des Arts, The Community Church of New York, Hunter College, Musee Raymond Duncan (Paris), Cafe Rienzi, Cafe Manzini, (1960-1965)

A Cybernetic Model of Conscious Behavior from a Multimedia Artist, CUNY:The City College 1973, Masters Thesis

A Cybernetic Model of Conscious Behavior from a Multimedia Artist, Proceedings, Computer Arts Society International, University of Edinburgh 1973

A Cybernetic Model of Conscious Behavior from a Multimedia Artist, (1972) reprinted as a Monograph of The Savant Garde Institute, Sag Harbor:1983

Futuresex:Human Sexual Evolution Beyond the Species Level, (1963) reprinted as a Monograph of The Savant Garde Institute, Sag Harbor:1983

Sensorimotor Prosthesis and Bionic Consciousness - Relevance to Aesthetics, "Dance Research Collage", Dance Research Annual X (hardcover & paperbound), Committee on Research in Dance, CORD:1979 (New York University) LCCN 79-54953

The Audio-Visual Novel - Art Form of the 21st Century, Proceedings, 8th Annual ACM Urban Symposium, Association for Computing Machinery, New York:1973

BOOK III:Epistles of Skeets, in "SKEETS:The New Frankenstein Chronicles", an open-ended Web Monograph of The Savant Garde Archives, Sag Harbor:1989-200X

"ArtemisSmith's ODD GIRL Revisited," 'the savant garde workshop', Sag Harbor:2011

"ArtemisSmith's THE THIRD SEX Reissued," 'the savant garde workshop', Sag Harbor:2011

"ArtemisSmith's FOR IMMEDIATE DEMOLITION," 'the savant garde workshop', Sag Harbor:2012

Novel-form Epistemogical Thought-experiments

"SKEETS:the new Frankenstein chronicles" [BOOK I:Testament of Sarah (1967); BOOK II:Flowers of Marianne (1977); BOOK III:Epistles of Skeets (1989-200X)], published on demand as a signed limited edition by 'the savant garde workshop', Sag Harbor:1989 (temporarily available only on line)

"ArtemisSmith's GrandmaMoseX:The Final Testament before The Apocalypse," 'the savant garde workshop', Sag Harbor:2012

'pulp fiction' Social Novels

ODD GIRL (author's title, "Anne Loves Beth"), Beacon Books (Universal Publishing & Distributing Corp.), New York:1959

THE THIRD SEX (author's title, "Joan of Washington Square"), Beacon Books (Universal Publishing & Distributing Corp.), New York:1959

THIS BED WE MADE (author's title, "For Immediate Demolition"), Monarch Books, Darby, Conn:1961;1964

Operas, Plays, Poetry, Preverbal Constructs

Hark the Pterodactyl, haphazardly assorted collected poems, Vague Press, New York:1963

PteroDARKtyl, one-person show of visual/verbal art, Center Art Gallery (57th St.), New York:1963

PteroDARKtyl II, multimedia performance art, [1] reading in concert with piano improvisations by Maestro Aldo Mantia, Santa Cecelia Conservatory, Rome, Italy, 1962 (recording archived at WFUV-FM, Fordham, New York) [2] reading, visual projections and MOOG-synthesizer improvisations by the Author as part of INTERACT (Computer Arts Society International segment - Edinburg International Festival), University of Edinburgh, Edinburg:1973

The Host, concrete (dance, voice, mime) poetic curtain-raiser in the Noh tradition, [1] Ligoa Duncan Gallery, New York:1963; [2] Contemporary Dance Center, New York:1965

"Brother Thanatos - a play which is a Happening for Peace" (a morality play/folk opera)[1] as adjunct to anti-war "Freedom March" recruitment hosted by The Community Church of New York, 1964-65; [2] Bay Street Disco, Sag Harbor:1989

"Universe (A)," an unproduced multimedia opera, 1964 (original shooting script and libretto soon to be web-archived)

"Pyramid:4 one-act plays for 3 virtuosos" 1. Impetus, 2. The Bitch, 3. The Manipulator, 4. Homeostasis (repertory performances New York:1963-1966 at Ligoa Duncan Gallery, Cafe Manzini, Phase II, The Community Church of New York, Contemporary Dance Center, 41st Street Theater [sometimes starring Karen Black, Veronica Castang, Corinna Magureamu, Stanley Brock])


wrote, directed, starred in an interracial adaptation of Strindberg's "Miss Julie", as adjunct to civil rights "Freedom March" recruitment by Congress On Racial Equality (C.O.R.E.) hosted by The Community Church of New York, 1964-65

wrote, directed, starred in a multimedia presentation of Strindberg's "The Ghost Sonata", Ligoa Duncan Gallery, New York:1963

Scholarly Lectures and Panel Participations

Strindberg's Internal Cubism, The Community Church of New York:1964 (lecture demonstration with participating performers Karen Black, Paul Sorvino, James Davis)

Understanding "Understanding Media", [1] Ligoa Duncan Gallery, New York: 1963;
[2] Cafe Rienzi, New York:1963; [3] Hunter College Philosophy Department, 1966

Improving the Role of the Homosexual in the Arts and Literature, First East Coast Homophile Organization Conference, Philadelphia:1963.

Come Out of the Closet or Get Left Behind, Second East Coast Homophile Organization Conference, Washington, D.C.:1964.

Futuresex:Human Sexual Evolution Beyond the Species Level, [1] New York League for Sexual Freedom, Eventorium, 1965; [2] CUNY:The City College, 1972; [3] Society for Women in Philosophy, University of Maryland:1973

Irrational Mental Models: Stein, Joyce, Strindberg, [1] Musee Rayond Duncan, Paris:1962; [2] Hunter College Philosophy Department, 1966

Ryle and the Identity Theorists, Long Island Philosophical Society, SUNY:Stony Brook, 1969

A Logical Model of Creative Behavior, CUNY:The Graduate Center, 1972

An Information Science Model of Conscious Behavior,[1] CUNY:The Graduate Center, 1972; [2] Joint Conference, Linguistic Society of America/Assn. for Computational Linguistics, University of Massachusetts:Amherst, 1974

Toward a Central Theory of Consciousness from an Information Science Viewpoint, [1]CUNY:The Graduate Center, 1972; [2] University of Edinburgh:1973

A Cybernetic Model of Conscious Behavior, [1] Society for Women in Philosophy, Amherst College:Amherst, 1972; [2] Society for Mind/Brain/Machine at American Philosophical Association Annual Meeting, Central Division, Chicago:1977

What is Philosophy? Radical Philosophy Caucus at American Philosophical Association Annual Meeting, Eastern Division, Boston:1972

How to Decide between Conflicting Moral Duties/Theories, Society for Women in Philosophy, Harvard University:1976

Reflections on Late 20th Century First Philosophy:will there be progressive problem shifts? Society for Women in Philosophy, Princeton University:1980

Mass Media (articles, appearances and other miscellaneous credits)

Artemis Smith a/k/a Diana Carleton Rhodes a/k/a A.S. Morpurgo a/k/a Carle a/k/a Annselm Vinje-Morpurgo* has penned many feature articles, reviews and poetry under one or another by-line since 1949. In the period 1959-66 she also hosted talk shows in classical music and opera on KXRQ-FM Sacramento, and appeared in many poetry recitals and dramatic readings on university stations, notably WFUV-FM, New York City.

* Not to be confused with sister Vania Morpurgo who has entirely separate and divergent, how-be-it excellent, credentials in the arts but none in the sciences or in scientific philosophy.