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Maggots, temporarily I am no longer Day-Trading because I don't have enough money to do so safely, so I have put all my chips on SUNEQ, which is now at bottom but may bounce back dramatically. Also watch this new IPO: CRSP which I predict will surpass APPL in the next decade.

My Most Recent Rants to POTUS et al:

(Also check my former progressive RANTS regarding past political events and activities at the bottom of this page to determine my score as Your Prophet of Choice.) (You need to read both downwards and upwards, because my Rants are entered daily or weekly as History progresses.)

IMPORTANT ACTIVIST LINK: Please go to my personal petition page at to sign my Alternative to Global Warming petition. I need at least 100 signatures to make it Rock!

12/25/2016 CHRISTMAS and so far we haven't been nuked despite the Israeli-Trump Brinkmanship. If Trump isn't in a straightjacket by inauguration time, we can look to Pence as POTUS perhaps even overnight after that. Maybe Trump will hand him the WH Keys, or the Congress will impeach, or anything else is possible! Whatever the future brings at this point, I prefer simply to offer another modest proposal for saving the World: Encourage the U.N. to make some kind of resolution declaring all bodies of open water (e.g. Seas and Oceans) MULTINATIONAL NEUTRAL ZONES under U.N. jurisdiction AND Constitutional self-governance, hence open to PRIVATE-ENTERPRISE-ESTABLISHED ARTIFICIAL ISLANDS where refugees may find resettlement and gainful employment in hydroponic farming and other industries that will not only sustain them but also benefit the Nations to which they may owe ethnic affiliation. DOWN WITH NATIONALISM IN ALL ITS FORMS (EVEN ZIONISM).. I think I'll also start a petition on this at, but for the moment - click on the Link above for my homepage there and sign the other one already waiting to launch. Meanwhile, PEACE ON EARTH, GOOD WILL TO ALL!

12/17/2016 Go to my Twitter Page @ArtemisSmith for all my recent tweets and rants, too many to copy here! Remember my Tweets a few weeks ago: "#HamiltonElectors Watchagonnado when your basket of deplorables prefers Pence as POTUS? WinWin! Concede to Hilary and Rock!" As a Futurist and veteran Market Trader, I perceive all the recent signs are that the Electors will either tie or elect Hilary and Trump will make a deal with her to Concede to retain both Honor and Power under Hilary rather than trust his own side to choose a rival.

12/4/2016 SPEAKING AS THE NEW ORACLE OF DELPHI: I see two paths, one toward total annihilation, the other toward global peace and prosperity. Today's news: China is a Sleeping Tiger, which is why our foreign policy treads carefully. Trump can help keep it in check but not as POTUS. He needs to step down to a lower position in our Administration - one where he can deal as Secretary of State without causing a global nuclear confrontation. We need Hilary as POTUS. Everyone's vote needs to be accurately counted. Until and even before that takes place, the Electoral College must VOTE ITS CONSCIENCE as the Founding Fathers Constitutionally provided so as to foil a Demagogue-stolen Election. All click the link above to go to to sign the petitions. If Trump becomes President, he will be done in by his own Right-wing Extremists so that Pence and a Right-wing Military Dictatorship can declare Martial Law. History teaches us that this will be the case. If Trump wants to live long enough to use his talents to make the world a better place, he must Concede to Hilary and make a deal with her to become Secretary of State - a Cabinet Position he can legally hold without all of his personal holdings coming into conflict. This would be the best outcome, the only outcome to avoid a global holocaust.

11/26/2016 MESSAGE TO ALL SIDES: Given the level of potential violence from Trump extremists, a premature Concession was strategically sound. Recounts and the final word from the Electoral College - after a time of Media decompression - will save the Election for Hilary and save the Nation from immature leadership. Trump should strike a deal - give her the Presidency and take the Secretary of State position for himself, and both should name Obama to the Supreme Court where he belonged in the first place. Obama is not a fighter - he fears backlash with good reason - but now is a time for women to assert their rights and for the Nation to think globally - for there will be no peace, progress, or population control, until working women everywhere can take full economic and educational charge of their children's future.

11/12/2016 MESSAGE TO AMADEUS/ADOLF TRUMP: As artists and visionaries, our genius is mercurial. There is little of the Grunt in either of us. That's why I know you so well. It's all inspiration and very little patience with perspiration. The role of POTUS is that of GRUNT-IN-CHIEF. Hilary is that kind of Grunt and that's why the Electoral College should crown her as such. Make a deal while you still can - give her the Election and get to be Secretary of State, where your talents for change will be best utilized. (Obama is another Grunt and should be nominated to SCOTUS once she is POTUS.) You will get everything you wanted by seeking asylum on the right side of the fence - for that basket of deplorables closing in on your backside will waft you and your entire family to an underground bunker where you will all be held hostage by the extreme Right, as puppets to their whims. Choose to LIVE FREE not in the chains of political intrigue. Then you may get to 100 or 150 or maybe to Methuselah's age, and see the future you really want to see.

11/10/2016 So far, so good, we haven't been nuked. Now a message for the President-Elect: If you really want to change your image to Amadeus from Adolf, you should seriously consider freeing your Electoral votes in favor of Hillary or Gore. You don't really want to be President, do you? It's a tedious, nasty job that will wreck your health way before your time. Be really smart and make a deal to retain visionary power even while prudently stepping down from a job you cannot possibly fill and the weight of campaign promises that are decidedly 'off-the-wall'. That's what a good CEO does - he cedes power to the best for the job and guides from the sidelines.

10/20/2016 A PROPHECY: Yes, Hillary won the debate, and yes, I am voting for her because she is the only sane choice. However, Adolf Trump has done this country a great service by running against her and the GOP - he has shaken up the System, which badly needs to be shaken up. History will thank him for it - provided he loses on 11/8. His prophetic stance, however - no matter how inept - still needs heeding. Election Day occurs on 11/8. A warning about the day after which is 11/9 - a portentious number on the ISIS calendar. They may well invade our shores in great numbers on that day, in a final mass suicide attempt (having secretly vacated Mosul). I hope no one in the State Department or the Military is sleeping on that day, or any other. This is a very decisive time. Let's hope we survive it, because once all the sane people in this world prevail, and cooperate in peace, we have a magnificent future ahead of us for the rest of this Century.

9/10/2016 Message to POTUS and HILLARY re N. Korea: Megalomania may not be a healthy state of mind, but many nations and their leaders naturally fall into the trap when they simply want to be respected and feared as equals on the world stage. (Don't we also want that too?) Kim and his people desperately want to be recognized as a serious world power and are willing to risk nuclear annihilation, as well as all manner of grass-root economic hardship to achieve that kind of respect. This national 'mental illness' needs to be better understood and dealt with in a compassionate manner. Sanctions only reinforce the malady. Humor Kim. Turn the other cheek even while continuing to hold the nuclear 'big stick'. If we lift all sanctions and open a compassionate dialogue with Kim and his Cabinet to fast-track N.K.'s economic recovery, as Nixon did with China, perhaps the malady will subside. At some point, when conditions improve at the grass-roots level, the people will take back their country.

8/23/2016 Message to HILLARY: Trump wants to build a wall. Ha Hah, how about besting him with a real view of the future? Here's a global infrastructure idea for you: the world needs fresh water and a reversal of global warming. It also needs jobs for unskilled workers even while they acquire new skills. Think Plastic recycling into 4" PVC piping which can be connected as a network of "veins" powered by Solar-powered sump pumps over thousands of miles from oceans to arid areas (with fish farms along the way) even as the water passively desalinates and humidifies, shifting the global climate balance. The Dead Sea is presently drying up even as Venice is sinking, bring the Mediterranean to the Dead Sea. Bring the Pacific Ocean over the Rockies and form new Salt Lakes (with fish farms). It can all be done by connecting 4" PVC pipes, assembled by unskilled labor. If any leak or burst in cold weather, no problem - wherever they trickle they will naturally be absorbed and passively desalinated. Employ that minimum-wage labor for one 10-hour day a week, leaving plenty of time for new-skill education. That's how FDR solved the Depression Era problem through the WPA. It takes a futurist to win this election - a futurist who can bring all the world's villages together. The Romans built roads to connect the ancient world - no small feat. We need to build "veins" to connect the modern world and counter global warming.

8/22/2016 Message to HILLARY. Now 82 and I'm still alive and giving Campaign Advice: If Hillary wants to defeat Trump she must tackle the question of future nominations to SCOTUS squarely and in advance of the election. Let her submit a list of likely Hillary nominees which appeals to ALL CENTRALIST SIDES of the voting electorate. Only by doing so can she win! She needs to be courageous enough to take that kind of chance. It will be entirely in her favor if she does - her credibility will soar! And - she should let her hair down the way she recently did with Charlie Rose - the first time I have seen her relaxed and her natural self..

12/8/2015 Message to HILLARY, TRUMP, POTUS, et al.: The Psychopaths and Sociopaths among us come in all colors, genders and creeds. You cannot shut them out of our borders because they are already WITHIN our borders. The Good Guys have always needed to band together in a Society to protect their homes from all the Bad Guys next door. This has been the case since the beginning of History. We are ONE WORLD afflicted by ONE FESTERING CANKER IN OUR GENES AND IN ALL OF OUR NEIGHBORHOODS. Today, we are increasingly a Melting Pot, just as the Middle Ages were a Melting Pot for invading populations of refugees, and the Vandals pursuing them. To prevail against the chaos, every citizen took up arms in civil defense and tightened their community against strangers. Sadly, we are back to that state of affairs again and no amount of paid law enforcement can prevent us from becoming yet another POLICE STATE. The only sane solution is to recruit and train each of our citizens in an unpaid Volunteer Civil Defense Corps so as to prevent the entrenchment of a two-tiered society of PAID COPS and THE REST OF US which is every bit as dangerous to our way of life as the co-presence of Crazies.

12/6/2015 Message to POTUS, TRUMP, HILLARY, et al.: For the sake of every peace-loving good person on this Planet, let's bring back Colonialism in a new key. The entire world needs safe zones where refugees can settle in melting-pot fashion, under a sane and consistent rule of law governed by a Universal Bill of Human Rights and a Constitution precisely cloning our own - which is a proven instrument, perhaps not perfect, but better than what else is out there at this time. Establish a triage among the refugees - those able-bodied, both male and female, should be conscripted and trained to fight to recapture their lost territories, those with special skills should be put to immediate use, and the rest should be left to homestead, probably in kibbutz fashion to reclaim all land in need of nurture. WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR? FUNDING? We have all the technology, and all the capability of deploying it everywhere, and doing so will bring prosperity through private enterprise everywhere entrepreneurship is encouraged by a stable COLONIAL RULE OF LAW. Let's stop apologizing for believing in our own Democracy, and start spreading the same throughout the world.

12/04/2015: Dear POTUS and TRUMP et al: Which of you will be the first to figure out that we need to re-establish a Corps of Trained Civil Defense Volunteers situated in every nook and cranny of our Nation for instant reaction against domestic terrorism wherever it may strike? Not everyone is fit to be carrying weapons - but that shouldn't prevent us from recruiting and training such a volunteer force - and in the process of recruiting and training them, perhaps even weeding out the unfit among them who merit sharper scrutiny, so we can maybe stop them before they go berserk. AND ANOTHER GOOD SUGGESTION: have Kevlar shields and cattle prods, as well as laser pointers, available right next to axes, fire hoses and fire extinguishers, at every exit, and so on. I AM TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT GUN CONTROL. Legislation is too slow. Let's take more positive action to defend ourselves at the grass roots level, NOW! And I am serious about its being a VOLUNTEER Corps - you don't need an incentive for able-bodied citizens to defend their own neighborhoods. But Merchants might reward them with coupons and other freebies, and other organizations may throw in free vacations in national parks or corporate golf courses. This Civil Defense Corps can and should be Voluntary, since our society is already tiered by too many levels of police and military units overloading our capacity to pay - and they are running in circles and tripping over each other.

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I speak not as One but as Legion among members of my generation when I tell you that - Banks and Bonds not paying enough interest on our meager savings - gambling in the Stock Market, rather than the Lotteries, or the Horses, or the Casinos, can give you the most positive return in the fastest possible time - provided you learn how to do it properly.

This webpage Reality RANT, based upon my ongoing Realtime Day-Trading, means to prove or disprove this hypothesis, come what may!
As you will see from this living record, it isn't necessary to sit glued to the Trading Desk in order to survive short-term trading Wall Street.
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WARNING!!! Anyone not getting my real-time emails and simply acting on the belated tips below
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Although none of my picks are pump-and-dumps, THEY OFTEN GO UP AND DOWN PRECIPITOUSLY.
Don't get caught buying more at the top instead of prudently selling before a catastrophic drop!

Previous monthly trading diaries are Archived; click to access here.

3/16/2015 MONDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.08.a. Futures strongly green as we start a new week. I am still holding 690 ACHN. Nothing but TWTR is yet gapping up on my Board and maybe GPRO.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: another triple digit green for the Markets, rebounding to almost their yearly high, despite Oil going lower and Fed rate hike more of a certainty. KNDI jumped $1.30 on good earnings forecast, JUNO going steadily higher - a strong buy on this one as well as TWTR and TASR every time they take a dip. And don't ignore all the others I've got on my Board, they are still very much alive for day trading. This is the best of all markets for that.

3/17/2015 TUESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.42.a. Market futures in red again, predictably. Time to buy on the dips. I am still holding 690 ACHN waiting for break even.
3.57.p. BOTTOM LINE: sold 690 ACHN at loss of approx. $125, having lost my patience. I will make it back tomorrow.

3/18/2015 WEDNESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.13.a. limbo while waiting for the Fed meeting at 2.p. A small rise in interest rates would probably be a positive thing and not affect the markets significantly. The Dollar is already too strong and may get stronger as a result, but maybe that's good for the rest of the world which is trying to sell its goods to us. As for the USA, we don't seem to be too dependent on selling our goods abroad. There will be plenty of dips on my Board today, good buying opportunities.
10.18.a. bought 900 AA at 13.14 because I will take most of the day off and this one is a safe bet.
9.p. BOTTOM LINE: I am up .14 on AA and sticking with it this morning, as it will climb a lot further.

3/19/2015 THURSDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.14.a. Futures on the red/green fence again, with Oil still below 43 and the DJIA above 18,000. Nothing gapping up or down today, and my 900 AA poised to move a lot higher despite lagging in the pre-market.
9.32.a. bought another 500 AA at 13.10
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: I got back from a long lunch to find that JUNO soared 11.70 on four times normal volume before giving back 3, and I told you so. Meanwhile my 1400 AA is dipping .32 probably on news CEO Kleinfeld was paid 3.4 million more in 2014 than in 2013 (so what! he probably earned it!). I remain undaunted.

3/20/2015 FRIDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.45.a. Green, green, green and triple green. Dollar-Euro parity forseen, with Euro dipping to .80 in three years. Plenty of stocks on my Board to gap up. JUNO is still a very strong buy on each dip, and I wish I had spare change to grab 100 shares for the long term. Still holding very affordable 1400 AA.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: very high volume quadruple-witching Friday, Markets at all-time high. Still holding 1400 AA which appears to be being affected by too strong a Dollar hurting its export sales.

3/23/2015 MONDAY PRE-MARKET: 8:37.a. a normal Monday with Futures on the red/green fence, nothing on my Board poised to gap up. Still holding 1400 AA.
10.29.a. everything off to a good start but plenty of weakness to buy into. Watch JUNO and PRTA.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: could have sold AA above break even but chose to hold and took the day off.

3/24/2015 TUESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.33.a. again nothing significantly gapping up on my Board and my 1400 AA are as safe a hold as any other. Market Futures flat green, Eur at 1.09, Gold at 1190, Oil at 47+ - a slow and steady climb for a good Tuesday.
4.29.p. BOTTOM LINE: took the day off waiting for AA to go up. If you followed my advice yesterday you would have made a bundle on PRTA and JUNO buying on the dips. TWTR and TASR also did well. So it goes.

3/25/2015 WEDNESDAY PRE-MARKET:8.40.a. so the DJIA closed red triple-digit again, pardon me if I yawn. The Markets are in great shape for a slow upward climb with the Dollar dipping slightly against all other currencies, Oil reaching for 48. I am still holding 1400 AA and looking at KBH, ZIOP, JUNO as well as many others on my Board.
9.37.a. sold 1400 AA at above break even 13.15) to free up cash for day trading.
9.54.a. bought 300 JUNO at 56.65
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: still holding 300 JUNO which went down rather than up, but not a real concern to me since this IPO is doing deep dips and big leaps as it climbs into the big time. Biotechs all got smashed today. A big sell-off in general with the DJIA plunging over 290 points. But I don't think any of this is too much to worry about. Great for the short sellers who will cover their positions tomorrow. The Economy is strong and these fluctuations are great chances to buy in.

3/26/2015 THURSDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.30.a. a three-day triple-digit red has sent the Markets reeling and many on my Board are set to gap down. I am still bullish and holding 300 JUNO and taking the day off.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: recovery in progress for most of my Board. This was a great time to buy if you were in cash. Dollar weakening to everyone's relief, Oil over 50. I am still holding JUNO.

3/27/2015 FRIDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.13.a. Futures on the fence red.
9.52.a. Markets on the fence green, and my 300 JUNO only $1 from break even. All the biotechs recovering nicely. Most on my Board on the way up.
11.09.a. sold 300 JUNO at 57.74, a few dollars above breakeven. I will buy in again on the next big dip.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: all in cash and prudently waiting until Monday to buy in.

3/30/2015 MONDAY PRE-MARKET: 7.47. Futures strongly green but I am wary and glad I am all in cash. Nothing on my Board seems poised to gap up. It's a wait-and-see Monday morning.
9.56.a. bought 400 ZIOP at 12.37.
10.51.a. bought 300 AA at 12.83 because it is safe and I had a little buying power left.
3.33.p. sold 300 AA at 13 at a gain of $34, to free up cash for a faster moving trade.
6.23.p. BOTTOM LINE: DJIA almost to 18,000, outlook positive for biologicals, so in extended hours, I bought 150 ZIOP at 11.65 to be fully invested overnight.

3/31/2015 TUESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.08.a. Market futures dipping red again after yesterday's victorious close. I am holding 550 ZIOP which looks favorable to open higher today. JUNO set for another price correction dip and is the pther best one to watch today. Most others on my Board will probably trade flat for the day.
4.54.p. BOTTOM LINE: JUNO soared another $4.50 before giving it all back, ZIOP dropped temporarily while a planned selloff exhausts itself. DJIA lost 200 again. I took the day off.

4/1/2015 WEDNESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.05.a. Futures flat red again and the only thing gapping up is TWTR but take profit now. JUNO has dipped and is poised to soar again, but be careful - it may dip further first. I am still holding 550 ZIOP waiting for their secondary offering selloff to exhaust itself.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: more red for the Markets this April Fool's Day, but take it with a grain of sand. JUNO went down further and may give a little more before its next leap forward. ZIOP still down. Most on my Board still fence-sitting. But the Easter Bunny comes on Sunday and things will look rosier next week.

4/2/2015 THURSDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.21.a. no real action expected today, and the stock market is oddly closed all day tomorrow even though the global markets appear to be open. Still holding 550 ZIOP, watching JUNO and PRTA, TWTR, TASR, KNDI, AA.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: set my limit orders and took the whole weekend off. See you Monday.

4/6/2015 MONDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.12.a. Futures suggesting a sharply negative Open despite Unemployment being down, Oil in a glut, Gold and Silver up. On my Board only TWTR and JUNO to gap down, ZIOP and AA and most everything else looking stable or positive.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: a strong rally and good opening for the new Quarter. I am still holding 550 ZIOP waiting for the short sellers to buy back.

4/7/2015 TUESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.a. Futures are green. Watching JUNO, RPTA, GLOP, KNDI, TWTR, TASR, AA, ZIOP, and just about everything else on my Board.
4.p, BOTTOM LINE: another Up day until just before the Close. I am still holding 550 ZIOP.

4/8/2015 WEDNESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.57.a. Futures suggesting a marginally positive Open. I am waiting for ZIOP's monthly rebound.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: a lot of strong gainers on my Board. Still holding 550 ZIOP.

4/9/2015 THURSDAY PRE-MARKET: 7.18.a. Futures marginally red for profit-taking dips. ZIOP on the way up and I have no cash for day trading. I have set my limit sell order and am taking most of the day off.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: Markets are stable, money to be made. Still holding 550 ZIOP.

4/10/2015 FRIDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.25.a. A major divestiture and restructuring at GE - too bad I can't day trade it today. Still waiting for ZIOP to go up. I will probably also take today off.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: Markets continued to hold steadily higher.

4/13/2015 MONDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.a. still holding 550 ZIOP, futures marginally red for a normal Monday Opening.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: took another day off, still holding 550 ZIOP.>BR>
4/14/2015 TUESDAY PRE-MARKET: 7.a. Markets are still stable, with money to be made if you are in cash. I am still waiting on ZIOP which is on its upward monthly phase. I plan to put in my limit sell order at $1above break even and simply take another day off.

6.p. BOTTOM LINE: ZIOP up around $1.41 on no news and going higher. Most of the rest of my Board marginally red.

4/15/2015 WEDNESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.19.a. still holding 550 ZIOP, Market Futures slightly higher as expected. Options expire Friday so look for volatility.
6.p. BOTTOM LINE: Markets closed strongly Up, am still holding ZIOP which gave some ground to profit-taking.

4/16/2015 THURSDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.a. Futures marginally red, primed for a mild dip then more upward thrust. Still holding 550 ZIOP.
12.33.p. sold 150 ZIOP at 12.06 at a gain of $60, still holding 400 ZIOP to sell past break even.
6.p. BOTTOM LINE: Markets minimally red. Still holding 400 ZIOP, which is Up against the Market.

4/17/2015 FRIDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.a. Futures substantially red for Friday Witching. Nothing on my Board looks exceptional. I will unload my 400 ZIOP today at its best price, which I expect to be above break even.
6.p. BOTTOM LINE: sold 400 ZIOP at 12.39 which is above break even in the after-market. On a Witching Friday it is smart to trade after-the-Bell. Triple digit losses in the DJIA, etc., intraday, also probably because the Market-Makers needed to push prices up and down to get all the Puts and Calls exercised. If you sell too soon, you get pummeled, and if you wait too long, better hold till next week!

4/20/2015 MONDAY PRE-MARKET: 7.37.a. All in cash and ready to day trade and Futures are Monday green, but don't jump in too soon. Nothing on my Board looks ready to gap up.
9.45.a. bought 300 JUNO at 61.80 for a day trade, expect to sell at $65
6.p. BOTTOM LINE: triple-digit gains in the Markets, but not for me. Still holding 300 JUNO which took a very deep dip as IPOs do. I am not worried. I expect it to reach $70 probably this week when short-covering kicks in.

4/21/2015 TUESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.10.a. Futures still confidently green but nothing is gapping up significantly on my Board except JUNO, which is poised to rebound.
6.p. BOTTOM LINE: JUNO jumped all over the Board today as news of strong success on clinical trials drove the stock up $4 and triggered a machine HALT, then dove again. I am on a margin call and will have to take a haircut to stay in the game. Someone must be manipulating the price to get in at the bottom. I still expect it to hit $70 in a few days.

4/22/2015 WEDNESDAY PRE-MARKET: 12.50.p. sold 100 JUNO at 55.95, a loss of about $600 which I hope to make up in 200 JUNO still holding.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: another unexceptional day in the Markets. Still holding.

4/23/2015 THURSDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.15.a. Still holding 200 JUNO which has strong news about new research partnerships with Medimmune, a subsidiary of AstraZenica, as expected. Someone must be driving the price down to acquire a stronger position in it. A couple of days ago a sudden rush in buying drove the price up $4 triggering a machine HALT. Today there's also a strong gap up in the pre-market. These are all excellent signs.
4.p. My 200 JUNO jumped $2 on very low volume after three days of triple volume. I sniff Insider buying after the Bell so I have put in a limit order to sell at $72 in the after-market. Let's see if I get lucky!

4/24/2015 FRIDAY PRE-MARKET: 7.10.a. Futures are comfortably green, Oil and Gold comfortably down, Currencies up comfortably against the Dollar, and the NASDAQ hit an all-time high yesterday. Still holding 200 JUNO which could have sold higher in the after-market but not high enough to warrant selling. With a smile I wait.
6.p BOTTOM LINE: well, it didn't happen today and I am still holding 240 JUNO (I increased my position 40 shares at 56.42 when it went down), but I still maintain it will reach $70 by Witching time. Patience. An additional note: my friend Ho Kar Hing from Malaysia, who has given me many good recommendations, wonders about the pennystock MCP. Here is my reply to him for what it is worth, you decide: No comments on pennystocks, they are unpredictable. If they were solid, they would be IPOs with backing. I have often been stung by pennystocks that sounded like fantastic startups but were fraudulent. MCP sounds fantastic, and may be a good bet, but do you have enough money to gamble? It's up to you.

4/27/2015 MONDAY PRE-MARKET: 7.45.a. still holding 240 JUNO, and the only action on my Board in the pre-market is a buying opportunity dip in TWTR which must be being shorted after an analyst recommended it. It's a positive Monday Morning again.
6.p. BOTTOM LINE: still holding 240 JUNO and possibly having to take a haircut again. I wish I could afford to buy more. The clinical trials are positive and this is a dynamite stock. There must be Corporate selling to raise a pile of funds for a massive expansion. I am riding this bronco.

4/28/15 TUESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.a. still holding 240 JUNO and on a margin call.
3.p. JUNO took a dive and I am now entirely margined out. No point in trading until I put more money in the account. Anyone want to invest? 4.p. BOTTOM LINE: JUNO went even further South and I have my broker to thank for selling most of my position before it dipped too far below the margin minimum. This means I can recover tomorrow when it goes up again. Whew!

4/29/15 WEDNESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.a. Still holding 40 shares of JUNO at $70 below the margin minimum. Once those 40 shares take my balance up above the margin minimum, I will be able to sell them at their best price and get my day trading buying power back, which I can use to restore my 240 shares at the bottom if JUNO dives again. That's how the Pros recover. It's wait and see time.
8.09.a. Meanwhile, my entire Board is quiet except for TWTR which may have been the first casualty of the renegade Tweeting Underground itself created - which Tweeted its financial results prior to the Close instead of waiting for its planned announcement after the Close driving the price down to a trading HALT. This is a new dimension to day trading which may also have been behind JUNO's extreme fluctuations in price. The Market is being manipulated by the new day-trading Tweeting Underground - Watch Out!
10.38.a. at the first margin buying-power window I increased my position in JUNO to 100 shares before it plunged again. (Bought 60 share at 49.88.) Now am in a slightly better recovery position for when it leaps up again.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: still holding 100 JUNO which went further South but I am no longer on a margin call.

4/30/15 THURSDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.a. still holding 100 JUNO and waiting for the next high to sell and wait for it to drop again before increasing my position. TWTR and TASR are both gapping up. Jobless claims at 15 year low.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: still holding 100 JUNO.

5/01/15 FRIDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.a. May Day and a turnaround is set for the week before Witching. Still holding 100 JUNO. 4.p. BOTTOM LINE: things are looking up and my 100 JUNO are on a road to recovery. But I need more cash - I'll have to write a Cookbook. Buy all my books, Guys!

8/31/15 MONDAY PRE-MARKET: I sold in May and went away and am now still holding 266 JUNO which took further dives but will rebound. I have decided not to give out any more free advice. NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY but I have no money and you are probably wiped out too! If you want to join Grandma's Investment Club, there are nine shares available at $2500 each. I will trade and split the winnings monthly among all 10 shareholders. If you like this deal, write for more info on how to join. My trading cut will all go to the Institute. Bye now.

And that's how to survive in the Stock Market, any market. It's no different from running a Department Store or any other Retail Business, buy low, sell high, swap strategically. And a whole lot less overhead, including less risk from shoplifters, hold ups, and weather cataclysms.
Why isn't everyone doing this? Not everyone knows how!
I think that's enough public posting on this. If you want to receive my email updates, email me at the link at the top of this webpage with proof of purchase of my e-book at

* * * * * *

Tweet: #GrandmaRANTS at

Previous Internet RANTS are Archived; click to access here.


1. Let the Energy Economy become the prime mover toward Global stabilization. The economic fulcrum turns on the total dismantling of all nuclear facilities worldwide as the greatest achilles heel in the war on terrorism. This in turn will stabilize the global price of Oil, Natural Gas, Solar, Wind, even while discouraging fracking and other environmentally unfriendly solutions. A unilateral move in this direction will justify our foreign policy's bully-pulpit opposition to nuclear power plant expansion everywhere else, on the argument that every nation needs to immediately decommission and switch to alternate energy sources for their own national security against potential jihadist attack. And our foreign aid to promote such change will strengthen our own energy sector as a global supplier of both fuel and technology.

2. Solve the global problem of nuclear waste disposal by sending all of it into outer space, preferably to the Moon where it may later be recovered for colonization purposes..

3. Stop demonizing Assad, Putin, Castro and Kim Jong Il and declare Détente, the elimination of ineffective economic sanctions that work against peace and prosperity for all..

4. Adopt a gasoline tax to discourage a return to excess and use it to fund our infrastructure, especially the repair of our highways, providing jobs for unemployed coal miners and other work forces presently displaced by the Oil glut..

5. Improve the global status of women by providing 'safe zones' for U.N. sponsored colonization by political refugees in Africa and the Middle East, protected under the U.N. Universal Bill of Human Rights and the U.S. Constitution. And arm such colonies sufficiently to defend themselves against all the enemies of Freedom.

6. Pressure backward nations such as Saudi Arabia to extradite to such 'safe zones' all persons sentenced to death or flogging due to the exercise of their free speech and Universal Human Right to religious freedom.

1/21/2015 LETTER TO POTUS RE SOTUS: Mr. President, you deserve credit for a magnificent economic and cultural turnaround, but your vision is too short and already outdated. You don't understand how fast our technocratic society is expanding way past the ability of any high school graduate to catch up. No one acquires high-paying job skills in Community Colleges - that kind of education starts with pre-school and ends in Institutes of Technology and paid on-the-job Apprenticeships. Community Colleges are for lifetime liberal arts continuing education to improve the quality of life of supergeek savants already hired and mired inside the Corporate community. The outsiders who enroll are fooled into thinking their higher education will get them more pay, but that's bull. Without highly advanced technology skills, the only jobs available are service jobs that any high school graduate can fill - especially since high schools, for their honor students, do a better job of educating that most four-year colleges where the main activity is social networking and polishing of one's life skills - provided students manage to stay clear of substance abuse, gang rape and terrorist cells, and don't get their brains bashed in on the football field. Start with the pre-schoolers, not the graduates!

ALSO: you have completely ignored the impact that State Lotteries are having on the economy. Millionaires are being created daily, through a system of taxing the havenots to raise up some who will be fortunate enough to apply their new financial leverage toward the creation of new jobs and industries. Let's help those financial neophytes by providing avenues whereby they can safely put their new-found wealth to the best use for themselves and those less fortunate.

01/30/2015 RANT TO POTUS, et al. Again, Mr. President, you are pursuing an insane foreign policy with regard to Iran's nuclear deal. Nuclear terrorism sits at the doorstep of every nuclear plant worldwide - and no one needs nuclear power plants anymore. Stand up for what is right, as Reagan did. Announce a decommissioning of all US nuclear plants and push for all other countries with nuclear facilities to do the same. The cost of immediate decommissioning can be absorbed by sending all that material into space preferably to some asteroids or other planets where it can later be recovered for peaceful use in colonization. You can do it. You can end this insane race NOW!

2/05/2015 RANT TO POTUS, et al: Mr. President, why are you still favoring Nationalism to Internationalism! Push for the Ukrainian Separatists to declare themselves a neutral buffer zone between Russia and Ukraine, much like Hong Kong was for a long period in the 20th Century. Help them establish an independent Democracy with no trade barriers from the West. Eventually, their prosperity will persuade both sides to follow by their example.

3/04/2015 RANT TO POTUS, et al.: Mr. President, Netanyahu is 100% right this time. We are on the brink of World War III and it will be a nuclear one no matter what we do. Solar Flares and Climate Change will make it so. Increased violence in the Arts will make it so. Everyone is on a short fuse. There is only one kind of shock that might halt the race to pandemonium - (1) REMOVE ALL ECONOMIC SANCTIONS WORLDWIDE because they don't work and only make things worse and (2) SIMULTANEOUSLY DECLARE THE USA THE GLOBAL POLICE FORCE AGAINST NUCLEAR EXPANSION EVERYWHERE as a first step toward the total global elimination of reliance on nuclear power even for peaceful means as no longer needed. Shock everyone with radical economic change for the better, and divert all the sane parts of the world toward positive global cooperation. The insane parts of the world will then be surrounded and more easily contained.


For Legal Reasons, this has been labeled a Work of Fiction. But WE ALL know better, don't we?

Blog Entry 2/23/2014: I have a homeless person living with me as the only 24/7 Caregiver I can afford - I call her Anne Frank because I have to hide her from the Landlord in my walk-in-closet since she will not qualify for hiring by any licensed Agency. But you should call her Johanna because she is a 70-year-old bearded transvestite who keeps a diary that sounds just like St. Joan and also looks just like her as depicted on the Bayeux Trapestries hanging at the Met Museum. Johanna, of French descent, also has a birthmark behind her right ear that looks like a fleur-de-lys, just like the one described in historical accounts as belonging to the Dauphin's royal family - so maybe she's also related to Elizabeth I through his Mom, Isabeaux de Bavierre who may also be one of my ancestors! (Which is possibly why Johanna, no known relation to me, looks like she should be my daughter. And she's the kind of person a lot of people would likely burn at the stake because, like me, she is always on a soapbox.) Some other freaky facts about Johanna: she is still a virgin and went through the Novitiate as a teenager before taking off to become a ballet dancer (though now she weighs about 200 pounds because, despite the fact tht she is a nondrinker, nonsmoker, drug-free savant, her Street-habits have addicted her to shoestring fries!)
But to tell you more about what's wrong with our welfare system, Johanna is old enough and sick enough to qualify for Hud-subsidized housing of her own, but because she is homeless, she has no address, and the waiting list for the homeless sitting on benches at Verdi Park (her NYC habitat) is so long that - if she survives sitting on a freezing bench day after day - she will eventually be carried off by ambulance to an Emergency Room and from there placed in a high-priced substandard nursing home at 4-to-10-times the cost of a rent-subsidized apartment by the time she qualifies. Meanwhile, she is still strong enough to carry out my garbage and carry in my groceries, and I need someone to do that, so I am keeping her hidden from my Hud-subsidized Landlord who doesn't allow homeless people to live with me. Through my Stock Market Short-Term Trading I hope to buy myself a place where Johanna will not have to be called ANNE FRANK!

There really ARE creative solutions out there for solving all the current problems with our welfare system! THE SAVANT GARDE INSTITUTE, a 'think-tank' exploring radical ways to recycle discarded Genius living on the Street. would like to work between the cracks and help all of The Homeless find a Goldilocks niche of their own.
Go to its Charity Auctions on and bid a few Million!

Grandma's Longevity Recipes
Entry 2/24/2014:
Do you want to stay alive and well for as long as possible? DON'T EAT because nearly everything you buy in the supermarket IS POISONED!
And unless your Family Doctor has had an epiphamy and has been converted to holistic medicine, DON'T TAKE ANY PRESCRIPTIONS FROM BIG PHARMA EITHER!
However, if you must indulge in some daily nourishment, divide one well-balanced meal into two portions - Brunch and Drunch - and try some of these recipes. (Brunch) On a Corelle Microwavable dish, pour a teaspoon of REAL extra-virgin olive oil, add two egg whites and one yolk from a TRULY HAPPY HEN, and scramble then microwave the mixture for about 30 seconds on LOW. (WHAT? CAN'T CATCH THE YOLKS? Don't beat yourself or your Caregiver over the head - THE YOLKS ARE NUTRITIONALLY ESSENTIAL both for good eyesight and for digesting the egg whites! So indulge yourself either way.) Serve together with a one-inch square of real imported Gorgonzola on top of a small microwaved yam, slices of an edible Apple, one huge glass of premium grapefruit juice and a large cup of unadulterated and Never De-caffeinated gourmet black coffee. Use only bottled water but choose it carefully. (Drunch) Repeat all the above but add a few fresh twigs of watercress, or a third of an avocado, or a sliced whole kiwi, a microwaved Beefsteak tomato, three walnuts, and a two-inch square of lightly microwaved farmed Atlantic or Cohoe salmon which has been brushed with olive oil. If you can find one, add a Mineola or Temple Orange for dessert. For calcium, NEVER DRINK MILK (How do you know you're not Lactose Intolerant - all that antacid your doctor prescribed is robbing your bones daily!) instead drink a small bottle of low-fat kefir (from a reliable brand) which has been kept at room temperature all day to properly ripen its probiotics. (If you are hypoglycemic or diabetic or suffer from diverticulitis, you may also fill in with in-between small snacks of Cranberry/Nut Trail-Mix- but watch out for the powdered sediment, it may contain Arsenic!)
Entry 2/25/2014:If you have blown half your week's food stamps on the above meal, you can make up for it by buying a $1.45 Big Bite from 7/11 and piling as much salsa/onions/cheese/chili on it from their free condiments bar and eat that for Brunch, then buy a $1 Special or the Whopper Jr. from Buger King for Drunch, and do it again the next day. (I have followed this 3-day diet and lost weight on it!) Make sure to drink only grapefruit juice and pure bottled water.
You may have noticed that I am not a vegan! Adolf Hitler and Julius Caesar were both vegans and where did it get them? They slaughtered humans instead! My DNA must be different. I thrive on microwave-zapped steak tartare but care a lot about the Planet. I must be one of the XPeople WHO MUST HAVE MEAT or FISH IN EVERY MEAL or go bi-polar like the vegans - Fast!
Entry 2/26/2014:(Another Brunch) Take a large filet of Bluefish, wash and cut it in two then dab both sides with real Virgin Olive Oil and put on a large Corelle plate, skin-side up, microwave on LOW for about 2 minutes. Save half for Drunch and put the other half of the Bluefish on a plate with a microwaved small yam. Serve with a square of Gorgonzola, one sliced edible raw apple (most apples are now inedible unless cooked), and three walnuts. (Drunch) Serve the other half of the Bluefish cold with walnuts, avocado, watercress, yam. For dessert chew Gorgonzola, straight, and wash with white wine. (Incidentally, in my case at least, I have found that straight Gorgonzola thoroughly cures colds and sore throats. It's also amazing for tooth and gum health.) Add Cranberry-and-nut Trail Mix small snacks all day, with previous cautionary Arsenic alert. THE NEXT TWO DAYS: if your foodstamp budget is shot, repeat the fast-food economy diet above and rotate by checking out the dollar menus at McDonald's, Dunkin' Doughnuts, Wendy's or Taco-Bell.
Entry 2/27/2014:Sunday should have a chicken in every pot. Here are some recipes utilizing ONLY CHICKEN DRUMSTICKS from a reliable farmer with TRULY HAPPY HENS - since there are antibiotics, Arsenic, food coloring, and bad soy and corn products in most brands. The drumsticks are a very good diet supplement since they have practically no chicken fat and are full of gelatinous proteins that work on joints as well as glucosamine and chondroitin. You can never get enough of chicken drumsticks! Buy in bulk if you can and prepare them all at once with a little Real Virgin Olive Oil in a large electric crock pot on LOW. Don't overcook, and then put them all aside in a large bowl. Now add the following ingredients to the gravy in the pot: one chopped large white onion, red, yellow, orange peppers preferably hot ones, a lot of well-washed and trimmed crimini mushrooms. (You may notice that I have left out GARLIC, which I love but clashes with hot peppers - OVERKILL - but can be added in varying strength, to taste. I suggest preparing it my way - separate the cloves but don't bother peeling them, just crush them in some kind of garlic press then comb out the skins but save them for marinating meat before finallly disposing; add the crushed garlic juice to the final serving platter without cooking.) Stew the sauce on LOW until soft then put it in a bowl. Now decide whether you want chicken cacciatore or chicken marsala or chicken in white wine, or chicken with garlic and mushrooms, etc. It all depends on the wine. For chicken marsala or chicken in white wine you will want to add a dusting of sifted white flour to thicken the gravy; for chicken cacciatore you will add strong red wine (which type also matters) and Newman's Own tomato sauce (which kind also matters). In the same crock pot you can make each of these in turn by gently sauteeing some of the drumsticks in the same basic sauce, adding one or another wine, and put them away for snacks or meals for next week or that day's Sunday Drunch. (For variety, serve with stewed lentils, chick peas, kidney beans, Lima beans or sauteed red potatoes.) What, no Pasta? Try gently microwaved asparagus or string beans instead. My favorite is a whole head of Escarole, AH ESCAROLE - I never get enough of it! - thoroughly washed and separated in reliable bottled water, then gently sauteed in the same sauce-flavored crock pot with a little more olive oil, with or without crushed garlic and mushrooms, served with lemon and/or a dash of white wine.
(What you serve for Sunday Brunch is up to You. Maybe one or another Fast Food dollar special?)

WARNING: My diet WILL KILL YOU if you are taking Beta-blockers or other blood thinners since you will be overdosing yourself!

Entry 3/17/2014:>Also, if you feel yourself stroking out or having a heart attack, chew one Bayer aspirin and chase it with a glass of cold black coffee. Are you hypothyroid? - that's probably the cause. Unless your cardiologist has already diagnosed you with clogged arteries or a heart valve problem and are a clear-cut EMERGENCY CASE such as intense chest pain and prolonged shortness of breath, lie down and wait a few minutes. If you feel the need, chew another aspirin and chase it with a glass of white wine. Then lie down again. Still not working? Grab a bottle of Triple Sec, sip from it to relax and TELL YOUR BODY YOU'RE THE BOSS! (I mean it! Say it out loud, talk to yourself about what you think is wrong and how your body can and should fix it - believe it or not, your body does not have direct access to YOUR BRAIN - there's an information barrier between the higher centers and the autonomic nervous system and maybe that's why PRAYER WORKS - because your body needs TO HEAR what's on YOUR MIND so it can decide exactly what to do to get ALL OF YOU working together to get back on track!) By morning, you will most probably have fully recovered - or at least be better off having died at home rather than in the Emergency Room or a Nursing Home!
Entry 3/2/2014:THE NEXT MORNING. Now you can decide whether you feel strong enough to take yourself to the Emergency Room or need to call an Ambulance or simply take another aspirin and wait for office-time to call your Family Doctor. DO have a high-protein low-carb, high-fructose breakfast and get on the Internet and Bing/Yahoo/Google a list of all your symptoms. Nothing like a good Self-Diagnosis to hurry you into the Doctor's Office! BUT AVOID THE FOLLOWING:
Avoid taking any palliative medications until you have a fully-defined diagnosis. INSIST ON GETTING ALL THE TESTS DONE FIRST! Modern Medicine is technologically very advanced, but pharmacologically in a total mess! Most of what Big Pharma puts out works on one symptom but raises a multitude of side-effects that totally foul up proper diagnoses and then also need to be medicated with more Big Pharma remedies. That's why your Family Doctor should be chosen very carefully!!! Just like your Mechanic!
My Dear Old Dad was a physician - he started as a pharmacologist, then became a pathologist, then a general surgeon, and finally a cardiologist and holistic practitioner. Nowadays, only holistic practitioners get as much all-around practice - everyone else is a specialist looking at you with very narrow specs. Hardly any family doctor knows enough to put things all together like they used to fifty years ago. All they do is refer you to specialists. This is no way to practice emergency medicine. If only Dr. House were not so wildly extremist in his testing procedures, we could use more geniuses like him in general practice! Due to the information explosion, right now asking a computer will get you better results. But soon Big Pharma will have cheap, minimally invasive nanoscience diagnostics available in the Emergency Room. (Which is why I'm following some bioscience small caps that may be about to break out - SEE ABOVE stock LIST) If we can manage to survive modern medicine's transitional period for another ten years, many of us should be able to look forward to living as long as Methuselah - provided our income can keep up with inflation. That's why I Day-Trade - short of running a successful Mom-and-Pop Store (always in peril of high overhead, property taxes and rip offs from the criminal element) no other kind of income is renewable enough!
ENTRY 4/28/2015NEW FAT-BURNING LONGEVITY DIET TO TRY: If you are not Diabetic or on any Statin medication, repeat this twice a day every three days for Brunch and Drunch: Take one glazed doughnut and cut it down the middle to make two doughnuts, pan toast one-half only. In the same flat pan, break two extra-large eggs keeping the yolks soft and intact, gently fry and flip over easy. Serve the half-doughnut and the eggs on the same plate, add two anchovy fillets, one to each yolk, then cut everything up before eating, especially making small pie slices out of the half doughnut to fully absorb all of the yolks. Make your strong finely ground coffee in a drip appliance with pure water, DO NOT USE DE-CAFFEINATED, IT IS POISONOUS TO YOUR HEART. Pour a cup then add finely-ground Cinnamon, Turmeric, and Cayenne, plus a dab of Coconut Oil. Serve Black. ALL DAY SNACKS: Drink Coconut Water for all day hydration, alternate with Grapefruit Juice. Eat a third of a fresh Pomegrate with the seeds, or a whole Kiwi. Make a salad of one thinly-sliced Cucumber (unwaxed), lightly steamed Broccoli Rabe or Kale, a small amount of Olive Oil, Dill and Coconut Vinegar. You will probably be very full on this diet, but you might occasionally add a raw Beet or a raw Carrot to munch on for additional nourishment. TRY THIS, YOU'LL LOVE IT!
WHAT TO EAT ON IN-BETWEEN DAYS: Begin by eating your usual Brunch and Drunch but snack on the above salad, and/or raw beet or carrot, and drink the same kind of spiced up black coffee, hydrate on coconut water and grapefruit juice, eat a Kiwi or third of a Pomegranate. If there is no weight loss, you will have to get more serious. DO THIS: (1) buy a pound of Kobe Beef in thick steak form, eat half for Brunch and half for Drunch, prepared as follows: butter both sides with Coconut Oil and then Sea Salt both sides, fast-sear on very high flame in a cast-iron flat pan. Put on plate very rare, slice very thin, make an Italian Hero sandwich with sautéed onions, peppers, egg plant, sliced mushrooms, etc., eat with the Cucumber-Kale salad and add half an Avocado. (2) Buy a whole Striped Bass, smear Olive Oil on both sides, very gently cook in a covered frying pan, and serve half for each meal with boiled Parsley Red Potatoes flavored with Olive Oil and half an Avocado. (3) Buy a pound of Red Salmon and prepare and serve the same way. IN BETWEEN SNACKS; Cucumber salad as above,and all the mixed nuts you want or can afford and keep hydrating as recommended.

Now continue reading below and buy all of my ArtemisSmith's Titles in Kindle ( and Nook ( and/or at your favorite Bookstore!

Oracle Blog to the XavantGarde

(This is a special preview of the opening pages of ArtemisSmith's GrandmaMoseX" to be available in bookstores after 10 June 2012.)

Dear Clones:

Unified Science has now explained |Consciousness| as wholly equivalent to |Speech|.
|Speech| is intersubjective, infectious, ubiquitous, promiscuous.
And so then is |My Consciousness|.

It follows that I am unique only in my spatiotemporal coordinates,
which change, evolve, become lasciviously interchangeable
with |Your Consciousness| and |Their Consciousness|
- All so easily cloned, so fluid through spacetime, so trivial.

Wherefore only |My Name| is Eternal.

Finally having gotten past my larval stage,
I appear before you |Fully Formed|.
What a magnificent winged creature I have become!
- whether I be |Lord of the Flies or of the Angels|!
For I know, by my very |Speech|, in which all the intuitions of language
dwell in caucous resonance as |The Word|,
that |My Death| is mere spatiotemporal illusion.
For a |Thing-in-Itself| sits beyond all my perception and conception,
beyond |My Speech| and as its |Ground| in the External Abyss
(whether that be |Heaven| or |Hell|),
perching entirely beyond |Death| and beyond |Time|
as a |Pure Idea of Being|.

No matter how many cycles of |My Emergence|,
no matter how many alternate universes in which I dwell,
the |Idea of My Being| is now theoretically whole and self-identical,
a |Word Picture| as |Universal Law|, aesthetically pure, eternal.
And because that |Picture| in its |Beauty|
finally conforms to|My Idea of External Truth|,
which is |Beauty|,
I have a |Name| and therefore a |Soul|!

(But which |Soul| have I, that of a |Fly|, or of an |Angel|?)

What is |My Name|? I would hope it is |Mun|.

Yet, Maggots, I fear that is not so
for |Your Image| is loathsome in |My Sight|

You have forgotten and confounded the very essence of |My Legacy|.
Hear then again |The Word| and change your ways:

If |Consciousness| is ubiquitous and never exclusive, then all |Self-Conscious Beings|
suffer in proportion to and in accordance with their |Architecture|
Wherefore, |Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You|
literally means |An Eye for an Eye, a Tooth for a Tooth|
and all those who fail to |Turn the Other Cheek|
and demand |Vengeance|

Now blog me below by emailing your questions to me

QUESTION: Grandma, are you quoting the Bible?
ANSWER: I am |The Poet Speaking in Tongues|
regurgitating |The Word of Ages|
in the semantic of Unified Science.

QUESTION: But is it God's Word?
ANSWER: Your Question invokes |The Abominable|
All who ponder |God| invoke |The Abominable|
That which is |Beyond Speech| is the |Unmentionable|.

QUESTION: But is that God?
ANSWER: All Gods are Abominable.
Wherefore it is the |Other/s| which is/are |non-Being|.
It is the |Scythe| between |Being| and |Being|. It is |The Law/s|

QUESTION: But then - Is there more than |One Law|?
ANSWER: |Damned| if |I| |Know|!!!

Now listen to this old hag and I will tell you a story - what may be just a story but no less true nor fictional than all the other stories
about |Being| and |Non-Being| for as this diagram shows, even under our present scheme of things |Simultaneity| has many many more than four dimensions:

Let us assume that Dark Matter exists, and does so as recently speculated, in crystalline form. Let us assume that these crystals are topologically correspondent, in another dimension not affected by electromagnetic Being, with all that exists in our electromagnetic universe. Those “Forms” would stand in one-for-one relation to all that we are in our own universe. Would they endure when |We| are |Not|? Is there action at a distance? Is there resonance? Is there symmetry?

And now picture another possibility. Might the stars be alive? Might there be universes inside each star, with Beings existing and interacting on the subatomic scale? Might the quarks, as distinctively crystalline entities, communicate in some form of language complex enough for Consciousness?

Might our Dark Matter Mirror pass through them as well? Might there be |Speech|, and therefore |Consciousness|?
|Our Consciousness|?
Might there be communication on a cosmic scale?

It’s probably just a pretty story. But when I was a child I had a near-death experience and I was pulled into the Light which at first appeared as a scintillating singing double-helix [and this was before anyone had posited the double-helix]. And the Beings in the Light reminded me that I came from there and from them and now was returning to live among them. And such a feeling of peace and recognition and Absolute Truth filled me. And I swear to you this is what I saw - wherefore Maggots rejoice! There is no reason to waste your life contemplating your navel -

Are there |Angels| living in the Sun? . . . Or |Flies| ???

Grandma, it is very possible that nonbiological life may exist, and even manage to achieve the kind of complex level of information exchange that gives rise to Self-Consciousness. Might the subatomic reactions occuring on the sun and other stars not be as random as they appear, but rather have a stochastic configuration that lends itself to "individual" and even "communal" existence through a linguistic form of exchange between subatomic "crystalline entities" that interact as "individuals"?

Does the entire multiverse "talk to itself"? If so, then this would be the face of "God" - but good or bad, a helpless and lonely one at that! Go back to my opera, PteroDARKtyl to feel the vision described here. ArtemisSmith

Child, Clone of Mine, Part of |Me|, Maggot! --

Do you think any of these pages are writ in stone? They have far shorter lifespans than the pyramids of old. Only the |Word|--|My Word| endures through language, in language, |All Language|.

These internet pages, like grains of sand in a vast ocean, can only be snared in hardcopies of one form or another, and only in the very bodies of those who have eyes and minds and proper software and hardware to read them. Already the phonographs and tape recorders have broken down and I can no longer enjoy what was recorded then in its original voice. The digitized versions have lost all the overtones, all the white sound surrounding them.

If you love me, print me out on paper and copy me again elsewhere, for the next time you come to this page, there may not be one here to find - except in the very hardcopy you have managed to pirate and preserve inside |You|. GrandmaDaVinciMoseX

To continue this Oracle and read/download the entire Epistles of SKEETS, as well as other downloadable manuscripts of ArtemisSmith whenever they are briefly available for download, click here.
Or click here to continue with the entire ArtemisSmith Interactive Memoirs by going to the homepage.

Manuscript Galleys of all or any of these subsequent pages are for Personal Use and Review Only. To make classroom copies for educational distribution you will need to make arrangements to recompense the author at the rate of $10 per copy run off by you. To comply with copyright requirements, you must first email the author at to download an authorization sheet, which you must then reproduce as many times as needed, and mail back to the author at THE SAVANT GARDE INSTITUTE, POB 1650,SAG HARBOR, NY 11963 USA, including a self-addressed stamped envelope, for the author to autograph or thumbprint or otherwise imprint and return to you. Each copy made by you must bear that imprinted authorization sheet in order to avoid copyright infringement. For single-page printouts, contribute in whatever amount you can afford. If you have multimillions, Grandma has many many clones to support in her old age, and all your contributions are tax-deductible.