Prior months' Blog rants to the Internet:

It is time for all the sane citizens of our world to reject Nationalism and embrace Internationalism. The USA has a Constitution that works to foster a 'melting pot' philosophy which also has succeeded in incorporating "States' Rights" as a working mechanism for checks and balances. WHY NOT TAKE AN INSTRUMENT THAT WORKS and adapt it for use by the United Nations in what are obviously NEW FRONTIER TERRITORIES where a new crop of multinational Settlers are now battling against the mindless child soldiers of fundamentalist Savages whose murderous intent deserves total disenfranchisement. Create a new "Foreign Legion" for humanitarian colonialism in the failed Middle East (and if the U.N. is too cumbersome to front it directly, then give it a new name such as UTOPIA.) whereby boots-on-the-ground can be recruited from an entire world of unemployed and disenfranchised youth of all genders and religions in exchange for a new land-grab opportunity to conquer peace and prosperity for themselves and their families under a Constitution that works!

Blog Entry 8/29/2014 NEW LETTER TO POTUS et al.:
Dear Mr. President: I personally endorse your present policies in the Middle East, but your language needs some refining. As far back as the Socratic Dialogues it has become clear that 'the penalty for refusing to lead is to be led by others inferior to ourselves.' Your concern for the protection of ethnic and racial minorities is based upon the false premise that each of these groups are internally stable - THEY ARE NOT! Most are oppressing a large portion of their own people, whether these be women or 'untouchables' of some kind including LGBT minorities. Your foreign policy is askewed under the assumption that a Democracy that protects 'ethnic political rights' protects anyone at all! Giving people a voice means giving EVERY INDIVIDUAL FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS, not protecting the ethnic roots that bind many from sharing equally in those rights. Haven't you seen what has happened when Democracy has been brought too soon everywhere else? As far back as Aristotle and Plato, a Republic had to be ruled by an elite Minority who knew how to rule - unfettered by a Bill of Rights, pure Democracy is Tyranny by the Majority. Our very complicated system of checks and balances is what makes our Constitution a viable instrument for cloning. The troubled regions of the world are now become new Frontiers for Homesteading by those who have the most to lose by not fighting for their new land of opportunity. Do not call it the Zion or the USA, call it something new but use the working models of previous pioneers. Local Autocrats and Plutocrats will probably endorse any kind of leadership by the USA that will bring down Anarchy in their territories. Let's stop talking about ethnic and racial rights and differences, and start defending the right of individuals simply to defend and homestead whatever small plot of land they and their family can grasp and call their own.

Blog Entry 9/29/2014: NEW LETTER TO POTUS et al.:
Dear Mr. President: I don't think anyone would fault you if you put SPECIAL OPS BOOTS ON THE GROUND to seize billion-dollar munitions and heavy equipment caches captured by ISIL rather than simply destroying them from the air. Also, for all other SPECIAL OPS missions halting crimes against humanity. You are probably already doing this but, for security reasons, not letting the world know in advance. But there's something else you could be doing, if you haven't already thought of it - and that's building thousands of low-priced ARMED LAND DRONES remotely guided by computer geeks that can cheaply and safely take the place of USA Boots-on-the-Ground until such time as Iraqi, Kurdish and Syrian land forces can learn to use the same equipment against ISIL. Such TOY FORCES, and they would be Toy Forces, would not be as difficult or expensive to mass produce as real robots, since they would be guided remotely - and the fact that human beings were guiding them would help keep collateral damage to the minimum. I think you'd better contemplate such a move before ISIL beats you to it!

Blog Entry10/02/2014: NEW LETTER TO POTUS et al.:
Dear Mr. President: I have been waiting more than eight years to hear you proclaim THE WORLDWIDE EMANCIPATION OF WOMEN FROM THE TYRANNY OF TRIBAL RULE. All persons victimized by misogynous practices should be declared eligible for political asylum and enlisted to fight for their human rights and for their own plot of land for self-determination. That land is available directly where they choose to make their stand, especially in the Middle East, Africa and Pakistan. Safe Zones in all those areas, where military advisors can quickly train refugees in self-defense against forces such as ISIL, should focus on the role of young women trained as viable anti-terrorism assets. In this age of drones remotely aimed by armchair combatants, it is possible to launch a very effective one-on-one robotic offensive against advancing Jihad forces. Not simply in the air, but through thousands of cheaply mass-produced and disposable land drones that carry explosive charges more efficiently, and more easily deployed, than land mines. The thousands of young women and men fleeing ISIL should be easy to train for such one-on-one remote warfare, giving the world the boots-on-the-ground it presently lacks. Think about it, if you haven't already thought of it.

Blog Entry10/02/2014: NEW LETTER TO POTUS et al.:
Why are we not immediately deploying the 'xenex UV disinfecting robot' everywhere in public places, here and abroad, as our first line of defense against Ebola and other infectious diseases? This technology is immediately available and highly cost-effective and deployable even in West Africa. (more info at

Blog Entry 11/05/2014 NEW LETTER TO POTUS, et al:
Dems who are bemoaning the shift in power should look at the bright side: the new Reps are much more centrist than the last batch - they had to move to the center to win. To survive, the Dems will have to do the same. Obama's Presidency has been an outstandingly successsful one, and only time will reveal that. But now it's time for him to resign in favor of Biden, and Warren as Senate Minority Leader, in preparation for a winning Biden-Warren ticket in 2016. Hillary should settle for a desk job, replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg who should step down ASAP for that to happen. The People have spoken.

This Administration is still failing in its duty to protect human rights everywhere. There is only one way to guarantee safety and equal rights for women in Afghanistan or elsewhere, and that is for a USA-supported United Nations Peacekeeping Armed Presence providing safe zones for women and children fleeing from religious and ethnic oppression. Give the women a place to run to and homestead in the best part of each hard-to-hold territory. Only the useless narrow-minded men who cannot live a better way will be left to rot in their desert wastelands. Waiting for the next President to do this is a waste of everyone's time.

12/10/2014 NEW LETTER TO POTUS, et al:
Pardoning any of the leadership of the former Administration for past atrocities will simply send the wrong message to the personnel of the agencies involved. Just as we prosecuted the Nazis for such crimes, we need to hold everyone in our own military accountable so as to encourage whistleblowers at the bottom of the chain of command to refuse to be complicit in such unconscionable acts against Humanity. Pardoning the leaders does not serve public safety and fails to grow the Conscience of the Nation. already lacking in so many areas both domestic and global, as to present a growing danger to each and every private citizen at the mercy of public agencies and their increasingly psychologically and ethically dehumanized personnel.

12/18/2014 LETTER TO THE WHITE HOUSE, et al.

The SONY hacker attack has a putrid smell. Remember Tonkin and Vietnam! War mongers in our own military-industrial complex who have an interest in expanding both the nuclear and cyber defense sectors probably did this and framed N.K. The sophomoric comedy, "The Interview," is not a work of art worth defending. It should have been seen as wrongly provocative. What if N.K. had made a comedy about assassinating one of our sitting Presidents - wouldn't that get a rise out of our media? Abuse of free speech sets everybody back fifty years. The film should never have been made and SONY never should have backed it.

Prior months' Short Term Trading Record:

8/12/2014 TUESDAY PRE-MARKET I am already up $1000 on this a.m.'s trading. Bought KNDI at $7.75 and sold at $8.40; bought ONVO at $8 and am holding. Sold AA at $16.40 and will buy it again at its dip this afternoon. All are STRONG BUYS at the right price which is on the dip. I also bought CSIQ at its dip of $25.06 and will profit- take on its rebound this day or next. The same goes for SUNE, SPWR, KBH, TERP, GLOG, GLOP, JD, and a few more on my watchlist. Buy low, sell high, VERY OFTEN.
8/13/2014 WEDNESDAY PRE-MARKET: - Bought CSIQ yesterday when it plunged, at $25.06, sold today in the pre-market at $25.58, but it is now selling in the pre-market above $27. OUCH! I only made a small profit because I entered the limit order then went to the bathroom! That's life, but who cares, I made a good profit and will do it again with the next trade. Lesson learned, keep a portapotty at the trading station! I wish I hadn't sold it at only a .50 profit! But that's because I am playing it safe. I hope you bought some and made money on the 3.00 surge. I am overnight in ONVO and plan to also trade KNDI again tomorrow. I also made another intra-day profit on SUNE, so I'm up $1000 for the day on all of these trades despite losing out on a big payout on CSIQ.
8/14/2014 THURSDAY PRE-MARKET - Sold my overnight in ONVO at $8.03 which is above break-even and will buy in again probably later today. The stock is 66% owned by small investors. Probably needs an investment manager to announce a STRONG BUY on news that should be already startling to the scientific sector. Am looking to buy KNDI between $17.20 and $17.40 on a day-trade, depending on how it fluctuates (it is much better than TSLA). Will probably buy SUNE at $20.70 or AA at $16.20, either or both of which to hold overnight.
LATER THAT DAY:Have just acquired KNDI at 17.46 probably for overnight after waiting for the price to sink all day. None of my other low-price limit orders have succeeded and I am now revising my buy price for SUNE at above 21.30 for overnight. I have decided to wait on buying AA and ONVO until tomorrow.
8/15/2014 FRIDAY PRE-MARKET:. - So I got KNDI at 17.46 and SUNE at 21.44 yesterday and this 7 a.m. KNDI was selling for 18.20 and SUNE was selling for 22.15, but I am holding because I believe they will go higher again after the Open, even though at 8 a.m. their prices are a little down again. (The Scottrade platform begins trading at 6 a.m. even though the pre-market doesn't actually open until 8 a.m. Watching what people will pay for stocks very early gives an excellent indication of where the stock will go during the day. Identifying the movers for the day usually starts with the pre-market trend.) In my other account I have been holding ERII for a long time waiting for it to surge, but no luck. Today I will unload it for the best price and buy ONVO and hold. And also will acquire ACHN, maybe, unless I decide to hold KNDI and SUNE until the close.
11:22: So I sold ERII at break-even and bought ONVO for 7.95 in my other account and will HOLD. Meanwhile, both KNDI and SUNE plunged from their highs and I didn't sell because I am waiting for them to climb again before 3 p.m. At some point I will either sell KNDI and buy ACHN and more SUNE to hold over the weekend, or sell SUNE and buy twice as much ACHN for a daytrade or a hold over the weekend. This is because I have only one round-trip daytrade to use up before Tuesday and I want to be certain that whatever I hold over the weekend will at least open at the same price on Monday.
2 p.m: Not selling KNDI in the pre-market at over 18 and SUNE at over 22, in order to be in an all-cash Buy-Back position at Market Open (especially on a Witching Friday) was a mistake arising from poor trading habits rather than lack of foresight. The shooting star such as CSIQ is a rarity and most stocks plunge during the trading day before they surge. THIS IS A HABIT I MUST BREAK. As a result of my failing to profit-take, at 2 p.m. I am left with the choice of selling KNDI at a .13 profit above break-even and buying more SUNE at .23 below break-even, or sitting and waiting for both or either to go up some more prior to Close. I have decided to wait until KNDI goes up further and by then SUNE will have approached break-even, in which case I will not buy it but will sell it at a small gain.
4 p.m. BOTTOM LINE: sold KNDI at 17.67 by 3:30 p.m. and more than doubled my position in SUNE at 21.26 for the weekend. This being a Witching Friday - the day when options expire - there may be an after-market opportunity to sell SUNE at over 22. If so, I will do so. Otherwise, 1300 shares in SUNE at pre-market on Monday is a very good position to hold. And I am up over $2,000 for the week which, for a wheelchair-bound Octogenarian is not a bad score!
8/18/2014 MONDAY PRE-MARKET: 8 a.m.: I am in SUNE and it is now trading at 21.60 pre-market and I am holding for a better price. I plan to be in SUNE overnight, so I have time to sell and buy in again later in the day. Meanwhile, KNDI is selling at 18.56 which is nicely up from Friday and ACHN is at 9.74, also up considerably (too bad I did not have enough money to keep a position in both of these, but that's how it is). ONVO is flat at 7.82 but I expect that to change and go over 8.00.
10:15 sold 1300 SUNE at 21.76 and will buy in again later today at a lower price, bought 900 ACHN at 9.56 for either a day-trade or overnight, am looking at KNDI to buy in at 18.
11:20 decided to acquire 900 KNDI at 18.61 due to increase in volume and good news.
12:15 p.m. Buying and selling strategy is now as follows: if either ACHN or KNDI goes up considerably, due to SEC rules (since I have only one round-trip left for today) I can sell only one of them as a day-trade, and strengthen my position on the other one by 3:45 for an overnight trade or else buy 900 into SUNE again for overnight.
1:30 p.m. sold 900 KNDI at 19.01. (So far I am up $824 from Friday's close.)
3:20 p.m. bought 900 ONVO at 7.68 to supplement my 500 share position in my other account.
4:00 p.m.BOTTOM LINE: up $845 in my main account (down slightly on ONVO in my other account) and have enough cash to buy another 900 shares of something in tomorrow's pre-market.
<8/19/2014 TUESDAY PRE-MARKET: To reply to one of my readers, neither PLUG nor FCEL are good day-trading choices yet, no loft, not enough new hype. I can afford strong positions in higher-priced alternatives. KNDI and SUNE have loft. Am also trading SPWR, CSIQ, TERP, GLOG, GLOP, KBH, JD, TERP as well as ACHN, EXAS, MTLS, AA. ONVO is getting beaten down for a reason - may explode at any time now (approx. 6,500,000 shares traded in one day a couple of weeks ago when a part of its business was bought into).
8:45 a.m. pre-market: ACHN will gap up, could have sold it at 9.80 but I am saving my only round trip for daytrading KNDI which is also up but will probably deep dip after the Open. ONVO is flat, and am holding. SUNE is up but will dip and I may buy on a deep dip for an overnight much later. I am waiting for CSIQ to do a deep dip before buying in.
9:45 a.m. slip of the thumb made me miss acquiring KNDI at 18.69 and the price jumped to 19.77 before I could retype it! Ah well, that's life! I am holding ACHN and ONVO and looking for something else to buy in.
10:00 a.m. Having missed my opportunity to grab KNDI and seeing no better positive openings on my Board, I acquired another 900 shares of ACHN at 9.56 and will save these 1800 shares for my day-trade.
2 p.m. sold 900 ONVO at $100 profit to free up cash for a substantial overnight trade in either KNDI or SUNE.
2:40 p.m. sold 1800 ACHN at 17.78, at more than $396 profit, because time was getting tight before the 3 p.m. trading turnaround. Thanks also to a small dividend payment from AA, I am now up $528 for the day (my other account still has 500 shares of ONVO at slightly less than break-even). I will now put in limit orders for overnight trades in KNDI, SUNE or whatever.
3:56 p.m. BOTTOM LINE: none of my stocks have given enough on their price to warrant buying them overnight, so I am all in cash, looking forward to only one round-trip for the rest of the week. My strategy will have to be to buy for overnight tomorrow, unless one stellar trade warrants my only day-trade.
8/20/2014 WEDNESDAY PRE-MARKET: I have made enough money this week to withdraw half my gains and place them elsewhere, either for expenses or for savings. (If expenses are covered, I suggest placing them in the hands of an expert Options Trader as a third-party hedge fund against oneself.) Early morning Futures are slightly down and there's a Damoclese Sword in the air. I expect this will be an excellent time to daytrade on deep dips. Too bad I only have one round-trip left for the week. I will have to make it count. ACHN and KNDI appear to be the best prospects. If I buy in at their low dip, both will be safe to hold overnight.
LET THE ANALYSTS DO THE WORK FOR YOU. To understand what expert traders are planning, I like to study the option chains on my stock watchlist, and also the volume sales in the pre-market. I have entered a 900 defense bid to buy ONVO at its low bid on the board and will raise it gradually, taking care not to buy above 7.95 which is my break even on the 500 shares I still hold in ONVO in my other account. In my other account, I have placed a limit order to sell 500 ONVO at 8.50. This straddle bodes well.
9:40 a.m. bought 900 ACHN at 9.82. Am waiting for KNDI to do a deep dip later today.
10:22 a.m. I am already up over $200 for the day on ACHN. Because I do not want to waste my single daytrade, I have entered a limit day order to sell 900 ACHN at 11.20 and buy 900 KNDI at 9.45. I will look in occasionally to see how the market is doing and adjust my trade orders, but will take most of the day off until 3 p.m. and hope to buy something overnight on the deep dip if my orders don't execute.
1:13 p.m. KNDI is holding firm, ACHN is doing the same thing it did yesterday, up and hovering upward. I have decided to double my holding in ACHN on the 3:30 dip, leaving me enough buying power to grab 600 shares of KNDI on the dip at that time, to hold both for overnight.
BOTTOM LINE: 3.30 p.m. bought another 900 ACHN at 9.86 and 3:57 p.m. bought 600 KNDI at 20.36 I am now well-positioned for overnights, although I am flat from yesterday.
8/21/2014 THURSDAY PRE-MARKET: 8:05 a.m. sold 600 KNDI at 20.99 (up $352.71 from yesterday's close). ACHN and ONVO are presently flat. The pre-market is always a game of chicken and selling too low may jinx the stock from climbing later in the day. But this is also the place where you can get the highest price for the day. I am lying in wait.
MIDDAY AND BOTTOM LINE: Nothing was happening with ONVO and ACHN so I took the morning off, and meanwhile KNDI plunged from 21.18 to 18.55 then rebounded to 19.18 for the day as I suspected it might, since the weak pre-market upward trend had a dead cat climb. I would have bought KNDI on the falling knife if I hadn't been doing other things. ONVO has picked up in the few minutes before the bell - that bodes well. ACHN is still down and I am still holding overnight hoping for a premarket recovery tomorrow. I didn't want to buy more of anything because I withdrew $2000 from the account, as I do every other week, to pay living expenses and stow away in another investment pocket. When the check clears tomorrow I will begin trading again.
8/22/2014 FRIDAY PRE-MARKET: 'A very interesting time' as the Fortune Cookie says. Yesterday I cut my buying power by $6k by withdrawing $2K and putting it into another pocket. I sold KNDI for a $352.71 profit before it took its periodic dive, but held on to ACHN as it went down (approx. -$680 from my break-even) and in today's pre-market ACHN looks like it will open slightly lower but hold steady and climb upward. ONVO looks firm and positive. The World is going after ISIS throughout the World and maybe this will finally unite everyone in common cause. The Dow is at an all-time high. A great day to wait and see and grab opportunities when they reveal themselves.
9:35 a.m. acquired 400 KNDI at 18.70, ACHN is rebounding nicely. ONVO is still sluggish.
10:15 a.m. sold 500 ONVO at 7.86 which is above my break-even price. It is going up and I will buy in again in my larger account when I see it firming higher. ACHN is poised upward. KNDI is way up and I don't want to profit take until it reaches 19.70 since I won't be able to buy in again until Monday due to SEC rules.
10:20 a.m. Missed profit-taking on KNDI at 19.70 and it is now around 19.18 but I am still good with that and will hold whether it goes up or down, since I can only sell it once today.
10:35 a.m. bought 300 ACHN at 9.56 to replace ONVO in my smaller account. It is climbing and I will sell my 1800 shares in the larger account at above 10. Meanwhile, if KNDI dips again to 18.90 I will acquire more shares and hold over the weekend.
2:13 p.m. time to plan the weekend strategy. If ACHN goes up past my break-even, I will sell 1800 shares and 300 shares to be in cash in both accounts. If KNDI goes up toward 19.70 I will sell; if it stays down below 19, I will buy substantially (provided I have freed up cash by selling ACHN) and hold KNDI over the weekend.
2:32 p.m. sold 300 and 1800 shares of ACHN at 9.82, which altogether is better than break-even. Still holding 400 shares of KNDI and now a whole lot of buying power, but it makes sense to sell at the best price over 19 rather than buy more above 19.
2:52 p.m. sold 400 KNDI at 19.17. I am now all in cash on both accounts for the weekend.
BOTTOM LINE: two-week GAIN from 8/8/2014, $3649.55 minus $2K withdrawn from account. NET GAIN: $1649.55.

8/25/2014 MONDAY PRE-MARKET: Despite all the futures being high, the pre-market is very still. This is a wait-and-see day where buying on the deep dips is a good bet. I have only one round-trip until Wednesday and I should focus on stocks that can be safe to hold overnight.
10:00 a.m. GONE FISHING. Placed limit orders for 900 KNDI at 18.35, 900 ACHN at 9.45 and 500 ONVO at 7.50. Let's see if any fish gets caught in my morning net.
10.02 a.m. got 900 KNDI at 18.35, could have sold it for 18.90 but decided to hold until later or overnight.
11:33 a.m. cancelled ACHN to buy 500 SUNE at 22.71 which is safe for overnight.
1:50 pm. finally bought 300 SUNE at 22.60 in my smaller account after waiting for a good price on ONVO. If KNDI goes up toward 19, I will sell and buy more SUNE, and if SUNE goes up and KNDI stays down, I will do the opposite. Buy low, sell high, or hold all for overnight.
4:00 p.m. BOTTOM LINE: Neither 900 KNDI nor 800 SUNE were worth selling as day trades, and I am in with both overnight. That means I will be able to take profit in both and still have one round-trip left for tomorrow.
8/26/2014 TUESDAY PRE-MARKET: 7 a.m. fast trade: sold 900 KNDI at 19.20 ($765 overnight profit), could have made .30 more selling a minute later, but so what! Now I have enough cash plus two round-trip day trades if I choose to use them. I will use one of them to buy back KNDI on the Falling Knife. Now I am still in 800 SUNE and waiting to see if I can do the same thing in pre-market. I will wait to buy either ONVO or ACHN or EXAS at their best price soon after the Opening Bell.
9:45 a.m. bought 700 ONVO at 7.95 and 900 ACHN at 11.05, waiting to sell SUNE at a profit and buy KNDI on the Falling Knife which will probably be at 18.70.
12.10 p.m. sold 900 ACHN at 11.35, am for my first round-trip, still waiting to sell SUNE, still holding ONVO, have entered a limit order to catch 600 KNDI at 18.70, maybe!
2 p.m. sold 500 SUNE at 22.65 (break-even) and adjusted my buy-back target for 900 KNDI to from 18.70 to 19.10 2:45 bought 900 KNDI for overnight at 19.12, and have money to buy more if it drops further today.
7:36 p.m. BOTTOM LINE: Being $1200 or so up from yesterday, and still flat on ONVO and up slightly on SUNE, I took the rest of the day off and am very well positioned for Overnight and Tomorrow's Pre-Market.
8/27/2014 WEDNESDAY PRE-MARKET: Sold 900 KNDI at 9.26 (profit: $135) because it looks sluggish. I have one round-trip left before tomorrow. I will reacquire more later, probably below 18.70. ONVO Is still flat, but company news shows a multitude of new SEC Filings, indicating Insider positioning on a positive side. I will hold. SUNE is flat, but goes either way, so I will hold.
9:45 a.m. Bought 800 ACHN at 11.38 and it is dropping further, but no anxiety here - it will rebound nicely and I am prepared to hold it overnight. KNDI is still going down toward my price, and if I buy more today I will have to hold it for overnight too. 300 SUNE is dropping in my other account, but no worry.
10:05 a.m. ACHN has already rebounded and KNDI is still going down, SUNE is poised to go up.
11:22 a.m. sold 700 ONVO at 8.13 (profit $126) )when it came alive, to free up buying power for KNDI which has still not gone down far enough for me to buy in. I can always buy back ONVO later without wasting my one round-trip for the day. SUNE is still down but on the way up. ACHN will get past $12 for the day so I am either holding or day trading it.
2:20 p.m. bought back 500 ONVO at 8.05 to hold overnight. It will probably dip a little further before rebounding, but signs are very positive and I want to hold it. Still waiting for KNDI to drop precipitously. Asian stocks usually do have extreme intraday highs and lows.
2:55 p.m. bought 400 ONVO at 8. and now won't have as much buying power for KNDI unless I sell ACHN.
3;45 p.m. Everything is flat and low volume, looks like I can call it a day and stay overnight with all of them. This means I will still have one round trip available tomorrow, which looks like a soaring day for all my stocks.
4:00 p.m. BOTTOM LINE: bought another 900 ACHN at 11.40 for overnight. In tomorrow's pre-market I will sell it at its best price and have enough to buy KNDI at the best low of the day.
8/28/2014 THURSDAY PRE-MARKET: I am well-positioned in 1700 ACHN and 900 ONVO (plus 300 SUNE in my other account which may rebound today) but must go to a morning appointment so my trading will be restricted until my return. I smell a pop in all my positions and also want to free up some cash for buying KNDI or EXAS or TASR. I have placed a 700 ACHN limit order for 11.95 in the pre-market. The rest can wait.
11:47 a.m. Back from my appointment and everything seems to be about the same as I left it. The market seems to be waiting and watching. KNDI still has not plunged enough but EXAS, which has been advancing steadily for many days is now having a pullback. I will sell ACHN at a profit and buy EXAS, maybe. Unless KNDI drops first. All three stocks have market potential for their products in the billions - it's just a question of how large a position I can grab in any of them on a substantial pullback that has a fast rebound.
1:15 p.m. Sold 1700 ACHN at 11.55 (overnight profit: $272) because it wasn't trading up fast enough indicating that it would erode in price. Put in a limit order to buy 900 KNDI at 18.65, waiting for it to further erode in price on low volume. I will see where that goes as the day progresses. My 900 ONVO is still down, but I feel something brewing and will hold.
2:10 p.m. call me insane but I just bought another 500 ONVO at 7.75 (and I still have enough to buy 900 KNDI whenever). When a stock goes down and you know it will rebound, buying more gets you a lot more when you finally sell, and your break-even price is closer to the bottom than where you originally bought the earlier position.
4:00 p.m. BOTTOM LINE; Everyone's gone to the beach. None of my stocks went down far enough for me to buy in, meanwhile ONVO dipped further but is now rebounding. I expect a very slow day tomorrow, but I am still up for the week higher than I was before I withdrew my $2K last week, and with substantial cash to buy a strong position in something probably next week.
8 /29/2014 FRIDAY PRE-MARKET: I am sitting on 1400 ONVO and 300 SUNE both of which may go up today, plus plenty of cash. I have put a limit order to buy 770 KNDI at 18.70. This is not a day to day trade unless you have bought at the bottom, and there will probably be a short squeeze driving prices up so everyone can be in cash over the weekend. I have accumulated two round trips, but will have three by next week if I don't use any up today. I may buy back 900 ACHN at around 11.10 if KNDI doesn't drop.
9:36 Caught the Falling Knife on 800 KNDI AT 17.39 (I wish I could have bought more but I didn't want to risk being blocked from doing so. Brokerage firms can suddenly refuse to sufficiently margin a purchase when a stock drops too precipitously.) So far, it has dropped from 19.58 for the day to 17.17 before rebounding toward 17.80.
10:22 KNDI is rebounding nicely but I will hold until it gets past 18.10 or more, and if it doesn't do so by the end of the day I will hold it and buy as much more as I have the cash for. SUNE and ONVO are up and down but will probably be up enough for me to sell SUNE and buy KNDI.
10.48 Sold 800 KNDI at 8.28 (profit: $720) and it is still climbing but I wanted to firm up my profit. Since the SEC doesn't let me buy more KNDI in the same account today, I will have to sell 300 SUNE in my other account, if it goes up toward my break even in order to buy more KNDI. This may not be wise, so I will see what I will do later. I could, in my larger account, now afford to buy 900 SUNE and 900 ACHN at their lows, and that might be a better strategy.
11:38 I have decided to let everything sit, come what may.
BOTTOM LINE 6 p.m. I am up more than $2000 from last Friday. Happy Labor Day Weekend.
8/31/2014 OVER THE WEEKEND, reflections on the reason behind KNDI'S FALLING KNIFE:
Friday 08/29/2014 09:31 AM ET - Dow Jones News
Kandi Technologies Announces Entry Into Agreement for Registered Direct Placement of $71 Million of Common Stock and Warrants JINHUA, China, Aug. 29, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kandi Technologies Group, Inc. (the "Company" or "Kandi") (Nasdaq:KNDI), today announced that it has entered into a securities purchase agreement with certain institutional investors for a registered direct placement of $71 million of common stock at a price of $17.20 per share. The Company will issue a total of 4,127,908 shares of common stock to the institutional investors. As part of the transaction, the Company will also issue to the investors warrants ("Warrants") for the purchase of up to 743,024 shares of common stock at an exercise price of $21.50 per share, which Warrants will have a term of 17 months from the date of issuance. Any investor that invests more than $30 million in the initial offering of shares and Warrants will have an option to purchase its pro rata share of up to $30 million of additional shares for a period commencing after the initial closing date and ending on November 17, 2014, and investors exercising such option will also receive Warrants for the purchase of an aggregate of up to 313,954 shares of our common stock. Assuming that the investors exercise all of their options, the total gross proceeds of the offering would be $101 million
WHAT DOES THIS MEAN and HOW DO WE DEAL WITH IT? I am not an Analyst and the best I can tell you in a hurry is that the Company seems to have diluted its stock in order to raise a whole lot more money for expansion. Now this can be either a good thing or a bad thing. If a bad thing, the Company is pumping-and-dumping; but if a good thing, consider the vast Asian market for light-weight electric vehicles of all kinds. It definitely exists not only in the future but the present. I have a good feeling about KNDI. As a day trade, for the wary investor, it should pay off. I will be still in to win, buying Low, selling High. AND YES, the internet says that the stock market is open tomorrow, Labor Day.

9/1/2014 MONDAY, LABOR DAY: Despite the announcements on the internet to the contrary, and the failure to post anything inside my trading websites, it seems the Stock Market isn't doing anything today. Could it be closed? The Market never sleeps, they say, but my brokerage accounts must be napping. See you tomorrow!
9/2/2014 TUESDAY PRE-MARKET:7 a.m. So despite what the internet said, Monday was not a trading day. And now we have hesitant Tuesday in the pre-market because the rules for Fall trading have been affected by the Summer surprise in the Market. Nobody took a vacation, and now we all wonder precisely where the Market is headed. I am already in 1400 ONVO and 300 SUNE, and ACHN looks good for a Buy. KNDI also looks good but I think it will drop before going up because traders are wary. Wait and see.
8:36 a.m. Not trading in the pre-market, just adding to my watchlist. Higashinihon Gas is up more than $3 but its HGSH symbol is for a China real estate venture that also looks good and about the same price. I am also watching TASR. But I don't have enough cash to buy more than one stock at a time today, and have only one round-trip, so I will have to move slowly.
10:!0 a.m. Still haven't bought anything. ONVO is hovering and I will continue to hold. Waiting for KNDI to drop below &17. SUNE is down but probably going up later, however I don't want to waste my one round-trip on it. TASR is up strongly and I will probably buy it on a dip if KNDI doesn't dip far enough for me to feel safe buying it for overnight.
11:00 a.m. Guys, the Market is so hesitant I am falling asleep in my chair. ACHN, TASR, EXAS, KITE all look too high to buy before they dip far enough, so I entered a limit order to buy KNDI at 17 if it gets there, and am going to take a nap.
12:31 p.m. Nothing happening, and having a lot of other things to do, I have decided to take the rest of the day off and withdraw my bi-weeekly $2K for expenses so as not to be tempted into irrational exuberance. ONVO is still waiting to hatch and SUNE will rebound. KNDI will probably fall, but there will be plenty of opportunity to buy tomorrow.
7 p.m. BOTTOM LINE: I was right not to have waited for anything significant to happen today. HGSH gave back some, I'll wait and see. TASR went up, and I have a very good feeling about its market potential all over the world now that solar rechargers can be made portable even to remote areas. Tasers may replace the need for firearms, especially for crowd control and against domestic violence. Tomorrow I may buy in. KNDI is still in the $17 range and ACHN has moved up to the $12 range. ONVO is still waiting to hatch, but SUNE may be going back to the $22 range. Tomorrow's Pre-Market will reveal more.
9/3/2014 WEDNESDAY PRE-MARKET:7 a.m. Today I have 2 round-trips, but $6K less in buying power due to my $2K withdrawal yesterday. This will force me to be more conservative, unless I sell ONVO to free up cash. Most of my stocks look ready to gap up for the Open, except for SUNE. I will watch for it to bottom then buy in. It is most unwise to buy in the Pre-Market, very wise to sell if your stock is climbing up (but don't sell too soon) since the best price for the day is often gotten before the Open. I will enter a safe Pre-Market bid for SUNE at 20.70, much lower than its present bid price, and see where it gets me.
9:44 a.m. Entered a limit order to buy 700 TASR at 17.40 and let's see if it dips that far by later today. SUNE is up, ONVO is flat. I have to take a long lunch today, so I am being conservative.
10:00 a.m. adjusted my limit order to 800 TASR at 7.25, meanwhile CSIQ is dipping below $1 and I may cancel and buy that one for a day trade first.
10.13 TASR dipping too fast, lowered my bid to 800 at 17, just before preparing to go out to lunch.
10:25 a.m. canceled TASR as too volatile for automatic pilot and placed a limit order to buy KNDI AT 16.80.
1:49 p.m. back from my long lunch and everything seems to be stable. Still haven't made up my mind as to what I will buy for overnight, but ACHN looks promising. Don't trust either KNDI or TASR to be swinging upward yet.
2:22 p.m. bought 800 TASR at 16.73 when it began to swing upward.
4:00 p.m. BOTTOM LINE: in my opinion, the Market is set to go up tomorrow and all three of my picks are poised to gap upward in tomorrow's pre-market. (I could have taken a small profit on TASR but chose not to waste a round-trip on it.)
9/4/2014 THURSDAY PRE-MARKET:8 a.m. Immediately sold 800TASR at 17.43 (a $544 overnight profit). I still have 2 round-trips for day-trading and this looks like a good day for that although I have to take another long lunch today. (I do have another life, you know!) SUNE and ONVO look favorable for a small upward opening. Both KNDI and ACHN look like good buys today. I have put in a bid to buy 770 KNDI at 17 and will see if I get it below 17.20. I may buy 600 TASR on a dip in my smaller account where I have more round trips I am not using, as soon as I unload 300 SUNE there.
9:49 got 765 KNDI at 17.10 for a day trade, will look at ACHN for overnight. SUNE may go up enough for me to sell in my other account.
10:35 a.m. sold 765 KNDI at 17.25 which is more than break even. It will go further up but I don't want to leave it on automatic pilot. SUNE is going sharply up and I will put a limit order to sell 300 at 22.40 which will be above my break even. When I return from my long lunch there will be plenty of opportunity to buy something for overnight.
2:25 p.m. back from my long lunch and nothing much is going on. I will wait for the lowest price to buy 900 ACHN for overnight.
3:19 p.m. Market is giving ground but will rebound tomorrow. I bought 900 ACHN at 13.24 for overnight. ONVO and SUNE are down but I am holding.
4:00 p.m. BOTTOM LINE. ACHN, ONVO and SUNE are all rebounding. Tomorrow's pre-market should be profitable again.
9/5/2014 FRIDAY PRE-MARKET:8:08 a.m. ACHN, ONVO, SUNE are all positioned to go up but no action for them in the pre-market so far. I have only one round trip today, and I have to be out most of the day. Thus far, I am up about $650 in cash for the week to count against the $2K I withdrew Tuesday. It's just one of those days where flying on automatic pilot will have to do. If I don't sell in the pre-market I will enter limit orders to sell 900 ACHN at 14.70, 1400 ONVO at 10, 300 SUNE at 22.90 and report to you whenever or after 7 p.m. tonight.
9:47 a.m. ACHN plunged to 11.76 before rebounding on its Falling Knife. This correction is healthy and I am not worried. No panic selling on this stock. ONVO is also down, SUNE slowly upward.
4:42 p.m. BOTTOM LINE. Got back from all my appointments to find I am down 952 for ONVO, 970 for ACHN, and 189 for SUNE. What, me worry? They will all rebound next week. What is important is that I did not stop out on any of them. They are all good risks, and stopping out on good stocks positioning themselves on the bottom is how most amateurs lose money. I regret not having enough available cash to buy ACHN on the bottom so as to double my recovery on the rebound. JUST A NOTE ABOUT TRADING RECOVERY STRATEGIES: If I had been inclined to sit at the trading desk all day instead of going out, I could have recovered by selling 1400 ONVO at a temporary loss to free up enough cash to buy 900 ACHN at around 11.33 then continue to hold 1800 for Monday or sell 900 on the rebound on Friday at 12.17 (a $756 gain) to free up cash to buy back 1400 ONVO at around 7.25 (if sold at 7.43, a stop-loss of $252) and then been positioned more strongly in ONVO than I was before. That's how you recover from a couple of bad trades. But I had better things to do than sit at a desk all day and I predict both will rebound next week. See you at Monday's pre-market.
9/8/2014 MONDAY PRE-MARKET:7:44 a.m. No news for ACHN, which is portentous since it is seen as a take-over target and double its regular volume. I am hoping for a short-squeeze upward, but it might be preceded by a barrage of defensive shorts prior to a turnaround. I am $1 from break-even, and I believe enough in this stock to resist stopping out. Likewise with ONVO which is poised to go up and will be presenting at an NYC Conference this week. SUNE looks safely on the way up. I will stand my ground.
10:a.m. As I thought, ACHN is rebounding toward my break even, ONVO and SUNE steadily upward too. TASR and KNDI are down in a price correction, CSIQ and SPWR are climbing above my price range. It's only Monday.
1:22 p.m. ACHN topped out at 13.15 (.11 from my break even) this morning but I didn't sell. It probably will go to 14 tomorrow and I will decide then whether to hold or profit-take. Meanwhile, ONVO is still lagging and if it doesn't move soon, I will unload all or part of it at the same time as ACHN to free up cash to buy TASR and/or whatever. September is said to be the cruelest month for stocks, so if I make only half what I usually make, I will count myself lucky.
4:00 p.m. BOTTOM LINE. Everything still stable. WHAT I MAY HAVE DONE WRONG: If I had sold ACHN at 13.15, used the cash to buy something else on a day trade, then bought ACHN back for overnight at 12.70, I would have made some money today. I am too laid back. If I were younger I might be inclined to be more pushy. But I expect ACHN to gap up tomorrow and who knows, maybe also SUNE and ONVO. It's only Monday, and I haven't wasted my two round trips, so I will have more firing power for a Tuesday rally.
9/9/2014 TUESDAY PRE-MARKET:8.09 a.m. Thus far the Market is hesitant, with the only stock on my list gapping up is CSIQ which I only buy on the pullbacks. ACHN, ONVO and SUNE are in tentative but stable mode although that can change in the pre-market. I will watch them, but expect little action until the Opening Bell.
9:45 a.m. a barrage of defensive shorting on most of my watchlist stocks, with a slow rebound. This is a wait until later day. Things will get better as confidence spreads.
11:58 a.m. A ho hum day, with nothing radical happening on my watch list, no incentive to sell in order to buy something else. I have placed high limit orders on all my stocks and am taking a long lunch. It's Primary Day in NYC - don't forget to vote.
4:00 p.m. BOTTOM LINE: glad I didn't waste my time watching the sea of red get deeper across most of the stocks on my watch list. Only 4 in the green, all or most of which will be in the red tomorrow: GLOG, AA, NNVC, GPRO. What, me worry? My three, SUNE, ONVO and ACHN, all dropped but still look poised upward. Because everything else is down, my buying power remains constant if I should choose to unload even at a loss. KNDI, SPWR, CSIQ all look like good prospects for a rebound tomorrow. See you in the morning.
9/10/2014 WEDNESDAY PRE-MARKET:8.14 a.m. SUNE is gapping up but has a long way to go. A moment ago both ACHN and ONVO were flat but ACHN is turning upward. KNDI was gapping down but seems to be rebounding. TASR is flat. This Pre-Market needs close watching.
9:41 a.m. I don't much care for sitting around watching for the pots to boil. This is September and the Bear is with us. I will look in from time to time but none of my stocks are worth selling at a loss to buy anything else right now. I'll let you know if I trade, but otherwise, don't expect much communication from me today.
3:19 p.m. I have recovered half my losses in ONVO and ACHN today, SUNE has been up and down but on the upside. I see every good reason to Hold my positions even though there may be a pullback before the Close. KNDI's bottom appears to have been 14.79 and it is now rebounding toward 16.09, a vigorous sign even if there is a pullback before the Close.
4:00 p.m. BOTTOM LINE: ONVO finished up, gave no ground - an excellent sign. ACHN gave little ground. SUNE was still up from yesterday but on the low end for the day. KNDI soared. TASR also went up from a bottom of 17.05 to 17.73. Tomorrow should be a good day. Maybe the Bear isn't ready to sleep.
9/11/2014 THURSDAY PRE-MARKET:8.10 a.m. An active pre-market but not very predictable. My stocks are stable, and if they go up to break even I will sell something to free up cash to buy something else that falls into rebound mode. But this is an iffy day - a major solar storm is expected to disrupt communications, and it's also 9/11 and tensions are high. I am looking at JD, KNDI, TASR, CSIQ, AA, EXAS, but holding ACHN, ONVO, SUNE without trepidation.
10.38 a.m. Nearly everything is down on my Board - a great opportunity to buy at the day's low for people sitting in cash. As for me, I have set limit orders for my three stocks at above break even and will take most of the day off.
4:00 p.m. BOTTOM LINE: Glad I didn't waste my time at the trading station. Not sufficient action out there for a good day trade. Maybe tomorrow will be better but I don't expect to make money until next week, on the approach for Options Expiration. All my stocks look good for an upward move and I will hold.

9/12/2014 FRIDAY PRE-MARKET:8.10 a.m. There seems to be a game of chicken in the pre-market today. But that's probably machine trading hedging on next week's futures in puts and calls. ACHN has been especially active, up and down, both last night and in the early a.m. AA and TASER look like they will gap up at the Open. I am still holding all three: ACHN, ONVO and SUNE.
9:48 a.m. Everything down and on the way up. I'm still confident it's all programmed trading in anticipation for next week's Options expirations. I am holding. It's a good thing I withdrew $2K in advance (only $650 cash made back against it since then.)
2:26 p.m. Glad I haven't been wasting my time at the trading station. I will close down about 2K below break even, but it's not extreme even though I seriously considered selling my three stocks at a loss to buy something else, but there were no Falling Knives with sure-thing rebound possibilities to switch to. The important thing is the Position - I am holding 2300 shares in stocks that will rebound. Besides, next week is Options time, and that's probably why the Market seems asleep. Or maybe everyone is saving their cash to buy into ALIBABA on Tuesday. Despite the hype, I will avoid it like poison. I don't care if it isn't a pump-and-dump - it's just too big!
4:16 p.m. BOTTOM LINE: ZILCH, NADA, see you in the Monday pre-market.

9/15/2014MONDAY PRE-MARKET:8.33 a.m. KNDI, TASR, TSL look like they will be gapping up at the Open, too bad I don't own them. My aggregate 2600 shares in SUNE, ACHN, ONVO show me down about 2K from break even, so my trading goal will be to sell at break even or better before buying something else. GPRO is showing a top-out at $69 and may have a fortuitous Falling Knife drop in advance of ALIBABA's debut, and that makes it an excellent prospect to watch to buy in for a recovery day trade for me when I can get back into cash.
9:50 a.m. A sea of red, my three included. I am still holding. GPRO seems to have topped out at $71 but will rebound sharply. RWLK, and IPO opening at $12 last week has more than tripled in price. KNDI is ddown, TASR losing momentum.
11.10 a.m. Still triple digit losses across the Board, and I am holding. I will take a long lunch.
6:45 p.m. BOTTOM LINE: after a very long lunch, so as not to freak out and panic sell, I have returned to see that the After-Market is showing all three of my stocks on the upswing, although closing very down. But that goes for most of the NASDAQ today, so I refuse to agonize over it and will see where tomorrow brings me.
9/16/2014 TUESDAY PRE-MARKET:8.07 a.m. Margin Call time on all three of my stocks. Nothing to do but wait and see what the day brings before selling off or holding on. The Options chains do not look as favorable as those last Friday, but everything can turn on an instant. Getting back into cash may be the best exit strategy, but not until necessary.
10.25 a.m. a tentative trading day for most on my Board. ACHN is recovering but it's hard to tell if it's a Dead Cat or an acquisition target about to pop. Likewise ONVO seems to be hovering, waiting to drop the other shoe. I know SUNE will go up soon, but I must sell it today on a margin call and either sit in cash or trade without margin since that account is too small. I am looking at SINO and FCEL as possible replacements for SUNE in that account. Overall, I am not nail biting.
12:59 p.m. ACHN and ONVO have both recovered past their margin calls, but still have a long way to go. I am taking another long lunch after selling 300 SUNE on a margin call at 20.22 (it will go up, but so what!) and entering a limit order to buy 350 SINO at 3.41 which I expect will be executed soon.
5:07 Back from lunch. Got 350 SINO at 3.41 and it is almost at the same price in the After Market. By increasing my position even though having to sell on a Margin Call, I am positioned to recover my $750 losses in SUNE by trading sideways in SINO. Meanwhile, in my larger account, ACHN regained .80, annulling the Margin Call there. ONVO is slightly down but I still think it is positioned upward. All in all, not a bad day - and I didn't have to sit at the trading desk too long.

8.07 a.m. Things are looking better across my Board, and ACHN seems to be gapping up toward a full rebound, with Insider activity of a positive kind. Likewise ONVO, which is still incubating. SUNE will also go up although I don't presently own it and will most definitely reacquire it in my larger account. SINO in my smaller account has held its initial gain and looks positive for another high volume surge toward $5, which will help me recover my losses in SUNE there. I am fully loaded with three round trip daytrades in each account and am good to go.
12.06 p.m. the market is too stable to day trade today. I will take another long lunch.
6:05 p.m. Back from lunch and BOTTOM LINE: I could have sold ACHN at $1 below break even, so why didn't I? Because I know it will rebound fully and it wasn't worth the trouble. This September Market is nothing like the one in August. No Falling Knives with assured rebounds. I am better off holding. See you tomorrow.

9/18/2014 THURSDAY PRE-MARKET:8.07 a.m. ING, KNDI, KBH, TSL are the only ones on my Board that presently appear to be gapping up in the pre-market. But it looks like another flat day in anticipation of ALIBABA and the Scotland vote. I sense that the World is becoming tired of Nations and would like to go back to Medieval City States. Despite the ethnic forces at play, we are probably moving toward Internationalism and a general consensus that anarchic behavior is insane. Ebola will also be a major disruptor as the Plague was in Europe back in those times. Currencies and gold are no longer to be trusted, only the Stock Market is becoming the universal trading standard. Trading Extremes are a-coming and there is no way to opt out of playing the game. The Meek shall perish. I am not among them. I am glad I learned to Day Trade, even if Today will necessitate another Long Lunch.
6:23p BOTTOM LINE: No point in trading today, tomorrow is Quadruple Witching and no telling where my three stocks will rebound to after that, and the ALIBABA debut, and the Scottish vote. GPRO and RWLK both had substantial losses, but not enough to guarantee their bottoming out before rebounding, so no point in selling any of my stocks to get enough cash for a small position there. I am better off holding until Monday. Don't expect me to report much unless I decide to trade tomorrow.

9/19/2014 FRIDAY:4:00p. BOTTOM LINE: It's Quadruple Witching in September day and all three of my stocks are down, but I am not worried. This is the month when Insiders and Employees get to exercise their buy and sell options. I will hold over the weekend and hope for a good Monday Opening.

9/22/2014 MONDAY:11:07a. Sold 1400 ONVO at 6.28, at a loss of $2,408 and will make it up later.
11:00 Meant to buy 1300 ACHN at 10.88 but only got 100 due to a glitch on the Internet. No point in buying more until later.
12.22p. Bought 293 CSIQ at 37.09 so as to make the most of my daytrading buying power. It went up and I decided to hold overnight.
BOTTOM LINE: I am up $97 on CSIQ. Tomorrow I will sell it to free up cash to buy ACHN.

9/23/2014 TUESDAY:PRE-MARKET: After cutting my losses in ONVO, I am now concentrating on recovering by buying ACHN, CSIQ, etc., at the bottom and selling on rebound. I will analyze later.
10.30a. Bought 900 ACHN at 10.96 Since ACHN is going up, the strategy is to keep day trading inside ACHN to reduce the level of break even (originally 900 at $13.35, presently 1900 at around $12), and perhaps continue onward to make up the $2408 loss had on ONVO through my increased position in ACHN. Meanwhile, I am looking at other day trading possibilities in between ACHN trades,
BOTTOM LINE: Closed up .20 x 1900 or $380, and after-market trading may encourage me to sell 1100 tonight rather than tomorrow a.m. Confusing, I know, but that's how an Exit Strategy works.

9/242014 WEDNESDAY PRE-MARKET: Prior to withdrawing $2K two weeks ago, my balance was approx. $16.5K in my larger account. It now reads around $11.2K (and I am holding 1900 ACHN). That's the amount I have to recover in order to maintain a steady portfolio growth. In my smaller account, 350 SINO was bought at 3.41 and is presently at 2.45. I need to recover there and grow that account by another $1K in order to maintain a steady portfolio growth. Can I do all this by the end of September? Hopefully, YES in my larger account, but not likely in my smaller one since it is very difficult to work with a small balance. It is actually a spare checking account for me, where I stash extra money over and above my checking account and credit cards for emergencies, because it gives me a better return than a bank account or the lottery, so I am not worried about it much. However, for the purposes of this demonstration, I will try growing it without infusing more spare cash into it.
8:36a. sold 1000 ACHN at 11.19 in the pre-market to free up cash for day trading.
9:36a. bought 350 RWLK at 31.70 as a day trade
4:37p. BOTTOM LINE: my 350 RWLK and 350 SINO are both down. Ah well, some days are like that. Both will recover. RWLK will probably soar like GPRO in a few days and that will make up for ONVO unless I buy ONVO again. Meanwhile, my 900 ACHN is only about $600 from break even, and climbing. I will not sell most until break even or better.

9/25/2014 THURSDAY PRE-MARKET: No activity for my three stocks. I will look in on them from time to time during the day, and am holding.
10.30a. The market is crashing today. No real problem or reason. Nothing to do but hold and wait for the puts and short covering to kick it back up. I will take a very long lunch. It's a major Jewish Holiday.
8p. BOTTOM LINE: All is positioned well for tomorrow's road to recovery.

9/26/2014 FRIDAY PRE-MARKET: Not much other than a holding pattern is expected today. I have set high limit sell orders and plan to take most of the day off.
1:42p. BOTTOM LINE: What do you expect on a Jewish Holiday! My stocks are holding, flat. See you Monday.

9/29/2014 MONDAY PRE-MARKET: This is the first week of the new month's trading record. Let's recap on the losses and status for September. Started the month UP around $16.2K, withdrew $2K for expenses, leaving $14.2K for trading, made approx. $644 before my stocks flattened or went down approx. $4.5K. Sold 1400 ONVO at approx. $2K down, made back approx. $1K by buying 1100 ACHN at the bottom, bought 350 RWLK which went down instead of up and is now $255 from break even. The new cash balance on my larger account is now approx. $11.6K, so all in all I am approx. $2.6K (+$2K) down from break even, and my position is presently 900 ACHN and 350 RWLK (down from 1400 ONVO and 900 ACHN at the beginning of the month). If all goes well, I should be at $14,2K break even or better by sometime this week on my present 1250 position and still have enough buying power to increase my position back to 2300 and begin to grow a new $2K for withdrawal. Confusing? Sorry, but doing the math on every trade is very important, and I keep a dime-store calculator in my left hand all day for optimal quick computation. The position is very important, since just 350 RWLK at 31.70 equals 990 ACHN at 11.16, or 1710 ONVO at 6.46, and since I sacrificed only 1400 ONVO, I would now be able to buy back a lot more and make up my old loss on the rebound should I choose to buy it. But at break even I can also opt to cash out all of my present positions and buy something else that looks more promising for a fast trade, such as TASR, or CSIQ, or KNDI, or RWLK on its next dip.
11a. stepped out for a few minutes and Sold 350 RWLK at $33 on a limit order, at a profit of $455, before it dropped to the 32 range again. That's what happens when you stop watching the pot! I now have enough cash to buy something else prior to buying it back on a drop.
11.25a bought 1100 ACHN at 10.10 to lower the break even price and start making a profit on it.
5:38p. BOTTOM LINE: am holding 2000 ACHN overnight, waiting for it to rebound so I can sell it and buy more RWLK which dropped then heartily rebounded and is selling at over 33 in the after-market. It will go much higher in yo-yo fashion just like GPRO.

9/30/2014 TUESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8a. Looks like ACHN may be gapping up in the pre-market. An Insider has been selling his Corporate position and acquiring a private position in the stock, causing sustained Dead Cat bounces all of September. Wonder why, good or bad? Hard to tell but time to sell? New prospects: RWLK has reached the $34 range and I will have to wait for the next dip below $33 before buying in. Also looking at TASR, KBH, CSIQ, KNDI.
1:15p. ACHN is down .70 on rumor that JNJ will acquire a rival instead. I failed to sell in time and now am reluctant to sell, because a new rumor that someone else will vie to acquire ACHN is very probable - the market for its hepatitis C vaccines and other antibacterials is too vast to trash this stock. I will hold until I see a viable exit strategy. I am certain this stock is being manipulated and will shortly rebound.
3.14p. Sold 2000 ACHN at 9.96 and bought 575 RWLK at 32.70. ( I decided it was too risky to hold overnight and that RWLK would rebound past $35. tomorrow, and that would cut my losses to only around $500.) Tomorrow I will decide whether to sell 575 RWLK at a profit in order to day trade 2000 ACHN before buying more RWLK again on the dip later in the day.
4p. BOTTOM LINE: the minute I sold, ACHN started to rebound, closing at 9.98. The machines must be watching me. No problem, did RWLK go up. to 34.15, recouping $826 if I had sold, but I am holding and tomorrow will be a good day to trade.

10/01/2014 WEDNESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.30a, It is too soon to tell whether RWLK will soar up before the Open, but I was right to sell ACHN since it is still Dead Catting, although some kind of Corporate announcement, such as their intention to add Ebola research to their list of antibacterials, might send it upwards this morning. ONVO Dead Catted upward yesterday, so that too should bear watching. The plan is to hold RWLK until a substantial profit warrants a sell. I am still eyeing CSIQ, JD, TASR, KBH, SPWR, SUNE, etc.
8p, BOTTOM LINE: holding RWLK overnight.

10/02/2014 THURSDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.30a, It is too soon to tell whether RWLK will soar up before the Open, the plan is still to hold RWLK until a substantial profit warrants a sell. I am still eyeing CSIQ, JD, TASR, KBH, SPWR, SUNE, etc.
10.07a. still holding RWLK. KNDI has stopped Dead Catting and is back on track. TASR a good buy. GPRO also, if you can afford it. 8p. BOTTOM LINE: Didn't trade today even though if I had sold 575 RWLK above 33 and bought 700 RWLK back below 30, I would have been in a better position that still holding 575. That's life, I had other things to think about.

10/03/2014 FRIDAY PRE-MARKET: 7.33a. Still holding 575 RWLK, waiting for the right trade. 10a. sold 200 RWLK at 33.79, .08 above break even. I could not get an execution for the whole sell order of 575, and have decided to hold 375 to sell at 34.70, and probably do a buy back for additional shares if it drops under 31, in between another day trade with my new buying power. Consequently, I now placed a limit order to buy 450 KNDI at 13, and can take time off while waiting for one or two pots to boil.
2.22p. bought 450 KNDI at 13.50.
8p. BOTTOM LINE: still sitting on 450 KNDI and 375 RWLK.

10/06/2014 MONDAY PRE-MARKET: 7.30a. Pre-market, because Scottrade opens trading very early, I sold 450 KNDI at 13.71, a profit of $94.50, to free up cash for day trading.
9.40a. bought 600 AA at 15.81 because it is a safe place to keep half my money. Still holding 375 RWLK.
12.01p. still holding both AA and RWLK, which is preferable to selling 600 AA at a low profit to buy 200 RWLK at the bottom. I expect both to go up substantially this week, especially since AA will spearhead blue chip quarterly reports on Wednesday and is expected to report a good profit. I will take the rest of the day off.
4.10p. BOTTOM LINE: got back from a long lunch to find nothing had changed, still up on AA and down on RWLK. See you tomorrow.

10/07/2014 TUESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.30a. sold 600 AA at 15.00 in the pre-market, at a profit of $114, and bought 190 RWLK at $29 for internal day trading to reduce the break even level. Hopefully RWLK will rebound robustly and warrant a Hold until a profit is had. Today's market is iffy.
4p. BOTTOM LINE. Still holding, no change.

10/08/2014 WEDNESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.42a. Things are looking flat and I don't expect to make much money this October. I seldom sell short because that is much riskier than buying at the bottom and holding, but I may decide to short for brief times this month, while primarily staying in cash. Right now I am stuck with 565 RWLK and 350 SINO, waiting for both to move considerably upward, which probably won't happen until later this month.
12.07p. Like I said, flat, nada.
5.32p. BOTTOM LINE: The market suddenly came alive after I left for a long lunch and had its best session of the year. I may not short after all. RWLK up .95, two brokers issued a Buy with a price target of $39. I am still holding.

10/09/2014 THURSDAY PRE-MARKET: 9a. Despite exuberant feelings of relief in the media, stocks on my list are still way cheap from their yearly highs and now is the time to buy. I am holding 565 RWLK and looking to sell 165 shares to free up buying power. ACHN has strongly rebounded, and strange insider goings on at ONVO make it interesting to watch closely for a sudden surge.
9.50a. looks like a lot of traders are going short despite yesterday's recovery. A sea or red again. II am still holding, looking to free up some buying power but taking another day off seems strategically sound.
10.20a. sold 165 RWLK at 31.80 (a profit of $297. and a substantial reduction in break even).
12.08p. bought 500 GLOG AT 18.58 for a day trade.
2.15p. sold 500 GLOG at 19.03 for a profit of $227.
2.38p. bought 650 AA at 15.41 as a day trade.
4.35p. BOTTOM LINE: still holding 400 RWLK and 650 AA, after a gain of more that $1K on my balance sheet. Not bad for another day of triple digit losses on the Dow.

10/10/2014 FRIDAY PRE-MARKET: 9.12a. futures are down, everyone is edgy. I feel safe in my two positions and can sit this one out if I have to.
10a. the market is fractionally up and my stocks are fighting upwards. Too bad I did not buy EXAS at 18 instead of AA yesterday. It gapped up 6.5 and went as far as up 9 before profit taking brought it back down to the $24 range. I will day trade it today if I can sell one of my positions at a profit, otherwise not.
1.24p. Zilch, nada. I have set my limit orders to sell only at a profit and will take the weekend off.
6.11p; BOTTOM LINE; both my stocks are down but not excessively. The Market is open on Monday, Columbus Day.

10/13/2014 MONDAY PRE-MARKET: 9.a. Happy Columbus Day - the banks and Bond Market are closed but the Stock market is open and light volume is expected. My stocks are slightly down, time to enter high limit orders and enjoy the Holiday.
10.a. wish I had cash to buy some of the down stocks like GPRO, which is giving back $10, but I'll have to settle with waiting to sell my two, AA and RWLK, at a profit.
4.23p. BOTTOM LINE: a good time to buy, not a time to sell.
10/14/2014 TUESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.38a. Most of my watch-list is gapping up, as well as RWLK and AA. The World may be nervous about everything else, but the Market is optimistic. Time simply to wait for the rebound.
4.11p. BOTTOM LINE: still waiting, still holding. Par for the course. 10/15/2014 WEDNESDAY PRE-MARKET:
8.a. PRE-MARKET: futures initially low. Miraculously I am not on a margin call probably because my stocks are highly rated as safe by the brokers. It would be immensely foolish to panic-sell. Looks like another one or more days off for me.
9.5.a. Dow dipped 370 points and on the fast rebound probably due to the sale of Treasuries to free up cash to buy Stocks, as well as high volume short-covering which should free up much more cash to buy on the rebound. But still a sea of red on my Board except for ACHN, ONVO, USAT, SEMI. CSIQ, SPWR, AUY which are temporarily in the green, but that will probably change. My 650 AA and 400 RWLK are on a slow but sure rebound.
10.24.a. a lot more up and down green on my Board, my two stocks slowly rebounding but it may take until next week for them to fully recover. Not a time to sell.
1.50.p. Dow dipped down again 427 before rebounding. The 1929 Crash was in October. But don't panic. This time around there's so much cash swimming out there ready for reinvestment that this is all illusion.
4.14.p. BOTTOM LINE: Dow down only 173, my stocks in rebound territory. No margin calls.

10/16/2014 THURSDAY PRE-MARKET: 7.45a. PRE-MARKET: futures down again worldwide, the media is nervous. Nothing to do but hold fast through the perfect storm. I am in a better place than others. The only exit strategy possible is to wait until I can sell at least one position at break even and buy a lot of something else that's at bottom and rebounding.
9.39.a. Dow down only 100 and rebounding. My stocks dipping but not tanking. The bid prices are set too low to sell, but the ask prices are on the high end, and the trading jumps between red and green. This will be a good day. Hold.
11.27.a. I am solidly in the green and steadily rebounding.
3.11.p. back from a long lunch and my stocks are holding their gains. Undoubtedly they will give some back by end of day, but not enough to warrant selling. By next week I should be able to sell both at a profit.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: RWLK rebounded from a bottom of 23.79 up to 29 before giving ground and settling around 28. I expect both of my stocks to gap up tomorrow. AA sold off a 100Million asset, probably to its tax advantage, and I expect it may repurchase some of its stock will all that excess cash prior to ex-dividend coming up shortly. Most oft the stocks I am watching on my Board are closing substantially in the green. I TOLD YOU SO!

10/17/2014 FRIDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.15.a. PRE-MARKET: a sea of green in both the media and my Board and as predicted, my stocks are gapping up. Confidence has returned to the Market, and I do believe we are now on the way up. Best to Hold both until I can sell one above break-even to free up cash to buy something moving up faster.
10.31.a. sold 650 AA at 15.43, just above break even, to free up cash for day trading. Because I need to take a long lunch, I will probably not trade again until the late afternoon. I have put in a limit order to sell 400 RWLK at 32, which will be a $2 profit if it executes today.
5.p. BOTTOM LINE: I have survived the panic crash with both feet on the ground and plenty of cash for day trading Monday. My rent and expenses for this month are covered from last month's 2K withdrawal. In order to stay ahead of the game I will have to make a minimum of 2K this month, which I can easily do.

10/20/2014 MONDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.30.a. all is quiet, very little pre-market activity in a wait-and-see mood. With my increased buying power I have entered a pre-market order to buy 400 RWLK at the bottom and another order to sell 400 RWLK at the top.
10.42.a. my Board is not volatile enough to encourage day trading. I will set a limit order to sell 400 RWLK at 31 and do other things, checking in only once in a while.
12.58.p. still no reason to begin trading.
4.48p. BOTTOM LINE: better to sit on the sidelines until the right moment comes. I have plenty of buying power for tomorrow.

10/21/2014 TUESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.a. still not enough volatility today, and I have to be somewhere this a.m., so I will not trade until the afternoon.
12.05.p. RWLK is one of the few reds on my Board, on low volume. I will have to wait until it bottoms for the day then buy 400 shares so as to reduce my break even point even further. No problem, no way is this IPO a Dead Cat, but only feeling its bottom before soaring like GPRO. In the end I will make a profit. Meanwhile, in my smaller account, SINO, my Chinese shipping stock, is reviving on triple its recent volume and no news.
3.24.p. sold 350 SINO at 2.06, way below break even, but I will see what I can do on this experimental pennystock account to raise the balance without adding more money to it.
3.42.p. bought 100 ONVO at 6.19 in my pennystock account. At some point it will soar.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: Dow is up more than 200 points. Tomorrow I will get an early start and do some serious day trading.

9.14.a. RWLK will gap down, so I will wait to buy 400 at the bottom if it does not immediately swing upwards.
11.20.a. most of my Board is topping out and dipping back in the red. A good time to note the day's high points for each of my stocks and wait for the day's bottom.
11.56.a bought 475 EXAS at 23.84 which seems to be a safe price.
1.58.p. after dipping .20 further, EXAS has had a robust rebound, making me optimistic about its closing up for the day. Meanwhile, RWLK is down another 1.15, and I will wait for the bottom before buying in.
3.38.p. no real change, looks like I will hold EXAS overnight in hope it will gap up tomorrow. Due to its continued low volume, RWLK may dip to 25 before rebounding. Depending on its performance I may short 'against-the-box' tomorrow a.m. after I sell EXAS.
4:46.p. BOTTOM LINE: both my stocks are down and I will hold. No panic here, they are both winners.

10/23/2014 THURSDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.41.a. both of my picks will gap up but not enough to warrant a pre-market sale.
10.06.a. both did gap up considerably but not enough to warrant a sale. I will hold.
12.20.p. sold 475 EXAS at 23.88, slightly above break even, to free up cash for trading something faster.
1:05.p. bought 100 GPRO at 79.32 as a day trade, and have gone for a long lunch.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: back from my long lunch and sitting on 100 GPRO and 400 RWLK and not worried.

10/24/2014 FRIDAY PRE-MARKET: 7.18 GPRO is presently gapping down, but with a 40.92 % of float short ratio of .7, I expect it will soar above my entry point soon.
1:32.p. sold 100 GPRO at 72.90, a loss of approx. $650, on a credible downgrade by Oppenheimer & Co. Cutting my losses on this kind of panic sell is warranted. But given the very high short ratio, anything can happen either way with this stock. Safer to wait and recover my loss later. (Oppenheimer set an Underperform price target of $45. If I wait until then and buy back 400 shares, I may be able to ride it up past all the short covering, and quadruple my money.) Meanwhile, I will decide whether to buy more RWLK at bottom (volume still very low probably because it only has a minimal short interest, and its Underwriters have already reduced/bought back a substantial portion of the float). Or I may buy something else to recover in the meantime, but I don't see any other lucrative openings for a Friday p.m.
4:28.p. BOTTTOM LINE: not wise to buy anything, see you Monday.

10/27/2014 MONDAY PRE-MARKET: 8:35.a. sitting on 400 RWLK, $5 down, and am ready to buy another 400 at the bottom and day trade upward to lower my present break even from $31 to whatever will be the day's high. Meanwhile, if I see a better opportunity for my buying power, I will day trade something else.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: RWLK regained $3 of the $5 I need for break even, but I didn't trade or short against the box, preferring to take no action until I can read this market better.
5.28.p. Acquired 270 RWLK at 28.76.

10/28/2014 TUESDAY PRE-MARKET: 7.46.a. Looks promising for a rebound. (270 RWLK acquired last pm at 28.76 ready for a quick inside profit if there is a gap up this am.) KNDI has revived and is going up again, possibly even soaring today. GPRO is dead catting downward although gapping up due to the very high short interest. ONVO may revive on anticipated Insider buying.
9.a. sold 270 RWLK at 30, a profit of 348.80 and a reduction of my break even to $30. I will most probably use my new buying power to buy 700 KNDI at about 15.
9.40.a. sold 400 KNDI at 30.80, a profit of $320. KNDI is soaring, I will have to wait to buy in. I may look at TWTR at bottom for a day trade.
11.05.a. bought 400 TWTR aat 43.10 for a day trade because I believe in it. Meanwhile, ONVO has come alive and my pennystock account may regain its losses.
12.11.p. sold 400 TWTR at 43.81, a profit of $284. It will close much higher, I think, but I want to be in cash for more day trading.
3:46.p. bought back 770 RWLK at 30.40 (below where I sold it this a.m.), which immediately seems to have unleashed a wave of short selling driving the price down to the 29 level, from which I expect it to rebound and gap up toward $32 by tomorrow a.m. (The volume is back up over 1M after lagging at around 200K for a week - means the investment managers are back in the game.)
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: RWLK stopped at 29.25 but is going up in the after-market. See you tomorrow.

10/29/2014 WEDNESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.26.a. Looks like a flat open. I am sitting on 770 RWLK which I will not sell below 31. KNDI, ORB, ONVO and TWTR also look good for a day trade, but I may not have the cash since I blew it on RWLK yesterday and set off a machine trading sunnami. I will have to wait. Meanwhile, I am looking to trade ONVO for something cheaper so I can get a better position than a mere 100 shares. SINO would afford me 450 shares for the same price. NNVC at 3.95 also has come alive and may cross the $5 barrier this week.
10.26.a. all trading lower, looks like another good day for a long lunch.
7.p. BOTTOM LINE. Good thing I didn't waste my time. Tomorrow, again.

10/30/2014 THURSDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.41.a. KNDI is steadily going up, and TASR, ORB, while the rest on by Board appear to be gapping down but ready to rebound at a lower correction price. I am also watching TWTR for a good entry level at bottom. This should be a good day trading day if I can free up enough cash. The increased jobless claims number seems to me to be a very good sign, more people coming back into the job market for higher pay.
9.59.a. sold 100 ONVO at 6.40 and bought 450 SINO at 1.83 in my pennystock account, making only about $30 but increasing my position substantially. Meanwhile, RWLK is rebounding strongly but fast up-and-down machine trading is making it impossible to unload at substantial profit and I have to resort to a high limit sell order and hope it will execute on a bidding free-for-all.
12.01.p. sold 370 RWLK at 31.20, a profit of $296, still holding 400 shares for a higher price.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE. 400 RWLK was too volatile to sell high at the top, and too volatile to buy it cheap at the bottom, so I will trade it both from the top and the bottom tomorrow if I can't buy KNDI cheap enough in the after-market.

10/31/2014 FRIDAY PRE-MARKET: 7:36.a. Futures look good for Halloween. I have enough cash to place a low end bid of 380 RWLK in the pre-market to maximize profits by increasing my position prior to selling my present 400 shares at a good profit. But it probably won't execute. This will be a soaring Opening. Everything else will gap too high to buy in and I will have to wait until something, maybe KNDI or TWTR, shows weakness.
9:30 bought 650 KNDI at 16.47.
4.36,p, BOTTOM LINE. Sitting on 400 RWLK and 650 KNDI, both comfortably up above break even. I am only a short distance from making up all of September's losses.

11/03/2014 MONDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.15.a. Beginning a new month up $1200 from 10/3. Presently holding 650 KNDI, 400 RWLK, and 450 SINO in my pennystock account. All look positive. For a day trade, also eyeing TWTR, ACHN, ONVO, AUY, etc. Despite excellent sales results, GPRO is gapping down, revealing its real vector - a massive short-squeeze will be at play upwards all the way down to the 50's. Great volatility opportunity. NOTE: Election Day being tomorrow, the Market will probably be quiet today. 9.37.a. sold 650 KNDI at 16.81 and 400 RWLK at 32.06, at a profit of $221 and $264 respectively.
12.32.p.boht 400 TWTR at 40.54 for a day trade. I will probably buy 650 KNDI at the low for overnight, unless TWTR plunges further - in which case I will increase that position for overnight.
1.53.p. sold 400 TWTR at 40.74, at a profit of only $80 because it was Dead-Catting.
3.40.p. and BOTTOM LINE: no clear opening to profitably buy back in this p.m. Not a bad idea to be all in cash on Election Day.

11/05/2014 WEDNESDAY PRE-MARKET: 7.33.a. A new political day and I will simply wait and see. Holding 900 AUY and looking at ONVO, TWTR, RWLK. Oil futures down and that may or may not affect my solar and lng stocks. I have two round trips and enough cash for at least one day trade. I will as usual buy low, sell high.
10.38.a. Market too flat to buy in, will wait for more extreme dips. In re the election results, be sure to read my most recent letter to the White House.
11.50.a. bought 900 AA at 16.34, at the bottom on an exdividend day. Should rebound fast.
12.55.p. sold 900 ACHN at 10.49 at a profit of $144 to free up cash for something faster.
6.p. BOTTOM LINE: bought another 600 AA at 16.20 and now I am committed for overnight. I will take the rest of the day off.

11/06/2014 THURSDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.17.a. I am up about #1K from last Thursday. Still overnight holding 1500 AA to sell above 16.50 and 230 AUY in my pennystock account to sell above 4.50. Both the Swiss and the Chinese are planning to buy up Gold, so that AUY investment may pay off very well. AA has been given a target price of $20 for 2015 but will probably go much higher if light weaponry against ISIL takes hold. The Market will probably slightly correct today, which is good for me.
9.07.a. sold 700 AA at 16.35 at a minimal gain of $55 to reduce exposure and free up buying power probably to buy KNDI.
9.38.a. bought 700 KNDI at 16.58.
11.38.a. no sense in watching pots boil. I have set high limit sell orders on both KNDI and AA and will take a long lunch. If KNDI sells and AA doesn't, I will buy more AA just before the close at its lowest point for overnight. If KNDI doesn't sell, and AA doesn't climb sufficiently, I will hold both overnight and keep both of my round trips for tomorrow.
12.56.p. sold 800 AA at 16,31 because it was going nowhere, at a gain of approx. $10.
1.28.p. sold 700 KNDI at 17.14 at a profit of $392. This leaves me only one round trip until next week. I will decide prior to closing what seems best to acquire overnight.
5.13.p. BOTTOM LINE: none of my low buy orders were executed. I made enough today. See you tomorrow.

11/07/2014 FRIDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.04.a. already up $1366 since this past Monday, all in cash with plenty of buying power but only one round trip left until next week. The Market will probably be flat. Gold may be shooting up shortly. I am watching AUY, waiting to buy KNDI, TWTR, TASR, RWLK, etc., for a sufficient drop in price to warrant holding over the weekend. My favorite last resort for a weekend hold is AA. As an opener, I have put in a limit order to buy 900 RWLK at $25 hoping the short sellers will attack it at its present $30 price due to its repeated low volume and upcoming anticipated good reports for next week. (Day Trading is one gig where being a cynic pays off big. It's a sunny day - given my lack of enough round trip ammunition, I may take most of it off, relying on low limit buy orders to execute for a weekend hold.)
9.21.a. The Gold Bug is biting me and I couldn't resist acquiring 300 AUY at 3.65 with my spare change in my large account, for weekend holding. If nothing else executes at least I will make some pocket change.
4.27.p. BOTTOM LINE: I am up $110 on my combined 530 AUY positions, for weekend holding, for a total of $1477 gain for the week. Nothing else executed at my limit prices. Not bad for taking most of Friday off to enjoy the outdoors before the snow.

11/10/2014 MONDAY PRE-MARKET: 7.38.a. holding 540 AUY as a pennystock gamble and surprisingly the price is stable.
8.25.a. sold my 300 AUY in the larger account at 3.92 at a gain of approx. $$74 just to take the money and run. I may do the same in my small account if the price holds. Not a good idea to buy anything on a Monday pre-market, so I am only watching for weakness in RWLK, ONVO, TWTR, TASR, and probably will buy KNDI early in the day if it dips at the Open.
8.31.a. bought 900 ONVO AT 6.73 on a just-received early-bird report of excellent progress. Organovo Holdings, Inc. Reports Second Quarter Results
10.07.a. bought 750 KNDI at 17.10.
Now I have to decide whether to hold at least one overnight since I have only two round-trips until Thursday. If I can hold both overnight that would be good. I will now take a long lunch and see how the day turns out.
1.05.p. ONVO is flat, KNDI is down. Here's the trading strategy: if ONVO goes up over 4% I will sell and buy more KNDI if it is still down, to maximize my gains overnight, otherwise I will hold both until tomorrow so as not to use up any of my round-trips. All of the stocks on my Board look good for purchase this week.
2.43.p. KNDI had a Falling Knife to 15.01 and is now rebounding. Too bad I can't prudently sell ONVO to take advantage of the rebound. I will buy more of it tomorrow after I sell ONVO.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: optimistic and staying the course.

11/11/2014 TUESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.05.a. holding 750 KNDI and 900 ONVO waiting for a surge in both as soon as positive analyst news is digested. I still have two round trips until Thursday but now I can sell my overnights without penalty. How I trade will depend on which moves first and how far up it goes after the Bell.
11.19.a. a flat Market. I am unwilling to exchange my 900 position in ONVO for a mere 400 additional shares in KNDI, so I will continue to hold both, set high sell limit day orders, and take a long lunch on this sunny Veterans' Day.
3.45.p. BOTTOM LINE: returned from my long lunch and sold 230 AUY at 3.92 for a gain of approx. $50 and 900 ONVO AT 6.81 for a gain of $72 and will hold on to my buying power for tomorrow's pre-market unless developments in the after-market warrant my buying in again.

11/13/2014 THURSDAY PRE-MARKET: 7.33.a. sitting on 850 KNDI, 200 CSIQ and, in my pennystock account, on 450 FCEL. All are down but on the way up. No buying power yet, but three round trips in my belt. Futures are up as they are on most Thursdays after a slight decline on Hump Day. TWTR is up dramatically, and so is Gold so I am watching AUY. ONVO may also break out. ACHN is higher but I can't tell if it will stay there. EXAS is lower but probably will go up. AA, TASR, and RWLK also bear watching.
8.43.a. CSIQ will gap down due to a projected negative earnings report in 4Q. Since I hold only 200 shares, I now must decide whether to take the $275 loss to free up buying power to buy 400 KNDI at its lowest, or wait for a rebound. 9.12.a. CSIQ is rebounding and I am still waiting for the best price for a stop-loss.
10.03.a. I could have stop-lossed at only $190 but lost the opportunity and am now past another $1 down on both CSIQ and KNDI and have decided to hold both for a rebound.
1.42.p. decidedly not a good day for most of the stocks on my Board, probably due to the plunge in oil, but everything should quickly recover tomorrow or next week. I am holding and taking another long lunch.
4.27.p. BOTTOM LINE: Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow ...

11/14/2014 FRIDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.a. most of the stocks on my Board underwent a strong correction, as well as my 850 KNDI and 200 CSIQ and no credible gap up. Deflation caused by lower energy prices is the likely cause. Just like sitting on solid real estate, this will reverse itself and I don't want to sell. Nothing to do but enjoy the Fall weather and wait for the rebound.
9.57.a. The Market is pretty flat and my stocks are rebounding slowly, will take a few days to recover even as a correction for the rest of the Market is imminent.
11.12.a. rebounded $650 so far. Recovery Plan is to wait until CSIQ rebounds to break-even, then sell 200 to buy 450 KNDI to hasten break-even there. (Of course, if the rebound is vigorous, I may even stay in and make a profit.) This will probably happen next week.
12.06.p. Dead-Cat rebounds so far, this will remain a flat day as expected.
6.03.p. BOTTOM LINE: closed up approx. $850, still have a way to go until break-even.

11/17/2014 MONDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.24.a. a normally flat opening is anticipated. my 850 KNDI probably will gap up, my 200 CSIQ will probably also go up when the latest good news sinks in. I continue to hold.
2.40.p. pretty much as anticipated. Still holding, approx. 2K from break even.
4.32.p. BOTTOM LINE: up about $200 more toward break even.

11/18/2014 TUESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.a. futures look good all around. I am holding. I have an early morning cardio check up, so I'll have to trust everything will be up on my return.
10.03.a. Back and beaming with the good news that my blood pressure and EKG are perfect and I seem to be in excellent health. Nearly everything is going up on my Board. Hooray! Both my KNDI and CSIQ are rebounding and I should be in break even territory soon.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: back from a very long lunch and closing up another $700 toward break even. Tomorrow should bring me into the Black.

11/19/2014 WEDNESDAY PRE-MARKET: 7.43.a. both my KNDI and CSIQ will probably go up today despite the Market probably hanging back. I will try to free up some buying power. Yesterday SUNE, TERP, both soared over $4 most probably on a short-squeeze, and SPWR also went up as did just about everything else on my Board, and there will probably be profit-taking although SUNE will gap up more first. ONVO went up on strong news on its fully-operational very successful sideline of supplying 3D live liver tissue for use in pharmaceutical pre-drug testing (not transplants) and it may slowly climb upward. If I can sell 100 KNDI at break even I will have enough to buy 200 ONVO. If I can sell 200 CSIQ at break even, I will have enough to buy 400 KNDI. That's how the math works for gains in position.
10.30.a. laggards across the Board, more red than green. Another long lunch.
4.20.p. BOTTOM LINE: my Board did a jig between red and green all day. I am back down $732 from break even.

11/20/2014 THURSDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.36.a. things look quiet, despite Futures being down. My KNDI and CSIQ don't look positive for the Open but their present show of weakness may be an incentive to buy later in the day. If they don't go up I will have to unload some shares today due to a 5-day margin call. (The tentative global picture may be the problem today, probably because of uncertainties related anticipated Fed rate hikes in 2015. Also, Europe is hurting due to sanctions against Russia. An aside reflection about Putin's crazy-like-a-fox strategy and its effects: the only people really hurt by his radical actions are the Russian megabillionaires who got rich and all-powerful under the KGB and are now loosely referred to as 'the Russian mafia'. A smart move, Mr. Putin, hitting on your internal enemies by inviting/encouraging global sanctions! Putin's breaking the back of the organized crime network may eventually free the entire economy to make some real progress for the little guy!)
1.43.p. so far, a very flat day across the mostly green Board.
3.31.p. sold 100 KNDI at 14.01 at a loss of only $80 to satisfy a margin call.
4.04.p. BOTTOM LINE: I will now have some buying power for tomorrow.

11/21/2014 FRIDAY PRE-MARKET: 6.27.a. Obama's executive action on immigration looks perfectly in line with what past Presidents have done to push a lagging Congress to positive action, and despite partisan objection, it is not affecting the Market. Independent factors are driving it higher. Global futures are all strongly up including the Dow, S&P, Nasdaq and a fifth week of gains is predicted.
7.36.a. I will have enough buying power to try to reacquire more shares in KNDI at its bottom if I choose, but CSIQ looks like its going to gap up sharply and I may profit take there first. My holding pattern continues.
10.09.a. as predicted, all very green except for GPRO, SEMI, ONVO, which can't make up their minds, and TASR which is down .73 and plunging on a positive correction, making it the only real opening on my Board. No point in trading until I get my price, but the correct trading strategy would be to free up more buying power by temporarily selling 200 CSIQ at a loss, buying 550 TASR at its bottom, selling it at a .40 gain then buying 650 KNDI at its day bottom or buying back 400 CSIQ at its day bottom. Such a gaming strategy would result in a solid overall gain in both position and cash. Let's see if I can pull this trading scenario off. No long lunch today.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: I couldn't time it right, so I didn't trade today. Monday may present a better opportunity to apply my contemplated strategy.

11/24/2014 MONDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.35.a. looks like a flat or weak Opening. My 750 KNDI and 200 CSIQ holding positions continue poised upward with some additional buying power.
10.54.a. Market is still flat, I have set high limit orders on my stocks and plan to take the rest of the day off.
3.53.a. BOTTOM LINE: a flat day as predicted, up about .25 on my stocks, glad I took the day off.

11/25/2014 TUESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.54.a. despite the Ferguson verdict, the Market seems unaffected as yet, but that can change. Meanwhile, I am looking forward to another flat day. CSIQ may move toward my break even and I will have to decide what to do then. I may buy more KNDI for an inside-the-box day trade, or something else for the day. TASR is gapping up, TWTR is holding its price, but my Board is mostly quiet.
10.33.a. flat. I'm taking the day off again.
6.20.p. BOTTOM LINE: flat.

11/26/2014 WEDNESDAY PRE-MARKET: 7.53.p. I usually expect stocks to go up just before Turkey Day. And Black Friday, which is a half-day for stocks also should be good. But who knows! Right now, everything looks stable. KNDI and CSIQ remain flat. TASER is going up. GPRO is sharply up most probably due to its very high short interest which must be hedging it higher. Watch out for the drop!
10.31.a. sold 100 CSIQ at 27.60, a loss of about $139, to free up buying power because I have run out of time, have to make more money before next month's rent is due. Oil is plunging and this is affecting all my energy stocks. The biologicals are also not doing well probably because of the Obamacare controversy. TWTR and TASR appear to be the safest bets on my Board but too up to buy. KNDI is hovering at the day's bottom and I am looking to make an inside-the-box day trade, but only if it shows promise of bouncing up.
11.01.a. bought 250 KNDI at 14.25 for an inside trade.
12.30.a. GPRO has announced it is going into its own fleet of drones, and this is what is sending its shares up. If its drones can be used in ground warfare and civil defense against terrorists that sounds like a good move.
4.07.p. BOTTOM LINE: the averages closed at an all-time high - much good it does me, my stocks are flat. As expected.

11/28/2014 FRIDAY PRE-MARKET: 7.53.a. plunging oil prices are driving all energy stocks down, CSIQ looks like it will gap down $1 - good thing I reduced my exposure to only 100 shares. I can afford to hold it indefinitely My 1000 KNDI look like they will hold their price and hopefully go up. I may have to give up on FCEL and transfer cash from that account to pay my rent. I can always start over in that account later. Let's see what happens. This is a half-day and programmed buying should kick in at the low.
12.35.p. BOTTOM LINE: just as predicted. Too dull to stick around for the close.

12/01/2014 MONDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.21.a. a new month and I am holding 1000 KNDI and 100 CSIQ, both below $3 from breakeven, and I need to withdraw $600 by Wednesday to cover my rent. Trading sideways may have to be my best strategy, but for the moment I will hold. I have been in worse shape before and managed to bounce back. The Dow is at an all-time high and that's bad for day traders because shorting good stocks is always a bad idea. But there are trillions in cash out there which have to be reinvested in stocks shortly unless interest rates go up. Too bad I am not in cash, I could be cleaning up today. My entire diversified Board looks iffy. I won't be taking a long lunch.
10.03.a. a nail-biter day for my watchlist, the only green on my Board are WGO, F, SINO, USAT, and an anemic ONVO on no news.
11.43.a. oil has called a bottom at around $62 and all may rebound soon.
4.27.p. BOTTOM LINE: still holding and feeling optimistic about tomorrow.

12/02/2014 TUESDAY PRE-MARKET: 7.48.a. this should be a rebound day for most on my Board. I am holding 1000 KNDI and 100 CSIQ, while looking at TASR and TWTR as gapping up as well as the energy sector.
6.p. BOTTOM LINE: CSIQ up by .99 with a revised PE down from 31 to a bargain 7.05, KNDI down by .27, and I am still holding, waiting for oil, etc., to turn positive which will probably start happening tomorrow.

12/03/2014 WEDNESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.23.a. ONVO gapping up on strong news that the Methuselah Foundation has funded it to work with a Yale surgical research team to study lab-grown organ tissue transplantation. CSIQ will gap up again but weakly, KNDI still in limbo. (I was able to manage getting my needed $600 from another piggy bank, so I won't have to sell today. Rule to remember if you are young and strong, DO QUIT YOUR DAY JOB TO DAY TRADE OR OTHERWISE GAMBLE ON YOUR DREAMS, BUT GET A NIGHT JOB TOO! As for me, I already did that and am living on my scattered nest eggs.)
10.45.a. most of my Board is green, ONVO and CSIQ clawing up in not-quite-a-dead-cat rebound. RWLK, TWTR and TASR are correcting downwards, JD, GLOP and GLOG are rebounding as is most of the energy sector. KNDI is still in the red. It's a waiting game with the Dow at an all-time high.
4.02.p. BOTTOM LINE: virtually unchanged except for GLOP and GLOG which surprisingly rebounded almost $3. The Dow is still at an all-time high, may break 18,000 by week's end.

12/04/2014 THURSDAY PRE-MARKET: 7.49.a. and it looks like an unchanged Opening, while the Market sorts out its new surroundings - China overtaking the USA in the global economy, the Dollar even higher than yesterday, but with the Euro and Oil probably on the rebound. Let's hope this bodes well for my 1000 KNDI and 100 CSIQ.
10.36.a. KNDI trading up on good news of a China subsidy, CSIQ holding steady in the $23 range. Time for another long lunch.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: both my stocks are up strongly and I am continuing to hold. A bipartisan proposal to raise prices at the pump through higher gas taxes, the revenue to be used to strengthen infrastructure, should be strongly considered. It would prevent an energy step backward.

12/05/2014 FRIDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.05.a. looks like we may tap Dow 18,000 today. My positions are poised to claw upward as are most of the rest on my Board.
8.45.a. Oil declining further, Energy-related stock prices still iffy despite the Economy being very strong with a strong job report and the unemployment rate continuing at 5.8%, the Dollar soaring to 121 against the Yen.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: Dow almost reached 18,000 before giving back. My stocks are up but still not enough.

12/08/2014 MONDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.51.a. futures look flat while the price off Oil stays unpredictable and short-seller rumors of surprise Fed hikes continue to dog the Market, but the Dow will probably break strongly above 18,000 by the end of the week.
3.45.p. sold 100 KNDI at a loss of $105, to satisfy a margin call. The Dow went South, but should head North tomorrow.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: still holding 900 KNDI and 100 CSIQ.

12/09/2014 TUESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.23.a. Dow futures down 125, Gold and Silver up, Dollar giving ground, Oil down and a China move that is sending global stocks diving - all excellent signs that the Short Sellers are poised to clean up before covering their shorts and shooting the Dow up. A great day for Day Traders if you are in cash; as for me, I am still holding 900 KNDI and 100 CSIQ.
9.21.a. as anticipated, futures are turning higher now but it's a roller coaster day.
1.38.p. Dow on the rebound, CSIQ back in the green, KNDI not far from it. The China credit-tightening move will turn out to be a positive, I think.
4.36.p. BOTTOM LINE: Dow almost back to the green after having plunged more than 200 points earlier today; my two stocks almost unchanged. Tomorrow!

12/10/2014 WEDNESDAY PRE-MARKET: 7.50.a. China is $10Trillion more in cash than the USA and reports no inflation (probably because it invests outside China). Today the Asian markets have done a turnaround as I predicted yesterday. They are also large importers of Oil to replace the Coal that is making their atmosphere uninhabitable. KNDI is in excellent shape due to its receipt of Government financing. CSIQ has almost doubled its earnings from last year and its revised PE is only 7.1. My choice to hold both is warranted. Dow futures are on the red side of flat. From my standpoint, so long as my two stocks remain fairly flat, the further down everything else goes, the more I will be able to buy later. I wait.
10.29.a. my stocks are slowly rebounding. I feel very positive about the future. A reduction on the price of Oil and a global conversion from Coal to Oil and Solar/Natural Gas, even as fracking, intercontinental pipelines and expansion of nuclear power plants are being discouraged, all bode well for the global economy (the only problem being that Coal has strongly contributed to global cooling over the past centuries while the other forms of energy have not, but we should be able to counterbalance that). Agricultural technology is also keeping pace with the need to feed billions, even while world population rates are declining. Wars are now localized and less dependent on weapons of mass destruction. Progress is visible everywhere. Soon the markets will strongly reflect such positive changes.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: Dow turned down 260 points and Oil's bottom still uncertain. Ha Ha. My two stocks are not really in trouble, and I am holding.

12/11/2014 THURSDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.43.a. futures are up again. It's a waiting game and I am holding firm.
11.43.a. Dow around 210, probably will go higher. A guarded rebound. There's no good reason to trade sideways. A long lunch day.
4.39.p. BOTTOM LINE: Tomorrow again.

12/12/2014 FRIDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.41.a. Oil plunging below 60 and food prices going down but the overall Global economy is getting better and the USA is on top of the economic totem pole along with China. All the balances are shifting so we are in for a shaky Friday but there is no safe haven on my Board. KNDI and CSIQ are doing better than most, and even the biologicals are iffy. I am continuing to hold.
10.29.a. my stocks are holding their own, as less in the red than others on my Board. Here's some advice on how to short term REBALANCE the energy market: (1) halt all public utilities' reliance on Nuclear, Wind, Fracking and Coal in favor of conversion to Oil, Solar, Natural Gas. (2) simultaneously raise the Gasoline Tax to fund such State-by-State conversion.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: Dow down approx. 300 more points. My stocks are down but not as bad as others. ONVO is up .81 on heavy volume but too early to tell if this rebound is permanent. Don't panic, the future is strong. See you next week.

12/15/2014 MONDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.a. futures all high, surprise surprise! I am on a minor margin call and may have to trade by Wednesday. I would prefer to wait since everything will be rebounding. If I have to, I will sell off some KNDI since that will be the least loss. But I think I will be OK today without selling anything. ONVO is also going up, so if I have to sell off either KNDI or CSIQ, I may trade it for ONVO at the day's low.
12.01.p. the Market has gone South again. My cash balance is diminishing, but as long as I maintain my two strong positions the rebound should undo this. I am holding.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: Hope springs eternal. I continue to hold

12/16/2014 TUESDAY PRE-MARKET: 7.30.a. Futures are down due to a global market selloff and drastic shifts in economic balance due to falling Oil and no safe haven in Gold or Treasuries. The Dollar is soaring against the Ruble but luckily dropping slightly against the Yen, Euro, Pound and Gold. The Fed may not dare to raise rates since that will tip everything over the edge abroad. This may be a day when a new global economic balance is finally achieved, since everyone is in peril. The fear level is very high.
7.40.a. good breaking news for both KNDI and CSIQ, and no safe place else to trade, compels my Hold position.
8.27.a. Futures and Ruble may be stabilizing, possibly also Oil. Will other airlines follow Boeing by upping dividends and stock buybacks due to lowered fuel prices? Will other market sectors also follow the same strategy?
4.10.p. BOTTOM LINE: a nail-biter day. I am still holding for lack of anything better to do.

12/17/2014 WEDNESDAY PRE-MARKET: 7.48.a. Putin looks like he's trying to stabilize the Ruble and China is appearing weak. Don't believe the media naysayers. I expect a turnaround today or tomorrow or next week. China will not allow itself to fall back. It is desperate both for clean air and for Oil and Putin is desperate to swap Oil for all the things China can trade. And Putin is not weakening, since it is the Oligarchs in the opposition that are feeling the money pinch. A rebalancing act is afoot. (If Putin sells all of his Oil to China in some kind of complicated economic swap deal, this might stabilize the price of Oil in EU and USA.) 8.26.a. KNDI is not yet at its year's low and appears to be gapping up. CSIQ may also go up. I am continuing to hold.
9.08.a. Cuba embargo may finally be lifted this week. Obama will continue sanctions against Putin but some solution on Ukraine may be imminent. Yellen will probably hold on steady course. Futures are positive.
5.21.p. BOTTOM LINE: Dow up 288 on strong indicators. I am still holding and feeling more positive about the rebound.

12/18/2014 THURSDAY PRE-MARKET: 7.54.a. Futures are way up and triple witching is tomorrow. I am holding KNDI and CSIQ and hope I will not have to take another haircut to meet a margin call even though both will be gapping up.
12.58.p. Dow up 303. CSIQ is still inexplicably Dead-Catting on very high volume and lower than normal short interest. It has sold a couple of its power plants this week for multimillions - maybe this will be reflected in special one-time dividends to stockholders of record?? Its present PE is only 7.1 which points to a phenomenal book value. Every indication that CSIQ is a terrific buy, but I may have to sell my remaining 100 shares by tomorrow to cover my margin call. My 900 KNDI are slowly rebounding and I may day trade inside my KNDI position to make up CSIQ margin-sell losses.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: Dow up 419. Tomorrow again!

12/19/2014 FRIDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.31.a. Sold 100 CSIQ at 21.02 to satisfy a margin call, a loss of approx. $780. I am still holding 900 KNDI which is looking good. Futures are up but stabilizing.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: still holding KNDI.

12/22/2014 MONDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.28.a. ACHN gapped up as much as $9 in the premarket on strong news before giving most of it back; EXAS is gapping $2; too bad I had to sell them last month. My 900 KNDI are still waiting to soar.
6.p. BOTTOM LINE: ACHN only up 1.24 or so at the close, my KNDI is down .18, Dow almost to 17,400 again.

12/23/2014 TUESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.39.p. Futures indicate an opening above 18,000. Russia has unleashed its foreign cash reserves - I hope that means Putin is investing in Gold and Chinese stocks to stabilize the Ruble. We'll see.
10.01.a. Dow over 18,000. ACHN and EXAS have given up all of yesterday's gains and are now in the red. But my 900 KNDI are going up on steady good news, e.g., "China's Science and Technology Minister Wan Gang Reinforces the Value and Importance of Kandi's Innovative Micro Public EV Time-Sharing Business Model JINHUA, China, Dec. 23, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kandi Technologies Group, Inc. (the "Company" or "Kandi") (Nasdaq:KNDI), today announced that a seminar on China's innovative electric vehicle business model for the public transportation was hosted in Hangzhou on December 19. The top Chinese government officials, and other environmental and transportation experts including China's Science and Technology Minister Wan Gang attended the event. The delegation group visited the headquarter of Kandi Electric Vehicles Group Co., Ltd. (the "JV Company")*, and the Micro Public EV Time-Sharing Program ("Car-Share Program")'s smart vertical garage, one of the on-street parking/charging stations, as well as the multimedia dispatching center. " - which is why I am holding.
6.p. BOTTOM LINE: Dow over 18,000 and my 900 KNDI up .70. Tomorrow is a half-day.
7.40.a. Merry Christmas Eve. I hope KNDI goes up in the pre-market so I can sell my position at its best possible price for the day and buy it back at a lower price next week. KNDI's short interest is around a healthy 24% of float, just right for a Santa Claus rebound before 12/31. Being in cash for the beginning of the New Year is what most traders prefer. But I know this stock will rebound quickly so if I can't close my position profitably, I will hold. I am not chicken.
10.42.a. sold 900 KNDI at 12.39 when it gained .40 but at a long-term loss of approx. $3500; however, I will buy in again with a strengthened position on its next deep dip.
2.10.p. BOTTOM LINE: KNDI closed up .99 which is a good sign, but I am happy to be in cash until Friday when I can day trade if prudent.

12/26/2014 FRIDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.a. I have entered a buyback order for 1000 KNDI at $12 which would put me ahead considerably; on Wednesday it broke through resistance and topped at 13.48 on high volume before giving back to 12.99; hopefully it will deep dip before going up; let's see what happens.
9.50.a. Since KNDI was going up too fast, I bought 110 ONVO at 6.85 (a typing slip, I meant to buy 1100, but so I'll hold overnight and buy more at the Close if prudent) and 500 ACHN at 13.
3.48.p. bought another 100 ONVO for overnight.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: holding 210 ONVO and 500 ACHN for Monday.

12/29/2014 MONDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.42.a. Everything on my Board looks like it will not gap up, and I am waiting to close both my positions at a slight profit and see what else I can day trade prior to end of year. This is usually best done in the pre-market, so it's a duck-shoot on the edge of break even.
10.15.a. sold 210 ONVO at 7.19, approx. $30 above break even. It went up to 7.53 and I should have made more, but my browser is not working properly today - someone is following my keystrokes!
6.p. BOTTOM LINE: still holding 500 ACHN, eyeing ONVO, TASR, KNDI for tomorrow.

12/30/2014 TUESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.48.a. Reminder, purchases and sales today go on the books for the New Year. I am still holding 500 ACHN, eyeing ONVO, TASR, KNDI for a cautious 2015 opening. KNDI is the only one poised to gap upwards. My Solar watch-list looks firm but on the flat side.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: another Hold day. Dow slightly down below 18,000. Predictable!

12/31/2014 WEDNESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.a. it's going to be a flat day on low volume with no great expectations.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: still holding 500 ACHN. Market below 18,000, etc. All forseable. Happy New Year!

1/02/2015 FRIDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.a. a new year, and the markets are poised upwards. I expect high volume. Still holding ACHN.
11.44.a. sold 500 ACHN at 13.03 at a loss of $7. This was a strategic move. In hindsight, I was wrong to sell 900 KNDI to buy only 500 ACHN, but I feared being in anything but domestic stocks at end of year. Both stocks are hot, but now I see KNDI going up first and my position there is much stronger, so I will buy it again on its dip today.
4.14.p. BOTTOM LINE: did not buy in because the dips weren't deep enough for over the weekend holding.

1/05/2015 MONDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.31.a. a precarious start to the year with most of my watchlist to open gapping down. I may even resort to conservative day trading shorts, something I do sparingly. But not until I see where the Market is heading, which will probably be down but may fool us all. I have put in a buy order for 900 KNDI at the same position I had last week (12.39) when I closed it to be all in cash.
9.35.a. cautiously bought 500 KNDI at 12.56, reserving enough buying power to buy in again if it dips further. If it goes up I will day trade it to rebuild my cash balance.
12.32.p. Dollar too high against all other currencies and Oil dropping below $50. Everyone reportedly margined to the hilt and still holding. KNDI rebounding despite a sea of red and DJIA down more than 300. I bought in at a right price with an adequate cash reserve to buy more. If I can conservatively day trade at a $200 profit, that will be a good thing. I will have to trade patiently this week, but I expect to slowly recover my losses to return to my November cash balance by middle of this month. This type of Market is actually better to trade in than one where everything is racing up.
2.12.p. bought 500 ONVO at 7.07 probably for an overnight.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: am up $100 for the day, holding both 500 KNDI and 500 ONVO overnight. I expect the Market to rebound tomorrow.

1/06/2015 TUESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.09.a. Market futures are all slightly up and my two positions appear to be gapping up despite the Energy sector being attractively down and the Dollar still too high. Transportation and Tourism will probably do well, but that will take our money abroad. This is actually a good thing and the global markets should withstand the imbalance. The anti-environmentalist Republican Congress may force through the Canadian Keystone pipeline, and that should send CSIQ soaring. Bad idea for us! Fracking also bad! Let's hope some of the new Republican freshmen are really Liberal moles! Contemplate investments in China and India, as well as Bio-tech.
1.56.p. Markets down when they should be way up. I refuse to believe this - the short sellers must be doing their thing. Nothing to do but hold and wait.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: still holding, still waiting. Don't panic. Think positive!

8.a. am still holding, but looking at SCLN which just reported a strong earnings for the Quarter.
10.07.a. sold 500 KNDI at 12.70, a gain of $70, so as to free up cash. Watching SCLN and KNDI on a dip.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: not enough of a dip to buy in, not high enough to short. Still holding 500 ONVO.

1/08/2015 THURSDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.a. am still holding 500 ONVO, but plan to sell and buy 900 KNDI which keeps rapidly expanding.
9.50a. bought back 500 KNDI at 13.10, still holding ONVO which is rebounding toward my break even price of 7.10.
1/09/2015 FRIDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.15.a. futures look good. Still trading 500 ONVO and 500 KNDI. Looking at Energy stocks, TASR, TWTR, JD, GLOP, GLOG and also have restored NSTG and SCLN to my Biotech watchlist.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: flat for the day and my instincts tell me to HOLD over the weekend.
1/12/2015 MONDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.49.a. futures are on the flat side of positive, normal for a Monday and there is no sign of panic in the media despite the Dollar getting even stronger against all other currencies, and Oil getting cheaper. My 500 KNDI and 500 ONVO are each a penny or so below my break even. I wait and see.
1.p. Monday looks like a safe day to short in January. Still long and holding.
4.p. Still long and still holding.

1/13/2015 TUESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.a. Market futures are deceptively high on AA's strong revenue. But I expect a Dead Cat bounce. The Dollar is still too high against all currencies. My Board shows a flat open. I plan to sell at break even and perhaps try shorting.
3.45.p. A roller coaster day as I expected. I am still holding.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: there is no fundamental Dead Catting here, just precautionary short selling.

1/14/2015 WEDNESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.30.a. Falling knives all across my Board yesterday and there is nothing to do but Hold and Wait. The Market will turn positive and crash through 18,000 probably by next week, if not today. For Futurists, this is a very exciting time in Global political history with major shifts in both ideology and economy pressuring new industries to overtake the old.
9.29.a. Oil holding at 45, Gold up, Dollar down, Energy should start to recover today.
9.57.a. Market indices down markedly again, but the midcaps are the place to be! A great day to start covering our shorts.
1.42.p. Dow down 300 points again. But my two picks are almost out of the day's red. Probably because of their healthy high short interest, which kicks in with robust short covering at their low.
3.15.a. Dow bouncing back, Oil rebounding $3, Dollar weakening against Pound, Euro, Yen. KNDI in the green, ONVO almost there. I told you so.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: Despite the roller coaster day, I am up $105 from yesterday.

1/15/2015 THURSDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.48.a. a Euro/Franc currency parity. Dollar slightly down against Yen and Pound. German and Asian Markets all up. Oil back over 50. Dow futures turning up. Gold up. Let the tea leaves settle - small investors will not be adversely affected.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: still holding, not panicking.

1/16/2015 FRIDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.30.a. Oil holding at 47. Euro in crisis. Dollar too strong but Pound and Yen maybe going up. Gold going up. INTEL beats estimates but the Market not impressed. Futures slightly in the red.
2.p. more green than red on my Board. Next week should be positive despite the European currency crisis.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: Dow green 190.

1/20/2015 TUESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.a. Coming out of a three-day weekend, futures all green, but don't fall for it - the short sellers will probably test the Market today.
10.a. Red. My two picks are down as are most of the other stocks on my Board, but don't worry - the short sellers will shoot everything up as soon as the Market bottom is reached. That's how the trading game is played.
3.15.p. Green, sort of. This day belongs to the short sellers. No reason to panic. I remain long.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: Let's face it, everyone is waiting to see what happens tonight after the STATE OF THE UNION speech and the Republican reaction.

1/21/2015 WEDNESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.a. In Davos, POTUS' SOTU was not impressive from a Global economic standpoint, and the Dollar is still to high against all other currencies, although Oil is recovering and Gold is up. My Board looks flat, but that's better than Red. It's still a waiting game. DO read my latest post above to POTUS Re SOTUS.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: on the road to recovery?

8.35.a. Davos pow wow continues and foreign futures are up across the Board, Gold lags, Oil rises, Dollar stops its upward climb - all good signs. My 500 KNDI are on the upswing, my 500 ONVO are flat, both on increasing volume.
9.19.a. Energy stocks turning positive, should gap up, as will both of my above holdings.
9.20.a. Currencies down against the Dollar again. A flip-flop day powered by the ECB, which has extended its quantitative easing to strengthen the EUR. The Markets have to recalibrate and settle on the positive news.
10.51.a. still a waiting game on increasing volume.
1.42.p. now India is on the lower rate bandwagon, along with China and the ECB. Dollar too high again but no one is worried.
3.09.p. short-covering must be pushing the Dow up toward 300 points, but on my Board the climb is slow and the volume is not excessive. This is not a day-trader's Board, too slow. Machine trading must be turned off.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: Dow up 261. Didn't get my price so I am still holding.

1/23/2015 FRIDAY PRE-MARKET: 7.53.a. Futures up globally and normal trading patterns should resume shortly. I am still long on 500 KNDI and 500 ONVO and both are inching up to break even.
8.30.a. OIL holding steady and may climb to 48, Gold steady and just under 1300, Dollar still rising against all other currencies with the Euro now dipping to below 1.12. Tourist travel abroad should be a boom this year, as will foreign real estate and auto sales. I am looking at DAN auto parts, which seems to be on the rise. Also, shipping stocks profiting from low Oil prices, etc. Wish I had more capital, this is definitely the time to buy, buy, buy!
11.06.a. sold 500 KNDI AT 13.17, slightly above break even. I will buy in again at its low.
11.32.a. bought 500 ZIOP at 7.49 for a day trade.
4.p. now holding two biologicals, 500 ONVO and 500 ZIOP. Both should survive the new Oil panic if it occurs on Monday.

1/26/2015 MONDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.08.a. a continuing currency upheaval, and the Dollar continues to be a winner. Futures are mixed but on the flat side. I am holding 500 ZIOP which looks like it will gap up, and 500 ONVO which may also move upwards. Biologicals are the place to be during the Energy shakeup. But everything on my Board is at a bargain price for the long term.
10.49.a. everything on my Board is substantially green, including the Energy sector, although the Dow is flat.
12.10.p. sold 500 ZIOP at 7.74 at a profit of $125. It went up further, but I am being cautious.
3.09.p. reacquired a partial-fill of 400 ZIOP at 7.53 before it shot up again.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: my 500 ONVO coming closer to break even, my 400 ZIOP up another $181. Almost everything on my Board is up substantially. Tomorrow should also be a winner.

1/27/2015 TUESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.32.a. monster snow storm but little chaos due to proper advance planning. The same is true with the Market. Futures are supposed to be down but on my Board all my picks look poised for a strong upward opening. I will be trying to sell at the highest price in the pre-market, where market-makers' bidding usually shoots the price further up than the Day's high so as to short it at that high level and make money on both ends. Small traders like myself can make out like bandits if they watch the Board closely.
9.45.a. sold 400 ZIOP at 8.08, and will buy in again at the low later.
10.40.a. reacquired 500 KNDI at 12.84 (remember I sold it at 13.17) for a day trade while waiting for ONVO to go up to break even and ZIOP to drop to its day's low.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: Dow dropped over 300 due to low earnings reports from large caps. More earnings reports due tomorrow and futures remain down. Too high a Dollar is the culprit. On my Board there was a lot of green. After I sold it, ZIOP soared but I will reacquire it tomorrow after its profit taking dip. Meanwhile I am holding 500 KNDI and 500 ONVO, both good prospects for a better price tomorrow.

1/28/2015 WEDNESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.a. AAPL soars on huge earnings, TSLA on the upswing, Dollar gives slight ground on other currencies, Dow futures hinting at rebound - all of which doesn't really affect the smart picks on my Board which were 50% green yesterday. I am still holding 500 KNDI and 500 ONVO and waiting for ZIOP to bow so I can play musical chairs again.
10.27.a. exchanged 500 KNDI at 12.95 for 500 ZIOP at 8.56 for a gain of $40. 11.a. My sale set off a machine-trade driving KNDI up to 13.11 then down in a Dead Cat drop, which is usually what happens when a regular small trader sells. At the same time, ZIOP went up then down again but is holding and on the way up. And just to confuse the machines, I put a limit order in to sell 500 ONVO at 7.10 although I doubt that it will go there today but it doesn't hurt to bait the hook!
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: Mysterious huge purchase of Treasury Bonds (Who's afraid of global economic collapse? Might the Russian Mafia be hedging against Russia? Might ISL or the Drug Cartels looking for a new place to stash spare cash? Anything is possible.). My two positions are flat. See you tomorrow!

1/29/2015 THURSDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.51.a. futures look poised for an unimpressive and mostly flat Open. I have added DOW Chemicals to my Board again because it came in with strong figures, and has always paid a good dividend. KNDI,TASR,TWTR, WGO, F, AA, AUY, KBH, DAN, JD, GLOP, GLOG,WM, BIN, CLH, DD, TIF, GPRO, RWLK continue to also be on my diversified watchlist, in addition to my usual energy (SUNE,TERP,SEMI,CSIQ,SPWR,LNG,PLUG,FCEL) and biological (EXAS,SCLN,NNVC,NSTG,ACHN,ZIOP,JUNO,ONVO) picks. Today I am trading 500 ONVO and 500 ZIOP.
10.18.a. sold 500 ZIOP at 8.84 at a gain of $140. I will reacquire it later. I am waiting to find something that moves up faster, but for mine, this is a flat day.
5.37.p. BOTTOM LINE: DJIA rebounded 225 and my Board is mostly in the green. Mid-caps are the way to go. I am still holding 500 ONVO which appears to be rebounding too. I wait.

1/30/2015 FRIDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.a. DJIA futures are triple-digit red. The Rouble is worth .70 USD, only 117 Yen to the Dollar, and the Euro gets 1.13 USD, the Pound gets 1.50 USD, and the Swiss Franc gets around .80 USD and 1.01 Euros. Gold is slightly higher but still under $1300 a Troy Ounce (which is less than an Ounce). No wonder big money is still buying U.S. Treasuries - they can be swapped for Gold and other Currencies. Confused? Don't look at the red and green markers, just the numbers. Time to buy globally for big bargains in real estate and travel and everything else made abroad.
9.13.a. watching SHAK for a day trade.
1.13.p. SHAK doesn't impress. I wish MAC was cheap enough for me to buy in - I believe it will prevail in its new directive. Unless I see a real bargain, I remain considerably in cash, probably for the weekend.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: DJIA gives back 242 points. Glad I am in cash. See you Monday.

2/2/2015 MONDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.41.a. holding 500 ONVO, sitting with buying power and three round trips in my pocket, waiting to see where to go. Despite futures being green and Oil being higher, everything is iffy and trading will probably be cautious for everyone.
9.35.a. bought 500 ZIOP at $9.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: DJIA rebounding 196 points after dipping in the triple digit red, OIL approaching $50, Currencies stabilizing. Not bad for an iffy Monday. I could have sold ZIOP at 9.42 but chose to hold overnight so as not to waste a round trip on it, since it will go higher tomorrow. (If my balance was over $25K I could have day traded it three times for a profit of around $750, but because my balance doesn't meet the requirement, the SEC won't let me trade that way. That's unfair to the little guy, but what can I do about it! RANT. RANT.)

2/3/2015 TUESDAY PRE-MARKET: 7.43.a. holding 500 ONVO and 500 ZIOP which will gap down at the Open due to a 4.16.p. announcement of a public offering of 75Million shares by the Company triggering a falling knife in the after-market. They are obviously out to raise money in a big way and possibly discourage hostile takeover. Nothing to do but wait for the extra shares to be bought up and the price to rise again. ZIOP's put and call Options Board is crowded on both sides and I expect the rebound to be quick. Meanwhile, Oil is over $51 and Currencies are holding steady with the Euro up.
3.48.p. sold 500 ZIOP at 8.91, approx. $50 from break even, but I will rebuy on the dip today or tomorrow.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: still holding 500 ONVO, and will look to buy back ZIOP in the after-market after profit-taking takes hold.

2/4/2015 WEDNESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.25.a. DJIA rebounded almost 300 points yesterday, and everything seems more optimistic. My ZIOP is now trading around 9.35; too bad I panic sold, but there's never telling whether another profit-taking falling knife is about to fall when a proposed large dilution of stock is involved - it could go either way, depending upon the Company's prospects. I will wait to buy in, now more confident that yesterday's 75Million-share proposed offering sits well with the Market. Meanwhile, I am still holding 500 ONVO and looking at KNDI which performed well yesterday and JUNO, TASR, Energy shares, for a dip.
9.45.a. bought another 700 ONVO at 6.10 in preparation to exit my position, and while waiting for ZIOP to dip down to the 8.50's. (Why do I think that? Because the Call Options on ZIOP are overloaded and the Put Options look spent, so I expect the short sellers will spike it down then up again. Meanwhile, buying low and selling high inside ONVO will mitigate my losses and lower my break even point.)
3.15.p. sold 700 ONVO at 6.15 for a gain of $35 to free up cash to buy ZIOP which dropped to 8.56 as predicted and is now trading at around 8.69.
3.35.p. reacquired 500 ZIOP at 8.70 (which is .23 less than where I sold it yesterday at 8.93).
6.p. BOTTOM LINE: holding 500 ONVO and 500 ZIOP and still have two round trips for the week.

2/5/2015 THURSDAY PRE-MARKET: 7.46.a. a stable and quiet beginning with hardly anything on my Board trading in the pre-market. AA, JUNO, ACHN, TWITTER, GOPRO the only slightly active prospects. All else waits. I am waiting for my 500 ZIOP to spike upwards before I sell to buy something else, probably KNDI which is on a dip.
3.45.p. sold 500 ZIOP at 8.73 (break even) for failure to show strong upward momentum. It will probably drop again.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: the strongest week for the Dow in two years, they say. A multitude of earnings to be reported tomorrow. A lot of problems with internet servers today, many delays. I am sitting safely in cash, and will wait and see.

2/6/2015 FRIDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.53.a. still holding 500 ONVO which looks to gap up at the Open. Watching GPRO approach 45, which is its bottom, in speculative pre-market trading. Also watching ZIOP, ACHN, for a day trade. Currencies stronger against the Dollar, Oil holding above 52.
9.19.a. bought 150 GPRO at 47.17 in the pre-market for a day trade.
10.04.a. sold 150 GPRO for 49.34, a profit of $325.50; of course it will go much higher, but I can't chance on its volatility and I need the buying power. (i.e., I need to withdraw $400 for my February immediate expenses, so I need to keep my balance steady.) Now I have only one round trip left until next Wednesday and will have to buy something good to hold over the weekend, unless there is an excellent opportunity for one more day trade.
6.47.p. BOTTOM LINE: still holding 500 ONVO. Best to stay in cash over the weekend.

2/9/2015 MONDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.22 still holding 500 ONVO and it is active on the positive side after its 3Q Report, which I get directly from the Company, having put myself on their mailing list (a good idea if you are long in any stock). Other actives on my Board worth watching: ACHN, GPRO, TWTR.
10.39.a. bought 150 GPRO at 45.12 for a day or overnight trade. ( I only have one roundtrip until Wednesday, so I have to be conservative.) The Dow is slightly in the red, but normal for a Monday, and Oil is still over 53.
4.57.p. BOTTOM LINE: Dow gave back 95, ACHN gained .80, GPRO and TWTR dropped, but will rebound tomorrow. ONVO waits.

2/10/2015 TUESDAY PRE-MARKET: 7.35.a. China inflation markedly down, meaning less reliance on exports. Futures are strongly green. Dollar strong against the Yen at 119, Euro at 113, Pound at 1.52. Gold at 1232 and Oil at 52 are both slightly red. I am holding 150 GPRO and 500 ONVO which I hope to sell at a profit. I have one round trip left in my pocket until tomorrow. There is hardly any pre-market trading on my Board. I wait.
10.24.a. TWTR and GPRO both dead-catted then dropped, but buying on the dip is a good idea. There is a lot of red on my Board despite the Dow being dead-cat green. I have no more cash buying power and don't want to sell. Nothing to do but wait some more.
4.46.p. BOTTOM LINE: Dow triple digit green, my picks still red. Tomorrow again.

2/11/2015 WEDNESDAY PRE-MARKET: 7.36.a. Dow futures a flat red, Gold a flat green, hardly any pre-market activity on my Board. I am holding 150 GPRO which dropped another $2 yesterday from where I bought it, but with an astounding short interest of 53% of float, I expect a strong rebound any time now. My 500 ONVO may also rebound today, after its 3Q report this week. I wait.
10.59 sold 150 GPRO at 45.20 which is break even.
1.28.a. got tired of holding ONVO, sold 500 at 6.01 at a loss of approx. $500. Now I have lots of buying power to recover my losses.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: Nothing inspires me. I will wait to trade until tomorrow. I am all in cash and have two round trips until Friday.

2/12/2015 THURSDAY PRE-MARKET:8.51.a. a quiet day, most active on my Board are GPRO, TWTR, ACHN, JUNO, AA. I am also watching ZIOP, KNDI for a day trade. 9.39.a. bought 700 ACHN at 10.77
3.58.p. BOTTOM LINE: sold 700 ACHN at 11.08 at a gain of $270.

2/13/2015 FRIDAY PRE-MARKET: 7.57.a. Dow, etc., all at their highs, and the Asian markets also look good. I have only two round trips until next Thursday, but I am all in cash and watching ACHN, ZIOP, KNDI, TWTR, TASR, GPRO as well as everything else on my Board.
10.36.a. Dow above 18,000, everything looks too expensive. I am in cash, I will wait for sufficient dips before buying and probably not until Monday. GPRO does not have sufficient volume, due to its staggering high 53% of float short interest, so it will probably dip to the 39's before I will buy in again for a day or overnight trade.
4.25.p. BOTTOM LINE: I took the rest of the day off. Markets are at an all-time high, dangerous time to buy. Enjoy the three-day weekend. I look forward to a correction maybe by Noon Tuesday so I can more safely buy in.

2/17/2015 TUESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.32.a. pretty quiet and very low volume across my Board, obviously a wait-and-see attitude with red and green fence-sitting in Currencies, Oil, Dow. Gold. I am looking for a plunge that will trigger a short-squeeze in GPRO. Or in Energy stocks. Also looking at ACHN, ZIOP, JUNO, KNDI for a day trade.
3.51.p. acquired 850 KNDI at 13.97 for an overnight trade.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: will buy GPRO tomorrow at some point.

2/18/2015 WEDNESDAY PRE-MARKET: 7.49.a. holding 850 KNDI and up $125 from yesterday, looking to sell at a profit and buy GPRO on its dip. GPRO and TWTR look like they will both gap down. WM will gap up. Mixed futures indicate a fairly flat opening for most everything else on my Board.
1.50.p. KNDI went South and I am kicking myself for not shorting instead of going long on it yesterday, but its price should rebound and go up later today. Meanwhile, GPRO is down over $4 but it still has a ways to go before short-covering drives it back up. I will wait for a target low of $44 before buying in. By then, KNDI should have rebounded and gone up. Patience!
5.p. BOTTOM LINE: Markets flat, still waiting.

2/19/2015 THURSDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.10.a. futures continue on the red/green fence. I am holding 850 KNDI waiting for its turnaround, and watching GPRO which should turnaround today on its next short-squeeze. Solar stocks appear to be gapping down. Nothing else outstanding on my Board in the pre-market.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: glad I took a long lunch. Still holding 850 KNDI.

2/20/2015 FRIDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.33.a. all is still quiet. GPRO will gap down again probably. Look for the short squeeze.
5.p. BOTTOM LINE: Markets at all-time highs. I am still holding 850 KNDI.

2/23/2015 MONDAY PRE-MARKET: 9.a. nothing remarkable to report, look for GPRO to reach maybe 40 before a short-squeeze rebound. I am still holding 850 KNDI.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: another stable and flat Monday. Still holding KNDI.

2/24/2015 TUESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.41.p. CSIQ, SPWR look to be gapping up, TWTR will probably dip on profit-taking, GPRO needs to erode some more before triggering short buyback. Still holding 850 KNDI.
4.41.p. BOTTOM LINE: Markets climbing higher. Still holding 850 KNDI.

2/25/2015 WEDNESDAY PRE-MARKET: 9.16.a. a wait-and-see Market, mostly flat.
1.48.p. slight fallback in the Energy sector, but JUNO, EXAS, ACHN, RWLK, TWTR doing well. GPRO still dipping on low volume.
4.06.p. BOTTOM LINE: still holding 850 KNDI.

2/26/2015 THURSDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.12.a. Markets are still on a confident, slow upward course. Still holding KNDI and watching GPRO which is trying to hold at 45 on low volume. ZIOP and JUNO may continue their climb upwards.
10.40.a. Energy stocks remain flat. KNDI clawing upwards.
12.33.p. sold 450 KNDI at 13.74 to play it safe, at a loss of $108. Still holding 400 KNDI.
5.35.p. BOTTOM LINE: a relatively stable and flat day. Still holding 400 KNDI which should go up tomorrow and will undo my slight loss today.

2/27/2015 FRIDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.17.a. holding 400 KNDI which may go up today. Watching JUNO, ZIOP, TASR and GPRO for a safe entry point.
11.41.a. sold 400 KNDI at 14.05 which is not quite break even. Waiting for one of the above to bottom for the day.
4.p. did other things I needed to do. Monday should be a better time to buy one of the above.

3/02/2015 MONDAY PRE-MARKET: 7.a. I am all in cash and looking to day trade. Markets are on the flat side of green and nothing much is happening this early. I am watching GPRO for a bottom at around 39.70 for the week, with a humongous short interest of 65% of float, so a hefty rebound from there. But its present 41.25 also looks good for an entry point. However, it's wise to wait for a dip before buying into anything at the beginning of a week, so don't jump in too soon.
8.02.a. Highly volatile: watch LL do a deep yo-yo after yesterday's 60 Minutes expose. The liability consequences appear enormous - i.e., it may be wiser for them to declare bankruptcy and form a new corporation to compete with itself, free of lawsuits.
9.20.a. GRPO now dipping to 40.35 still on low volume, closer to my new target of 39.
12.23.p. acquired a partial fill of 325 TASR at 22.48 which hopefully is its low for the day.
3.09.p. bought 100 GPRO at 39.96 (I took a nap and missed buying it at 39.70).
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: Markets all up strongly, but individual stocks climbing slowly. Holding 325 TASR and 100 GPRO overnight.

3/03/2015 TUESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.18.a. both my TASR and GPRO look to gap up at the Open. Also JD and ZIOP. All others on my Board are flat.
8.28.a. sold 325 TASR at 23, at a profit of $169 to free up cash for day trading, probably GPRO.
9.45.a. sold 100 GPRO at 40.75 at a profit of $79, small fries, I know, but I need to be in cash.
12.18.p. bought 500 TASR at 21.76 which is probably the turnaround price for an overnight.
5.p. BOTTOM LINE: holding 500 TASR overnight in a good UP position for tomorrow.

3/04/2015 WEDNESDAY PRE-MARKET: 7.52.a. a very quiet market, futures and currencies on the red side, Oil and Chinese markets on the green side of the fence, don't see anything on my Board gapping up.
8.54.a. EXAS the only one gapping up probably on good news and short covering. GPRO also up but on weak volume. KNDI, JUNO may rise and ACHN, ZIOP may dip. I am still holding 500 TASR
11.03.a. sold 500 TASR at 22.44 at a profit of $340. (Now having made $588 this week, I withdrew $400 for immediate living expenses. It has been a lean quarter!) I am now back in cash and waiting for the day's low before buying into anything.
3.33.p. bought 690 ACHN at 11.66.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: up for the week and holding overnight.

3/05/2015 THURSDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.04.a. holding 690 ACHN and eyeing KNDI, ZIOP, MTLS, TASR, TWTR, JUNO and the Solar stocks on the rise of Oil.
4.26p.. BOTTOM LINE: ACHN did a deep dip on bad earnings news then recovered somewhat and I am still holding. It should rebound to my break even by tomorrow. In other news, Oil over 51 and boosting Energy stocks. Markets on the flat side of green.

3/06/2015 FRIDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.05.a. Market futures still on the flat side of green, Dollar higher against all again, Gold down, Oils steady above 50. Still holding 690 ACHN which is poised to rise higher. EXAS, JUNO, ZIOP all on the climb, ONVO still in the dumps but don't count it out. Possible buy in opportunities in TASR, TWTR, GPRO, RWALK, JD, and don't neglect CSIQ, SPWR, SUNE, TERP. Robotics are on the rise and I will shop for more affordable buys to add to my Board.
1.03.p. deep triple-digit red on the Dow due to an over-reaction on a better than expected Jobs Report and remotely possible Fed rate hike. Fantastic buying opportunity and my picks JUNO, ACHN, EXAS going up.
4.49.p. Dow significantly below 18,000, but my ACHN is up another .40 and not far from break even. Monday should have a strong Opening.

3/09/2015 MONDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.49.a. I expect a strong rebound despite Market futures presently sitting on the red-green fence. On my Board, I expect TWTR, EXAS, CSIQ to gap up, ACHN, GPRO, TASR, KNDI, ZIOP to hold their price and go upward, AA to gap down.
9.08.a. reason for AA gapping down is because it is buying into titanium producer RTI, which is up more that $11. (I wish I still owned RTI - I saw this coming fifteen years ago but that was too soon.) Strong buy AA on this dip.
12.18.a. strong buying opportunity on all my picks since, counter to my expectations, they are all down despite the Dow moving up in the triple-digit green. Have faith, buy buy buy.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: Dow slipped back below 18,000, all my picks recovering but still down enough to buy in.

3/10/2015 TUESDAY PRE-MARKET: 7.35.a. Dow futures triple-digit red and Oil below 50, but don't believe the figures. Short sellers are making the most of fears the Fed will raise interest rates so they can cover their shorts before the Market goes North. I am still holding 690 ACHN. Too early to tell which of my picks will gap up or down - everyone fence sitting. AA still dipping before it soars seems like the best long term buy.
4.p. BOTTOM LINE: most of my picks are in the green despite the Markets doing another deep dive. Nothing to worry about, a positive correction that will rebound.

3/11/2015 WEDNESDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.13.a. Futures flatly green after the big sell yesterday. The Fed's possible raise in interest rates is creating a false weakness throughout the global markets due to the very high status of the Dollar. I say false, because a very strong Dollar should be good for everyone. On my Board, only TWTR is poised to gap up. I am still holding 690 ACHN waiting for break even, but the biologicals look like the best market sector to be in today.
4.06.p. BOTTOM LINE: a flat and predictable day. The sun is out and it's warm enough to sit in the park. Take a break, the Markets are shaking themselves off and getting ready for a steady climb.

3/12/2015 THURSDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.20.a. except for SCLN, which delivered a stunning earnings report last night, no significant gap ups or gap downs today - although AA, TASR and JUNO bear watching on by Board. I am still holding 690 ACHN.
4.15.p. BOTTOM LINE: could have sold ACHN today at only a fractional loss but decided to hang on. The Dow was triple-digit green today, as easily forseen.

3/13/2015 FRIDAY PRE-MARKET: 8.33.a. Market futures flat red again, but who cares. My picks are holding steady and climbing slowly. ONVO is at its lowest for some inexplicable reason (other than insiders selling last year) but look at their press release this morning - this stock should already be soaring, why isn't it?: Still holding 690 ACHN, watching SCLN, JUNO, ZIOP and (sigh) ONVO. TWTR, TASR, GPRO also worth looking at. 4.p. BOTTOM LINE: another triple-digit red for the Dow, etc. So what! Plenty of bargains out there but no cash to buy in. Monday again.