Guidelines for Submissions

Due to the rapid progress of "on-demand publishing" - an industry we pioneered in creating - we have had to reorganize our entire marketing operation into an internet-based business. During this transition period, and while we await funding from our Foundation, The Savant Garde Institute, we are not directly publishing any new titles.

We are, however, reviewing self-published authors who are "internet and on-demand ready" for inclusion in our prestigious Artists' Limited Edition Series. To apply to our Editorial Board for inclusion, authors must have a website up and running from which to showcase their on-demand titles. If you are among these, apply by email to

If you are not internet ready, we urge you to contact your local library or university to become so as quickly as possible. Your career as a 21st Century Author depends on it. We deeply regret that we cannot be of more help to you at this time.

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