The Savant Garde Institute

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The Savant Garde Movement in the Arts and Sciences stresses
"The Creation of Beauty in the Human Subject"
by conducting Workshops in Precise Thought and Communication utilizing
all the available resources of the community to foster the physical, economical
and intellectual features of the environment that
nurture and preserve the Human Condition.

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The Savant Garde Institute, Ltd., an educational foundation tax-exempt under 26 USC 501 (c) (3)
(I.R.S. TIN #11-2532145; NYS I.D. # 02-69-83), is seeking grants to expand current programs even while it seeks a new headquarters in New York State. Its mailing address is: POB 1650 SAG HARBOR, NY 11963 USA

Link here for more information on investment or collaborative opportunities or telephone Prof. Annselm L.N.V. Morpurgo, CEO, at 1(631)725-1414

And please also see below:

Creating McJobs with a Platinum Shine!

"Might it be possible to provide lucrative private enterprise opportunities in the service areas
to recycle unemployed or under-utilized genius?"

How to accomplish this is the question being explored by a futurist 'Think Tank' composed of artists, philosophers and theoretical scientists, many of them from the multinational 'ivy league' and hosted by THE SAVANT GARDE INSTITUTE and APPA (American Philosophical Practitioners Association) through vacation seminars in The Hamptons, Long Island.

Having been one of the first modern proponents of The Ethic of Inclusion, the INSTITUTE functions as a 'Meta-University', providing undergraduate and post-graduate extension programs. Its goal is to facilitate on-the-job internships for students from the Liberal Arts, Humanities, and Sciences seeking 'hybrid' certificates and special licensing. A large variety of service industry para-professions ranging from specialized nursing and daycare to the management of a college-affiliated "Philosophy Cafe" are seen as a means of bringing the full advantages of a Liberal Arts education to persons of all backgrounds and creeds. Such programs are still only in the planning stages. Presently, the Institute sponsors Workshops in Precise Thought and Communication for the community at large to encourage the spread of informal logic and critical thinking.

A number of lucrative franchise opportunities providing 'novel private enterprise niches' for the underemployed intellectual elite will be made available to graduates of the projected vacation extension program. Prospective Benefactors are urged to contact us at