Funds raised from the sale of advertised properties benefit the programs of The Savant Garde Institute, a 501(c)(3) educational foundation.
Location! Location! Location! Save more than $200K/year in multinational Advertising & Promotion costs
by moving your Corporate Showcase to this high visibility site!

Multimillion-dollar Neighborhood - Celebrity Neighbors

Click here to view one pending civic improvement proposal to provide Trophy Condos and/or Faculty Housing
in conjunction with the sponsorship of a novel kind of ivy-league university extension program

to be co-hosted by The Savant Garde Institute and APPA (American Philosophical Practitioners Association).

Your Option: Either Restore or Demolish and Build Totally New
Dilapidated Workspace & Yard Space Available at the Pre-Construction Site. Call 1(631)725-1414
Multi-use Residential/Commercial
Smackdab Central in 'The Hamptons'

(Owner's Net Pre-construction Asking Price: $2,000,000.)
Strategically situated next to the John Jermain Memorial Library and
across from the world-famous Sag Harbor Whaling Museum.

Two doors away from the Summer White House of President Chester A. Arthur and
on the tour route to key Sag Harbor landmarks. Heavy seasonal tourist foot traffic.
Ideal for up to five Trophy Condos, or a 32-Bedroom 'Think Tank' for Faculty Housing,
Corporate expos, retreats, designer promotions, whatever!
Owner willing to co-venture or give creative financing with low downpayment.

Present dimensions: 4500 sq. ft. (approx. 30x70x24),
10 rooms, 8 baths, old certificate of occupancy for 8 efficiency apartments.
Expand to +13,500 sq. ft. (to approx. 30x90x36 plus 30x90x13 basement expo space).

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The Savant Garde Movement in the Arts and Sciences stresses
"The Creation of Beauty in the Human Subject"
by conducting Workshops in Precise Thought and Communication utilizing
all the available resources of the community to foster the physical, economical
and intellectual features of the environment that
nurture and preserve the Human Condition.

- Help Us Correct the Course of History -

venture capital is needed immediately for
Projected Multiple
SavantGarde™ Franchise Offerings

providing a holistic approach to futurist lifestyles

SavantGarde Brunch'n'Drunch

Providing a "bookshop/coffee-shop" and "Philosophy Cafe" menu of grass-roots Poetry, the Arts and Critical Thinking while offering a heart-healthy alternative to fast food and a means of vending it through takeover and redesign of pre-existing failing fast food sites. Sample items: Green Tea, Mango Lassie, Papaya Lassie, Kefir, Yogurt with ground grape seeds, honey-walnut-banana burgers, peanut-banana burgers, avocado-walnut-banana burgers, poached-salmon burgers, etc., (including a rainbow assortment of alternative high-HDL/low-LDL-cholesterol animal and insect meat sources as these become publicly acceptable and available).

SavantGarde™ Techno-Housing Communities

Providing a seamless transition from Yuppie Resort Housing to Refined Assisted Living, utilizing all the latest gadgetry and decorator appointments. Also providing a Neighborhood-coordinated comprehensive program that includes one or more of the following services, when needed: supervised housekeeping help, visiting health and medical personnel, gourmet longevity nutrition, access to academic activities, resort-style senior transport.

SavantGarde™ Longevity Centers

Fully-integrated Longevity programs involving diet, nutrition therapy, fine arts instruction in music, ballet, crafts, etc., math & science workshops, internet multimedia workshops, etc., administered in conjunction with the Educational Programs of THE SAVANT GARDE INSTITUTE, Ltd., and its publishing subsidiary: the savant garde workshop and a number of other associations, including APPA (American Philosophical Practitioners Association).