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CLICK HERE for a 2017 30-minute interview with the now-84-year-old Futurist Philosopher, Poet, Artist, Literary Author and former 6 Union-Street Resident, Annselm 'ArtemisSmith' Morpurgo, who designed all the projects on this webpage. Annselm and her life-partner Billie Ann Taulman (who died in 2008) founded the Savant Garde Movement as well as the Unisex and Unirace Movements of the 1950's under the pen name of Artemis Smith.

Sold at Partition Auction for $1,460,000 in November 2007.

This Trophy Commercial Property has finally been sold to a proper developer. Annselm Morpurgo has decided to relocate THE SAVANT GARDE INSTITUTE's Morpurgo Center for the Arts and Sciences elsewhere and is auctioning arts properties on eBay to do so. Go to and Search for Vilna Jorgen Morpurgo or ArtemisSmith for ongoing sales.

Most recent local news update on the Sag Harbor Morpurgo House is at:
Litigation is over, since the Morpurgo House is now in new hands. Click here for the story.
For all those who seek to research the history of this conflict, read below:
Our most recent statement to the Press is:
"Hulbert House (c. 1770) on 6 Union Street is the Reputed Birthplace of the first 'Stars-and-Stripes' and as such should be a National Shrine which has fallen victim to generations of wanton greed and destruction by corrupt local political machines and local hoodlums. It should either be restored or moved. Either solution is financially prohibitive. THE SAVANT GARDE INSTITUTE, and the Morpurgo arts properties presently offered as charity auctions at can provide
a both realistic and aesthetic solution - but only with concerted community help to unlock some deep pockets. Until that happens, 6 Union Street will continue
to blight and punish Sag Harbor Village for the sins of its grandfathers." - Annselm ArtemisSmith Morpurgo

New Construction may be reoriented to enable
Front Parking and a Sculpture Garden with a 15' sculpture by VilnaJorgen facing inward at property's edge.

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